Of course
you can go days
w/o a revelation
or even an idea
The draft
stays unsent:
Sorry, babe,
been out of sorts
What’s that
French phrase
sweet note &
did millenials
kill it along w/
& diamonds
& napkins
& homeownership
& savings
& fabric softener
& Macy’s
& putrid,
I mean, finally
Now we walk under
a wide, blue yawn
not talking much
fascinated by apples
as we yank them
off branches
A perfect leaf
stuck on one
I show you
proudly, as if
I made it
A day I’ll keep
filed under idyllic
long after
the relations
enter syndication
or transpose
onto someone else
My memory
does this when
low on bandwidth,
grafting faces &
& years &
cities onto
each other
At a panel
on Larry Levis,
someone spoke
of his prolific hoeing
& I think, not
a bad legacy
Today has
a waterfall
in the distance,
sparkling trick
of the light
like the Étant donnés
foil cascade over
an electric motor
turning inside a tin
& what was the nude?
his wife’s hair,
his lover’s curves
Or maybe
the other way around
One of yr lovers
on the porch
Another across from me
& one of hers at
the head of the table
Everyone smoking
something, hard
at work determining
what prospective
couplings are left
& I’m tuned into
the cicadas,
wanting to join
but what part
of the body
makes a sound
so primordial
What part regulates
& where’s the switch?
You fuck my thoughts
into an alluring static
& I drive head-on
into the mist,
warbling along
to a sad song
stuck btwn frequencies,
honeycrisp clenched
in my teeth
like a weapon
Three hours later
I pick up Danielle
who says,
Yr a strong queer 

woman & you will not

miss this turn

By now you know
it’s early autumn
& the moon’s a druzy
I call this
my power season,
which means
I say More
& then I say


& eventually
come into
what I can’t
or otherwise
I straighten
up & plant
my flag

ALINA PLESKOVA is a Russian immigrant turned proud Philadelphian,​ switch,​ & consummate Aquarius. Her first chapbook, ​What Urge Will Save Us, was published in April 2017 by Spooky Girlfriend Press. She co-edits bedfellows– a biannual print & online magazine that catalogs discussion of sex, desire, & intimacy– with Jackee Sadicario. ​She​ also curate​s​ Sitting Room Series, which features short clips of writers performing in their chosen habitats. Poems ​appear or will soon be in Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Elderly, Mistress, American Poetry Review, & more​. ​Find her at:​ &​ @nahhhlina.