I’m also trying to make an identity at the same time
I might get my ear parts
Lobes are tingling right this moment both of them
They must be talking about each other somewhere
Right ear queer
Queer ear parts
Do I have to make time for anything else
While I dream of adolescing? No
I am occupied totaling cars
I am teenagers
I die on the way to the prom
Body parsed everywhere



Got my gay ear purchased
Gold piercing
I am aware of it constantly
And thou shalt bind them for a sign
Everyone on the street is responding to it
When they make a bad face
According to my psychology
I am self-conscious
I placed a jar in Tennessee
I literally bought a bomber jacket at a vintage store
I am going by the book
Dude are onto me



With every passing day
My passing privilege passes away
I am mourning it
Along with my mother
Less than a bee sting
I say to the piercer
It didn’t hurt much (like a shot from doctor) but feels a little weird physically now but that is probably definitely psychology
I text Heather
Maybe I can hide it?
If I am in a dangerous situation
Like a cave
(The light could glint in a cave
I am beset by homophobes
There is something here that I want)

ANDREW KAHN’s work has appeared in Slate and the Washington Post. He lives in New York City.