Tiny Spills | Kaveh Akbar

Gmail, Twitter, an article on Coleridge called “Is the Ancient Mariner a Zombie?”, my Game of Thrones fantasy league score tables, Natalie Scenters-Zapico’s “Women’s Work” from the Boston Review, Wikipedia page for the singer Rebekah Del Rio, essay on the Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Twitter

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Tiny Takes | An Arrangment of Skin, by Anna Journey

Trenchant, dexterous, and intensely lyrical, Journey’s essays anatomize and alchemize their subject matter, piecing the author’s personal experiences, family history, and eclectic—frequently macabre—fascinations into a tender and nuanced investigation of our relationship to the stories we inherit and construct, inhabit and revise, inscribe and transmit.

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Tiny Tunes | Rosie Accola

Lately I’ve been thinking about being on the radio. In college, I hosted a late night show with a friend, which meant we spent each week combing the internet and pulling records, then choosing songs until each set reflected a glimmer of our lives.

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Astro Spills | Aries

Complete the sentence, “Being an Aries is like…” Madeleine Maillet: Waking up and realizing today is the day you’re going on a trip and you haven’t packed our bought your ticket [...]

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Tiny Spills | xTx

Your writer crush: Roxane Gay Favorite lyric: "Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies, While you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park.’ Oh Comely, Neutral Milk [...]

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Tiny Spills | Sara Nović

Tabs open on your screen right now: Baseball statistics site, Wall Street Journal article about weirdest baseball superstitions, twitter, thesaurus, the New Yorker, tab-that-shall-not-be-named-because-it-is-related-to-my-partner’s-birthday-present, gmail. If you had to brag [...]

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Tiny Spills | Rio Cortez

Tabs open on your screen right now: Google search results for “goat varieties in the Caribbean” Abramsbooks.com NYT: “10 Competitive House Races” Zabars.com Repeat Delivery Program/bagels Your writer crush: Dead? [...]

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Tiny Spills | Elle Nash

Tabs open on your screen right now: Hypernormalisation, a BBC documentary I want to watch; Hobart submittable page since I’m reading fiction subs for October; wolf pupy’s twitter account; Ballotpedia [...]

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