Review | Heaven’s Gone to Hell

by Becky Blake Heaven’s Gone to Hell by Andrew J. Simpson BareBackPress, 2015; 174 pp What if you could bottle happiness and sell it? What if your girlfriend was the most perfect woman on the [...]

Review | Trepanation of the Skull

by Phillip Meters Review of Trepanation of the Skull by Sergey Gandlevsky. Translated by Susanne Fusso. October 2014. Normal, IL: Northern Illinois University Press. Growing up in a Soviet Union [...]

Review | Sarah Gerard’s Binary Star

by Timothy O’Donnell  Somewhere between Jenny Erpenbeck and Tumblr blog post, Sarah Gerard’s debut novel Binary Star explores the furious inner-workings of an astronomy student and teacher [...]

Review | “No Girls No Telephones”

by Andrew Purcell NO GIRLS NO TELEPHONES by Brittany Cavallaro  & Rebecca Hazelton Blacklawrence Press Probably the finest essay on poetry I’ve read this past year is Matthew Buckley [...]

Review | The Empathy Exams

by Arielle Bernstein In the final essay of Leslie Jamison’s phenomenal book, The Empathy Exams, Jamison asks the reader to think of the seemingly timeless and cross-cultural obsession with female [...]