This Climate Ain’t Temperate Enough for Our Love (We Got No Chill)


after “Drew Barrymore”

warm enough for ya
or lost in these skyscrapers for ya
green bottom green top
beer bigotry or lost in a bar
repeating the
peewee herman film for ya

these timelines still hurricanes
everything coming back now
sense of stability or urgency
what hung under the lights
friendship romantic interest lost
don’t participate in your bedroom sightseeing

I was occasionally searching for something?
greater than teeth / melanism
but my ____ / melanism
at least gives me power

borough hall station

cut offs and a racoon shirt
or finding fate in cut off (or la coupe)
where have you gone?

by the levee
in the brewery
on the radio
and in waves

travelling canals
because those still exist in New York
because New York
will sink like this love
oozing into the ground
like cheap jokes
like Twitter comedians

placing all my importance on
white things?
colonizing the
brown one?

drinking yuengling / like is no biggie right?

hurting under Broadway
by the Mickey D’s
man screaming at me
like wake up call to angels
lost in hell
got me missing heaven

I’m not religious but maybe
God lived corporeally once
like you did

unlimited minutes

time frozen
in trains

(keep going)

the skyscrapers are bigger than they seem

but you’re not here

ASDRUBAL QUINTERO is a queer Latinx poet from NOLA currently teaching in NYC. Their current obsession with SZA led to their latest batch of poems. You can see other work at Birds Piled Loosely, Crab Fat Magazine, The Collapsar, Nightblock and Hinchas de Poesía. Follow them on twitter @asdrubalaq.