and in this poem his name is Gabriel
      in this poem, God loves fags

      in this poem Jesus reads philosophy aloud and
                                      Gabriel kisses the soft spot of his inner elbow
      in this poem Jesus laughs because he is very ticklish
      in this poem he tells Gabriel
                                      Quit it
                                      in a way that means
                                      This is the moment I want to be forever

      in this poem Jesus’ Mom [Mary] says,
                                      Quiet down, or I’ll have to go over there
                              Joseph cooks a dinner of fresh bread, pan seared fish, and red wine
                              no one’s blood is upon the floor

                              Gabriel takes Jesus’ chin in his hand and moves it away from the page
      in this poem he says,
                                      Let me read you something
      in this poem he looks into his eyes and says,
                                      Have you ever seen beauty in a way such as this
                                      he gestures to the body of Jesus
                                      Have you ever heard such beauty as this
                                      and he presses his finger over Jesus’ lips
                                      Have you ever felt something and known it was beauty as this
                                      and he graces his fingers over Jesus’ bare arm
                                      Have you ever tasted such beauty as this
                                      and he —
                              Joseph calls everyone to dinner, banging together pots and pans
      in this poem they eat and laugh and grow full:
                                                                                      of each other and food

      in this poem Jesus takes Gabriel home
                              he leans in to kiss him before the stoop
                              Mary and Joseph wait at home with locked lips
                              Gabriel stops him
                              he says,
                                      My parents might be watching
but in this poem Jesus kisses him anyways
                              he says,
                                      Then what

      in this poem Gabriel looks pale
                              he begins to cry
                                      Gabriel, how… how could you
      in this poem Jesus looks to a terrified woman
      in this poem she screams,
                                      GET OUT
                                      YOU, YOU…
                                                    [        ]
                              the last word came out a gasp
                              her face screams regret
                              she cries

      in this poem Gabriel runs
                              Jesus runs after him
      in this poem Mary and Joseph become worried,
                                                                                          it’s getting late
      in this poem Gabriel stands at the face of a sunset
      in this poem Jesus watches the moon
                              Gabriel falls
and in this poem Jesus falls to catch him

      in this poem Mary answers the phone
                              the caller says,
                                      Is this Jesus’ mother…
                              she falls to the floor
      in this poem Joseph runs out the door and down the sunset,
                                                                                                              but they’ve already fallen
                                                                                                                      beneath the horizon
                              Gabriel’s mother doesn’t get a call
and in this poem Gabriel cries and cries and cries

      in this poem Gabriel sits between Mary and Joseph
                              looking over the forever beautiful Jesus

      in this poem they never hear from Gabriel’s mother again
      in this poem he reads philosophy to himself,
                                      in the voice of Jesus,
      in this poem he lay in his bed
      in this poem Mary is his mother and Joseph his father

      in this poem he loves again
                              in his name
                              Gabriel never forgets to love
                              Gabriel doesn’t give a shit about the opinions of others, Because Jesus wouldn’t
                              Gabriel decides to be a faggot

and in this poem he never forgets
                              he had a boyfriend, named Jesus, and it was a beautiful thing
but in this poem he has to move on

      in this poem Gabriel says,
                              I’m a faggot
      in this poem God loves fags

      in this poem Love is knowing to move on

but in this poem, none of that matters, because
      in this poem is the only place anyone believes that happened.

Aidan Aragon (they/them) is a queer poet from Northeastern Wisconsin. Their work can be found at Peach Mag, Ghost City Review, and The Cerurove. Their micro-chapbook, “There is a Monster,” is forthcoming from Ghost City Review this summer (2019). Aidan is currently a senior in high school, soon to be undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. You can find them on Twitter @aidanaragon.