Precious Okoyomon | Two Poems

Desire  will run its course

It becomes real to you
The sinking of your  body over the rain

Soft worship
Seductive lies

Moment of changes escape you
The present escapes you

You are slow and silent
This is a pragmatic gesture
form of cords lapping at in between  the space
Where feel your ribs
This is the k – hole
This is my mouth
On the back on your throat


                                            here is your life

Licking at old habits

              Built into the structure    

                                        Good morning father 


                                         Bless me for i have sinned


                                                            Forgive me father for I have sinned, it’s been – two weeks?                 

                                                           Um – Since my last confession.


                                I lied in my last confession, I have dishonoured my mother and father, um –

                                 I have um – hurt people that I care about.

                              And I don’t know, that’s a sin, isn’t it?

                                                      Do you feel guilty about that ?

                                    no , father.


                               Well I wanted it

Gossip girl was documentary

I picked up a dead bird and broke it’s wing


   I put it in my pocket

When you were licking my cunt

    It fell into your mouth



Precious Okoyomon is a Chicago based poet and artist. She is the author of Ajebota (Bottlecap Press, 2016). Her writing has been performed and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati and ICF gallery and National Sawdust and elsewhere. Her writing has been published in Lit Magazine, Fanzine, Impose Magazine, and elsewhere. She loves her dog and is a Leo.