Cosmonauts Avenue is pleased to announce our 2015 Pushcart Prize nominations. This year we have selected six of the most moving and extraordinary pieces from our 2016 issues in the categories of poetry, fiction, and non fiction. Congratulations to our nominees!

Colette Arrand for the poem “Constant Manicure”
Valerie Hsiung for the poem “Excerpts from Lovechild”
Yma Johnson for the story “La Gringa Negra”

Angie Sijun Lou for the story  “Uterus Lotus”
Vi Khi Nao for the non fiction piece “The Sleeping Pill”

The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series is one of the most honored literary projects in America. Every year, independent magazines and small presses may select six nominations from that publishing year to send on to the Pushcart Prize judges.