Maxine Chernoff | Garland

“For all signs have disappeared.”
–Aleksandr Skidan

Comes the moment
offered as a sprig of berries
to the empty hand,
collusion of world
and its reasons, wellspring
and source, the
whipping wings of birds,
swallowing sky, whole
as reverie. To the finite
gesture, the stain
of removal, the treatise
on silence, the custom
of loss. A string and
a thread, tied
to forgetting,
counterpoise offered
as garland of words.



ChernoffMaxine Chernoff is Chair of Creative Writing at SFSU and author of 14 books of poems and six collections of fiction.  An NEA Fellow in Poetry in 2013, she was also winner of the PEN USA Translation Award for The Selected Poems of Friedrich Hoelderlin in 2009.  Her latest book of poems is Here (Counterpath Press, 2014).