Whit Arnold | Tadpole

On TV, we watched a Showtime series called Shameless. I’m easily bored by TV, so instead I looked around his apartment. On a shelf sat a colorful, glass hookah. Seeing it, I asked, “You smoke?”

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Mez Breeze | Attn: Solitude

Mez Breeze has been working for a good long while (since the mid 1990’s) to produce a splodge-like array of award-winning digital fiction, books, VR + AR experiences, games, experimental storytelling, interactive fiction, and othergenre-defying output that often can’t quite be categorized into neat little boxes (pssst: she secretly enjoys this fact).

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Troy Onyango | The Ghost of Nina Simone; Or the Remains of an Existence Spiraling Towards the Nadir.

The sky is the colour of a sketch artist’s thumb when the bus sneaks its way out of the bus station, headed for the port town of Kisumu – home; a place so distant it requires at least a week of mental preparation and enough love for those whose existence make up that word.

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Gabby Vachon | Meth(od) Man

He, on the other hand, actually did meth, which was less cool that I thought. He looked more like a coke guy to me, but what do I know about what a coke guy looks like? As a child I smelled pot on my street and wanted desperately to call 911, so I'm not exactly what you would call "street savvy".

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Nina Yun | Han

In the vice of winter no one wants the raw, unless it is the orange yolk from an egg, and even then we drop it into a boil of stew. [...]

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