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Sarah Gerard | excerpt from Sunshine State

“Some people are psychic, and others have special insight into the stars. When you were a child, your mother took you to visit her psychic, who became a close family friend. I went with you once, but she didn’t tell my fortune.”

Astro Spills | Pisces

“S E C R E T S. I most closely relate to confessional poetry, even though (in my experience), people in the literary community use that term derisively. The Pisces in me is drawn to work that navigates emotional honesty, plus I require examples. In other words, if you’re gonna preach pathos, show me the receipts.”

Andrea Abi-karam | Complex Desire


like fucking the enemy in a basement in bed-stuy under a crooked photo of kathy acker”

2017 Non Fiction Prize Deadline
  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

Christa Parravani | Back At Home

“I pulled the phone from the kitchen all the way into the bathroom. I pressed the receiver hard against my ear. Grandma turned from the television, raising her eyebrows. To whom on God’s green earth was I talking? But she knew. He’d been sniffing at her door ever since we moved in. ‘He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ Grandma said and frowned.”

Sarah Jordan | Our Father/Dave

“I don’t know maybe I thought I was turning into him. into a dream of youth. I don’t remember having one. I’m going to ask god to give me back my childhood. I don’t remember having one.”

Omar Sakr | Ghosting The Ghetto

“In adolescence, the Kaaba flowered between us, a black square lotus edged in gilt
across the sides, doors of gold gleaming in afternoon light. It made ants of us
the mountains and rivers, the motels and convenience stores.”

Omotara James | Three Women / Two Transfers and a Token / One Reincarnation
(for Max Ritvo)

flossing in the sink or
tweezing on the toilet

Stephanie Valente | QUEEN WOLF

in my dreams
i sleep under branches
with pale moonlight

Luther Hughes | Two Poems

i wrench the bone from my mouth for three minutes before it flutter into a raven. you shove
the raven inside your jeans, watch saliva thumb the chin. my fingers parenthesis my elbow.

Liz Bowen | On Being Milk

“i put u in back of my shoulders / where u can see me only / where i can only imagine the shape
of myself / shimmering into a stream / the streamliness of a closed vein”

Han Yujoo | The Impossible Fairytale (An Excerpt)

“Perhaps the dog is doing nothing more than being swept down the river, but it looks as though it’s swimming, as though it’s following the current, heading toward the dam where two rivers meet. No, it looks as though it’s being swept down the river.”

Theodora Ziolkowski | The Founding of Fauns

“The horns — these changed you in a wash; it was like being christened all over again, only with tar, and when gradually your fingers grew together and hardened into hooves, there was no sense to be made from anything.”

Kimberly King Parsons | The Touch

“Of course what looked like effortless collaboration came at the cost of brutality. It was about breaking them down, dismantling the thing that made them bigger than you. His father taught him that. An elephant can stop a show just by sitting.”

Simone Person | Bunny Man

“Sheri shakes me awake. She’s half out of her sleeping bag, a flashlight pressed under her chin. It’s spreading shadows across her fleshy face. Most of her sleepover had focused on going through the library books she checked out of the supernatural and paranormal section.”

Kate Jayroe | Office Max

“Though it is the dead of winter, the hiss and heat of the scanners makes us warm and soothed in our deepest of arteries. We make love to the terrible rhythm of ink cartridges draining themselves useless. They are difficult to dispose of.”

Kate Axelrod | A Third Party

“You always thought you were too selfish to have children and you marveled at the way your mother so effortlessly called her mother Grandma Esther, and her brother Uncle Len, just for you.”

Asha Thanki | Seven Days

“On the first day it rains, we smoke in Arif’s basement. The table between us looks like it should be caving under the weight of the elaborate metal-and-clay hookah atop it. The pitter-patter on the roof gives our breaths a tempo, a metronome measuring out the length of our smoke tendrils.”

Richard Chiem | Animal

“The stadium is a closed roof stadium and filled to capacity. There are no clear faces in the crowd that can be seen from the ring, only colors. Mouths open and close and form loud haunting chants. Flashing cameras illuminate small pockets of the crowd.”

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Matthew Mastricova | Heartnote

“The sample was cheap and small and arrived five days after I ordered it. With no brand, no bottle, and no color, it looked like water. It was called Hg.”

Matthew Phillp | The Impresario

“He was certain The Kid had pretended to be half asleep all the way home so he wouldn’t have to pay the cab fare, and to avoid him. He’d played along and not said anything, the whole time wanting like nothing he had wanted before to move his hand to touch The Kid’s but he had not and it had been humiliating to need that so much.”

Aura Xilonen | Gringo Champion (an excerpt)

“I can feel the fever still cloning to my skin; a legatious turbulence is running in circles through my bowels. Just then, all of a sudden, as I’m watching the ray of sunlight fill with dust floating warm in its luminous bowels, Jefe shouts up at me from below, in the bookstore, like he’s got a bullhorn attached to the back of his neck.”


“What’s desire if it’s not constantly interrupted. You want the underside
of leaves to calm you, to check this idea of the past that swells in any light while
your tender, boring body moves as it always has toward some never-mind-weight.”

RE Katz | Demimonde

“People keep talking about Jupiter
from the bottom. Power is

Amy Lawless | I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?

“I read somewhere
that one of the five keys to happiness
is the ability to get over shit.”

Max Cohen | Civil Twilight

“i am safe and prepared
for just about anything

as i was yesterday
and the day before”


“At some point, I stopped feeling things. Torrents of wind and sunny blue sky days rolled their glossy tongues over my senses, immaculate, washed pebble of my mind. I remained inside.”

Mike Crossley | from Collagraphy

You are not too cool to catch an ass whoopin’.
You are not too cool to get giddy over candy.”

Jon-Michael Frank | Two Poems

“popsicles sloshing on the sidewalk

I bluff love in a skeleton shirt

are these stars anymore”

Beyza Ozer | Three Poems

“But I wish you all the best as someone who was a daughter & is now hopelessly in love with an undetectable whale.”

Andy Nicole Bowers | Five Poems

“All morning I have watched them strip the carcass
of a doe, this black-frocked rabble gathered
at the first inkling of spoil”