Mez Breeze | Attn: Solitude

Mez Breeze has been working for a good long while (since the mid 1990’s) to produce a splodge-like array of award-winning digital fiction, books, VR + AR experiences, games, experimental [...]

Ayden LeRoux | Pillowbook

I never slept in this bed, though at one time I longed to. Instead it was left unconsummated. The summer when I imagined sleeping here, I went to have my tarot cards read over and over and over [...]

Lindsey Webb | Apology

When I’m young, it’s the season of the rabbit—cute, horrible, skinny, sprinting under the sagebrush when a truck comes up the dirt road.

Gabby Vachon | Meth(od) Man

He, on the other hand, actually did meth, which was less cool that I thought. He looked more like a coke guy to me, but what do I know about what a coke guy looks like? As a child I smelled pot [...]

Corinna Chong | Thieves

“Sturdier than the old one,” my mum said, “and it’ll keep the draft out.” A new door to cover the evidence that our house was not secure, but permeable. Walls like sieves, find a hole and enter.

Tia Lucas | Working Class Mouth

I only remember my friends as having little teeth as so I can’t comment on their current state or the orthodontia sagas they may have endured. I should add here that I was also a thumb-sucker.

Omar Sakr | ghosting the ghetto

excerpted from These Wild Horses  for Steven In their third floor brick flat, the one tucked into the asphalt folds of Warwick Farm, past El Toro motel, down where the winding road straightens [...]

Matthew Mastricova | Heartnote

The sample was cheap and small and arrived five days after I ordered it. With no brand, no bottle, and no color, it looked like water. It was called Hg. I had chosen the sample because I wanted [...]

Christa Parravani | Back At Home

Operation Desert Storm played on television. The picture was faintly out of focus, a smattering of grainy night scenes and bullet riddled stucco buildings. On screen, small details were nearly [...]

Donald Quist | Excerpt from Harbors

Excerpt from Donald Quist’s essay collection Harbors from Awst Press. Available for order here. Lesson Plan Week 1 (Introductions) Course Title: ENGLISH-IV (Academic Writing for Second [...]

Nina Yun | Han

In the vice of winter no one wants the raw, unless it is the orange yolk from an egg, and even then we drop it into a boil of stew. The sun is bright, and it is cold. On the news they say it is [...]

Sarah Gerard | Excerpts from BFF

Excerpt from Sarah Gerard‘s essay collection Sunshine State, out April 11, 2017 from Harper Collins. Available for pre-order now here. Lies I heard you tell yourself: Vitamins from fruits [...]

Visage | Matt Erickson

2 A few months ago, I read an article in the Times about a just-solved case opened in 1995, an anonymous car crash victim, the opposite of a missing person: found body, no identity. Facts were [...]

Max Cohen | Letters to Taylor

Dear Taylor, The apartment’s been shifting into a mild hell dimension for months now, so I’ve been leaving it more and more, finding new places to hide in. Except! Except maybe I should turn [...]

Emily Siegenthaler | Ketchup

On the phone we decide to check out the mansion of the condiments empire heiress—the intricate brickwork and the midnight guards who sleep outside for $10 an hour. I always say yes to a new set [...]

Paul Lisicky | Two Pieces

HOLLER  Now when the screen summons up Politician X, I do a start. Not because I’m dreading your elation at his latest surge, but because you’re dead, and I will never holler at [...]

Vi Khi Nao | Washing Dishes

I asked my coworkers if they thought kissing was like washing the dishes. A few of us looked away, including myself, over a strewn pile of essays. The question hung in the air like a fish pinned [...]

Vi Khi Nao | The Sleeping Pill

After I graduated from college with dual degrees in Art and Spanish, I fell asleep. I slept without knowing that I slept and that sleeping covered an entire continent of sleep for six full years. [...]

Disquiet | Mariam Williams

I tried to write this pretty, but five false starts in, I give up and state it plainly: I think I have something akin to survivor’s guilt. “Ridiculous,” my father says. “Guilt is for people who [...]

Gabe Bump | Breakaway

1. I haven’t dreamt of Abe Lincoln and Barack Obama playing one-on-one atop a gigantic bronze Marv Albert bust. That wouldn’t hurt my spirit. 2. What kind of husband will I be? 3. What kind of [...]

Cheryl Collins Isaac | Osmosis

Her white, spaghetti-strapped blouse is ripped in the middle, and a broken strap hangs off the shoulder of her body sprawled on the dirt ground: legs spread apart, jeans unbuckled and halfway [...]

Ellen Korman Blum | The Train Ticket

Of the half dozen languages my immigrant parents knew, Polish was the one used for secrets−−anything we children were not to understand. A few years after they had both passed away, I visited my [...]

Ron Carlson | Tayari Jones


Mary Gaitskill | On the Old Guy

“Mary Gaitskill on the Old Guy” is forthcoming in the anthology A Manner of Being: Writers on Their Mentors (University of Massachusetts Press) edited by Annie Liontas and Jeff Parker The [...]

Laura Warman | My Numerology

  1 One. The number most embodied, the number most claimed. “I am number one.”- Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe. The first chapter of Numbers is just documentation of a census of the [...]

Gabe Bump | House Cat

You move back home and Housecat is already there. You’re both back in the rooms you grew-up in. Figuring shit out, you both call it. Housecat’s four years and five inches ahead of you. Housecat’s [...]

Richard Z. Santos | Hospital Food

There’s no homegrown cuisine in Washington, DC—no pizza, no bagel, no crab, no collard greens, no BBQ that embodies the District. The best DC can manage, when pressed on the issue, is either the [...]

Karie Fugett | American April

The first time I saw an amputee was in April 2006 at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I was twenty years old. The man was attractive, probably in his late teens to early twenties, with overgrown brunette [...]

Resa Alboher | Gogol Was a Realist

In the early 90’s, just a few years into our marriage, when John and I were living in theobshaga, a shitty Russian university dormitory, on the windiest part of Vasilevsky Island out there on the [...]

Dean Thomas Ellis | Miradouro

“Imagine the marriage lasting, the lilies blooming in the black vase for years…” -Kim Addonizio, Tell Me It is Saturday afternoon in Lisbon, and I’ve stumbled upon bliss. [...]

Dalia Staponkutė | A Negative

To the town where I live I’ve got many names and a tangled history, which occupies my centre as a giant Hephaestus of rough glass shards masterfully joined together. The massive sculpture-mount [...]