0 missed calls,

5 days away
& your names are already erased,

A fine scattershot of white,

Skyline fucking up the alpenglow,

W/o speed, so few odes,

////New York & bad art
like cheap drugs,
The pre high high

////Phantom buzz,
Negative space, The same feel
from just the shape,


Waterfall effect,

& elsewhere dark money
changes hands, Look away
& the bottles & plates,
salt & pepper, coffee cups,
half’n’half & sugar,

////Oppen witnessed it
as if in a dream, Copper
rusting but copper
doesn’t rust, Coins spilling
through his hands, Face
3 decades
suddenly aged,

you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me
you & me

printed on the photographer’s tee,

……..The Diner Scene, framed,
hangs on the diner wall,
Having a Coke, a red clock ticks
below the model’s head, Red
lips, gingham skirt,
red nails, white sneakers,
wool cardigan,

……..From the
viewfinder, inverted,
pearls clatter, seemingly spilling
……………………into the air,

……..A new science
for every object, Gravity
in brief abeyance,

……..Liquefaction of bric-a-brac,

……..8$/hr + tips
from 8$/hr customers,

……..I hold my sister’s baby,
We smoke her cigarettes, She asks me
if I like to party,

& little bumps of yay
behind the grease trap, Thus
from CCTV,

……..For every object a new song,

……..All my diamonds shine
cause they’re really



Gabriel Kruis lives and writes in Brooklyn. His work has been published or is forthcoming in The Brooklyn Rail, Atlas Review, Poor Claudia, Everyday Genius, and at Well Greased Press. He is a cofounder of Wendy’s Subway and runs the Shitluck Reading series at the Tip Top Bar & Grill.