Tabs open on your screen right now:

LinkedIn (with an invitation from a handsome lawyer and automated congratulation messages on a 1 year anniversary of I-have-no-idea-what in my inbox); three separate Gmail accounts; three Google docs. Google docs turn me on. My rising sign is Virgo.

If you had to brag about yourself:

I can stay calm during a crisis. But only if it’s very, very serious. Trivial complications provoke a totally outsized reaction from me. I can only handle catastrophes.

Your writer crush:

Three-way tie between Bukem, Ann, and Madeleine.

Favorite lyric:

Let me eat when I am hungry

Let me drink when I am dry

A dollar when I am hard-up

Religion when I die

Any place in the world:

Mariana Trench

Best breakfast:

Two potato, egg, and cheese (extra melty) tacos with thick flour tortillas that I wash down with a giant cup of unsweetened tea from a styrofoam cup. Extra flour tortillas, hot from the comal, slathered with butter.

Favorite online places right now:

I don’t know how to answer questions about favorites! I’m always blurting out that something or someone is my favorite — I use the word very liberally — but when I’m asked, I freeze.

Sweetest thing:

When one person brushes the hair out of another person’s face without interrupting what they’re doing.

Your rituals (writing or not):

Eating 8-16 momos when I have a bad day

Least impressive thing about you:

My taste in music.

Favorite space to write:

On a couch in my bedroom with my laptop in my lap and my heels resting on my bed like a too-tall footstool. Ben jokes that I have to stretch my legs out and elongate my body to write.

What should we know:

I should have been an actress. Maybe I will be yet.

Guilty literary pleasure:

Fashion magazines. Not real fashion magazines. I’m talking Glamour, Lucky, Marie Claire, pedagogical stuff with outfit ideas and makeup tips.

Best book nobody talks about: 

Letters to Yesenin by Jim Harrison

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:

Either Lux in The Virgin Suicides (the movie, I’ve never read the book) or Gena Rowlands’ character Mabel in A Woman Under the Influence or Barbara Loden’s character Ginny in Splendor In the Grass or or or Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility (movie or book)

Last time you lied:

Last night.

The lie:

I acted nonchalant when I was, in truth, heartbroken.

Question you secretly want to be asked:

How does someone like you exist?

The answer:

She doesn’t.

(Feel free to include updated bio/photo)



Monica McClure is a writer and performer based in New York. She is the author of Tender Data (Birds LLC, 2015) and chapbooks Mala (Poor Claudia, 2014) and Mood Swing (Snacks Press, 2013).

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