Maha Zimmo | Poem

she told me of happiness,
a story begun. lived
before Occupation.

when she passed
i found its photograph
(the only photo in her nightstand) –

of my grandmother
a child in head-to-toe white
blonde hair halo over
yellow almonds, middle eastern eyes
defiant. strong. proud
square-facing the camera
her Arabian horse to her right
her movement,
the one she named: Happiness.

-checkpoint(s) | clairvoyant | what’s in a horse’s name


Maha Zimmo is a Canadian Muslim feminist born in Libya, and of Palestinian roots. She holds a Master of Arts in International Legal Theory; is a former political analyst for several online journals including rabble, has been writing for 13+ years at onefemalecanuck(dot)com, and is currently the resident advice columnist at Chai Latte Diaries, as well as a regular contributor at sister-hood magazine.

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