According to National Geographic, scientists have now developed the technology by which to grow tiny human hearts on spinach leaves. The pattern of intersecting veins in the leaves is like the human vascular system, scaled way down. Nell shared this recently on the internet. When I think about her sometimes I think about her many admirers & her faux gold wristwatch, the cheap kind you can get at CVS by the hair-clips. Her name on Facebook now is My Whole Entire Heart like a Fat Red Balloon, but when she writes anything, the site shortens it to My Whole Entire Heart. As in, My Whole Entire Heart was at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Or, My Whole Entire Heart likes the San Antonio Spurs. The gravity of that. It’s swollenness. When the wind is like a rose-red zombie, & I have trouble falling asleep, I picture that first summer in Ohio, her wrist in that watch & it ticking in the foxglove like time, like a crackpot idea inscribed on a flywing. Like the ways in which to re-grow.

ALLYSON YOUNG is a second year MFA candidate at Syracuse University and a Poetry Editor at Salt Hill. Her work has been published or is scheduled to appear in The Bennington Review, The Fairy Tale Review, The Texas Poetry Review, The Brooklyn Review, Figure 1, Metatron, and elsewhere. Her chapbook The West and Other Mistakes was released in 2016 via Dancing Girl Press. She can be found online here: