Nadia Choudhury | Two Poems

     desires to toss them to the ground      desires to read the shards’ constellation of fates      desires to know if his is lost somewhere in her

Sarah Jordan | Our Father / Dave

I don’t know maybe I thought I was turning into him. into a dream of youth. I don’t remember having one. I’m going to ask god to give me back my childhood. I don’t remember having one.

Jon-Michael Frank | Two Poems

I dump my kool-aid on the lichen the galaxy looks like a flushed toilet I feel closest to people I love when I imagine them dying head juices soaking into a heirloom quilt there’s nothing in my [...]

Andy Nicole Bowers | Two Poems

Berlinde De Bruyckere I am thinking of your mind sculpting the carcass as raw matter, slumped heap from which meaning must be freed— of your hands inside the wreckage of a black horse: tang of [...]

Andrea Abi-Karam | COMPLEX DESIRE

COMPLEX DESIRE like the white couch in a room full of mirrors COMPLEX DESIRE like saying i love u in a red pleather jumpsuit COMPLEX DESIRE like fucking the enemy in a basement in bed-stuy under [...]

Anne Cecelia Holmes | Infinity Loop

I shine like a dying planet and admit the problem. People say nothing can exist without a problem but I am here to challenge assumptions until I have alienated everyone. I imagine I must be here [...]

Michelle Betters | Water Park

Blurred on top of water is the image of a father in a pool where there’s also a large snake or in a different pool without a snake —a pool where there was a snake once at a hotel on a long [...]

Talin Tahajian | No steeple

“If there is still one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it is our artistic dallying with forms, instead of being like victims burnt at the stake, signaling through the flames.” —Artaud [...]

Savannah Oliker | Pony

We never fucked after we stopped being in love. This was one of our many charms, like when you came over in the beginning with a bouquet and said, I don’t really know how to do this. We were [...]

Rachelle Toarmino | Drafts

if I am speaking to you and I suddenly stop it is because I am considering how everything I say lately feels like a draft there are fresh coats of paint and a world in my mouth adhesive doubts [...]

Sarah Jean Alexander | Real Good

Sometimes you become sure you’ve loved someone so importantly before they ever loved you back that you feel you can never trust them again I know it’s not my biggest fault but [...]

Janea Kelly | Good Hope Rd

I love Summer. Her. She. Not my real mom. My first fingerfuck, my favorite crush: electric blue rubber braces, infected hangnail snaggletooth Summer. Like so Oedipus with tits in love with my [...]

Precious Okoyomon | Two Poems

Desire  will run its course It becomes real to you The sinking of your  body over the rain Soft worship Seductive lies Moment of changes escape you The present escapes you You are slow and silent [...]

Rebecca Salazar | Two Poems

Virgins i. Plaster Je vous salue Marie, pleine de grâce; le Seigneur est avec vous. Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes, et Jésus, le fruit de vos entrails, est béni. (French Catholic prayer [...]

Rachel Kang | Blue Sunrise

The steady wrinkle down one side Rageful as I am I know The dark cut of a whisper Being breathless How we slip from one finger To the next Dripping in pretty circles on blue paper Diving in and [...]

Jenna Cardinale | Two Poems

Mum “When she looked at the mums, she felt she wasn’t dying fast enough.” — Allegra Goodman, “Apple Cake” All your friends are dead and you’re still struggling with the hesitation in [...]

Fisayo Adeyeye | Two Poems

How to Read Red I want weaker bones. To keep from confessing to the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, as a child initiated through violence. Unfortunately, as a child initiated. Unfortunately as a [...]

Elisa Luna-Ady | Three Poems

FLOOD DIARIES:ENTRY ONE there is still so much i cannot parse / while a blue-black wolf paces my bedroom window / the unfinished painting of a calavera woman behind my door / that reminds me of [...]

Stacey Teague | a performance

outside is real too many blues the ocean where i live is sinking me the body can’t exist like pink lemonade on a filing cabinet things won’t stop coming apart in an almost sexy way how you stop [...]

Eileen Myles | Blue Massachusetts

I’m a little embarrassed. & I don’t want to see how many people like that thought Didn’t read the poem how it felt to be inside being here without you know talking to people [...]

Tyehimba Jess | Two Poems

from Olio. Copyright 2016 by Tyehimba Jess. Reprinted with permission of the author and Wave Books. WHAT THE WIND, RAIN, AND THUNDER SAID TO TOM Hear how sky opens its maw to swallow Earth? To [...]

Kirsten Abel | Cling Peach

You tell me all the good leaked out of you a long time ago. So I shouldn’t expect much. Where you’re from salt shrubs stick to the earth like scabs. Where I’m from green is a shelter. When I [...]

Jessie Janeshek | Two Poems

Secrets to a Healthier Home You said I left you        in cold, horsemanning no night hope  no hammer reins painted on. I slashed the pink sweatshirt      finished a chapter tried on a [...]

H.R. Webster | Two Poems

Nomenclature I always pause for you to laugh at the joke: how difficult it must have been for the man to steer his car while masturbating. I could walk the route he followed me down in my sleep. [...]

Colette Arrand | Constant Manicure

Constant Manicure  My hands aren’t good for fine work. I have things to cut. I have more things than I can manage to care for. There is a pile of electronics that my cat has urinated on, a stack [...]

Dara Cerv | History

History begins with a line From the document against my father Defendant took their daughter, who was sound Asleep, out of her crib and started to shake her A legendary promise lurches in [...]

Jon Ruseski | Two Poems

DIORAMA Midnight karaokes some phase you had. Tomorrow has its lift. Waking up in a liked photo. The world yells at you with lovesick outcomes, badly drawn hexagrams. There is an alien in your [...]

Monet P. Thomas | Three Poems

Venus is Closer to Me Than You Tonight We are again, like we once were, twins raised together in the Sun’s loving fire, and playing patty cake behind the Earth. I can still hear your sisterly [...]

Sennah Yee | Three Poems

MULAN (1998) For my sixth birthday I got a Mulan backpack, Mulan lunchbox, Mulan PJs, Mulan Halloween costume, and three Mulan dolls, each in different outfits, and with varying lengths of black [...]

Aba Micah Collins-Sibley | Two Poems

First Steps  I spoke my first word early. Mama, her doctorate in English, was so proud. She read me aloud Paradise Lost, among others. English came early to me. I recited all men are created [...]

Rushing Pittman | Two Poems

Somewhere a Boy Summer Fishing I’m not fried fishing not catching any rays today just sat down on this sofa finally full of me sweet how the outside world discreetly turns a shoulder as if I’m [...]

Terrell Jamal Terry | Two Poems

Burlap, Trumpet & Night Owl No. 1 Night glows around Trees in Hawaii Beside you behind The wide closing The rabbit & the bomb Your cave your canal Below the vault Eponymously above Oracle [...]

Asa Drake | Two Poems

Beautitude #1 I stopped complaining, and it was agony. No one explains how to resist. Enjoy yourself! Recover, they say. In a subterranean Duane Reade, I gathered every ointment. Please pick at [...]

Charles Theonia | Predictive Texts

roommate i just want to be in the morning and to be in my room and more than one of those before i get to the point where you’re here with me on the couch and it’s the best place to be in a [...]

Emily Present | Hot Dog Tear Drop

the speaker box is aluminum the voice of your mother no— a sad, plump alien angel cascading out its side beams “be nicer to her” plastic gives you power as you said no, you [...]

Ines Pujos | Two Poems

YOUNG GIRL EATING A BIRD …This is not dinner this is …winter a girl holding a blackbird this is a bird who does not chirp …………….this is how a young girl [...]

Catherine Pikula | Two Poems

Upon Turning Over the Lemon His dick is in my mouth, and I can’t do anything with his dick in my mouth but hate. And I will keep his dick in my mouth, but I hate it as I cram it down my throat. [...]

David Ishaya Osu | Three Poems

Done twice & swim it was from my mother’s mouth i first saw a kiss: your name is in the bible, she said & opened the curtains show her your navel twice & run away from dreaming, just [...]

Elizabeth Spackman | Two Poems

JANE, AGAIN: VARIATION CIUDAD No tengo dolor. it’s not mine. un dolor de la ciudad— nothing much doing here, so screw it to the sticking place: Laura Bush took a stand against cancer. Who the [...]

Lauren Clark | Two Poems

SELF PORTRAIT WITH BEES With the fake crack of the fake gun a silence falls over the county. . And then everyone is cheering because the bodies of the horses are all moving very quickly and [...]

Maurisa Thompson | Two Poems

Fat Man and Little Boy Take a Selfie in San Francisco little boy drags his belly across the yellow grass, squeaks it like a violin. arms out, pretends he is a ship or airplane or a cloud. rolls [...]

Samantha Bares | Two Poems

Unsteady I fudge mystique. Flotillas of near-misses I avoided by the league. It is a crime to understate your absolute trust. To be numbed by joy in that way, I would give my entire nose. Whittle [...]

Catch Business | Two Poems

everywhere is a front porch waiting for you to need me i watch the sun pixelated in place my skin the last time i can’t remember too many times for a tail tale not my hair knot it not it not my [...]

Dana Curtis | Two Poems

Equinox It’s one of those days of small accomplishments: laundry, slicing the sourdough into individual portions and freezing it, breaking the terrace into its original individual pieces [...]

Katie Mertz | BLOOD MOON, summer 2015

BLOOD MOON, summer 2015 –for NJR a little bit in love and I am beating myself like a last meal wearing worry on the skin and bruised all over what if I didn’t what if I did he wonders with [...]

JoAnna Novak |Silent Friends

Silent Friends    The two men flail on the balcony. Sky glitters behind them. One with goalpost arms. The dork with a toilet bowl mouth. Not potty—who said that? Just an O, an around, a [...]

Max Cohen | Two Poems

Jezzalie your hair feels like drowning birds which sounds romantic. I like it. Your leg has a line on it, and I like that too. You and I both breathe around the same time, searching the yard for [...]

Brynne Rebele-Henry | Two Poems

Near kindred Body-parted, we make diagrams of places not to touch I don’t like saliva until it’s in her mouth, flashy liquid She chewed up Mr. Rogers’s clovers, spat them out into my inflammation [...]

Erica Dawson | Three Poems

Love Poem after learning orgasm comes from the Greek orgasmós, derivative of orgân which means to swell God bless my sense of this is our body—that intersection—fucked and fucker, gutted, gut. [...]

Kristin Chang | Two Poems

Dawning Dawn gapes wide as the pelvis I wear as my crown. I want to stitch a dress into my skin, I want a tongue that behaves like light, imageless. I dream of a mouth reforested, Eve left to [...]

Thomas Cook | PULL

PULL The carpaccio, please. My teeth. I ding the glass. The shoulder. Reaching for the stoplight button, I dropped my bag. A seamed cushion. Your hair, your volume. Twist a fattening bucolic, [...]

Rae Paris | Two Poems

Christmas Day Miss Annie, daughter of an ex-slave, needed someone to watch the White girl, so she told my grandmother, who got my mother ready. I don’t why she did this, says my mother on the [...]

Chloe Firetto-Toomey | Two Poems

Cabbage Flower I don’t know where I am. The planet is a blister pack foiled in stars. Every ovum wants to expand, to unfurl with cactus flowers or whale sounds to a series of low frequency [...]

Jessie Knoles | TIDAL

TIDAL i need to go to that little spot no, not that spot but the other little spot in the corner that you often forget about or maybe it’s unreachable but once you go there you’re there for a [...]

Marcus Slease – Creatures

Creatures Black Friday came and went with a bombardment of spam. They haven’t done the Christmas tree and the foil. They haven’t put up the lights but the lights are shining on the canal. The [...]

Derick Mattern – Two Poems

  Kismet      Frenzy   Derick Mattern‘s poems and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in Subtropics, The Adroit Journal, Copper Nickel, Gulf Coast, and Leveler, among [...]

Adebe DeRango-Adem | Two Poems

voila if you fall between ocean & land, white & black you may not get the best of both worlds instead you might find void, volatility, veils, & eventually voila—the grotesque process [...]

Aziza Barnes | Two Poems

he tells me in mississippi the only laws broken concern meth & obesity. i’m at the dude ranch listening to a black man from Oxford rap a genocide is a genocide his 40 acre ballad. land & [...]

Joy Priest | Two Poems

Sorry to the girl who first offered _______________________that weak-looking shit ________________________________________broken down on the toilet seat in the bathroom at Maple Inn___Em [...]

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