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Anna Halberstadt

MOSCOW SUBURB Blocks of gray buildings in Tyoplyi Stan a windy suburb in the southwest of Moscow where Napoleon’s army used to burn fires to try to survive the

Anna Halberstadt2019-09-29T10:43:27-04:00

Peter Gajdics

For Tibor Gábor Gajdics, 1930-2014 Stewed plums in cottage cheese dumplings squirt sweet explosions in my mouth. I left my flat on Wesselényi utca beside the Dohány Street Synagogue and

Peter Gajdics2019-09-29T10:43:23-04:00

JeFF Stumpo

She has passover in the lower case She has angel belief she sends ahead and thinks she hears bowling some night storms

JeFF Stumpo2019-09-29T10:43:19-04:00

Polina Barskova

Dawn outside his chambers disintegrates, retreats, Anxious, breath unwholesome, like the stricken man.

Polina Barskova2019-09-29T10:43:01-04:00

Laurie Stone

She slid off the counter and in front of her mirror began applying my lip gloss to her beautiful, wide mouth with its curling, upper lip that now looked like a beckoning finger. She wore a sly expression, watching me watch her. She placed the tube of lotion I had given her with her pile of things. I didn’t say anything. I was unsure what tone to take.

Laurie Stone2019-09-29T10:42:47-04:00

Mathew Fogarty

Plus, there was something so unexpectedly exciting about being together that we wanted to explore it without everybody watching. So we kept it quiet and, as I say, for two months, we'd been going strong.

Mathew Fogarty2019-09-29T10:42:43-04:00

Indira Chanrasekhar

'Have you seen a doctor?' I pointed at her hand. Girija shook her head. 'Ratni brought some herb oil from the village. She applies it for me every day.' The thick, green-brown fluid in the re-used Old Monk bottle near the stove looked foul.

Indira Chanrasekhar2019-09-29T10:42:37-04:00

Richie Hofmann

I hadn’t been able to read it in the darkness of the hall. The train was late, all the blueness was becoming gold.

Richie Hofmann2019-09-30T01:20:23-04:00

Jessica Scicchitano

Ladies, this license plate is your journal, an everlasting ticket up a Northern route where you’ll still have access to electroshock therapy through some faux forest in the middle of the US.

Jessica Scicchitano2019-09-30T01:21:09-04:00

Cornelius Eady

Where the way this combo tongue and squeeze the air tells me it’s John C’s b’day-O yes; he had a nice place on Long Island

Cornelius Eady2019-09-30T01:18:53-04:00

Interview | Alex Dimitrov

by Megan Fernandes Alex Dimitrov came to Concordia University in Montreal on Thursday, March 5th for a campus-wide reading. The following day he came to speak to my class, “Queer Sexuality and

Interview | Alex Dimitrov2016-02-10T23:17:15-04:00

Aggie Zivaljevic

For ever so long, Iskren Syeveratz had watched over the island's elders, who without their offspring were like oysters without pearls. The octogenarian grandfathers and grandmothers sat in front of their stone houses looking out at the sea for the return of their children from the foreign lands, until they were petrified and turned into dust.

Aggie Zivaljevic2019-09-29T10:41:47-04:00

Laura Miller

The other part is that he’s such a fucking terrible imposter. In life, Ingrid Lynn was a poet, so she thinks in terms of metaphors. She can say that he dances without grace and inflects the letter r in a way that conflates meaning. She says his eyes are dead. She says he gets whole stanzas wrong. She says he’s an automaton.

Laura Miller2019-09-29T10:41:40-04:00

Theodore Wheeler

By protocol, he should have called security. But Andy ran down the utility stairs instead to stop her rattling the door, her feet planted apart. A flash of white showed up her shorts, her legs spread to pull the door handle, before she straightened to wave him down.

Theodore Wheeler2019-09-29T10:41:36-04:00

Selena Anderson

Tiny knew lots of people like Francine. Some people could talk forever telling all they knew, trying to get out what was wrong with them. But it wasn’t her problem. The ones that looked vulnerable were everyone else. They all looked like porcelain thems. Like they were fixing to break.

Selena Anderson2019-09-29T10:41:31-04:00

Alex Dimitrov

Past the stone angel heads and over the calm brutes, the freeway thins and wears white like a patient tonight.

Alex Dimitrov2019-09-30T01:17:58-04:00

Richard Z. Santos

There’s always more work to be done. My book still isn’t finished. A happy ending is only so happy. If the cancer doesn’t return, then something else will finish the job.

Richard Z. Santos2019-09-29T10:41:21-04:00

Interview | Dana Spiotta

by Chanelle Benz I met Dana Spiotta in 2009 at the Syracuse University MFA Program. We had both just arrived, but unlike me she knew what she was doing. As she

Interview | Dana Spiotta2016-02-10T23:17:17-04:00

Johanna Skibsrud

But this may become, especially in the context of our contemporary theaters of war, increasingly difficult. As war technology advances exponentially and we become more and more able to replace human effort, skill, and sacrifice with robotics, we risk also displacing our essentially human ability to recognize ourselves, and—even more dangerously, in the context of war—others as human.

Johanna Skibsrud2019-09-29T10:41:10-04:00

Kim Chinquee

Bills come in like falling leaves. They soothe me: a record of where I've been, as if the things I have might possibly define me. Sometimes I look at the

Kim Chinquee2019-09-29T10:41:00-04:00

Victoria Ludwin

The Invisibles The tour bus pulled into the lot and Arnold put his Playstation on pause. Now I must represent my country, he thought, snickering, as Ambassador from the

Victoria Ludwin2019-09-29T10:40:56-04:00

Andrew Szymanski

A NIGHT DRIVE I had been looking after a phonograph for my friend’s girlfriend. My friend’s girlfriend and I were very close; in fact, it was in my bed

Andrew Szymanski2019-09-29T10:40:51-04:00

Annabel Graham

The wind rushing in through the windows blows our long hair into our faces. It’ll be tangled when we get home but we feel too good to care. We’ve been out dancing at a club in Hollywood. Used our fake IDs to get in. Mine says I’m from Florida. The bouncer knows they’re fake but he lets us in anyway.

Annabel Graham2019-09-29T10:40:42-04:00

Karie Fugett

Cleve and I met in eighth grade where we briefly “went out” before breaking up, because I thought he had a crush on one of our school’s cheerleaders. We remained fairly close, carefully dodging an intensity we were too young to address. We lost touch after high school.

Karie Fugett2019-09-29T10:40:37-04:00

CA Conrad

a wayward protein bloodletting from unforeseen orifice gathers us to elongated grass-fed hours

CA Conrad2019-09-30T01:16:38-04:00

Marius Burokas

Townspeople (the other side of an old poem) town carnivals and songs. no one waits for tomorrow. drizzle. packed streets. a jumble at your feet. we all depart our dwellings

Marius Burokas2019-09-29T10:36:20-04:00

John Colasacco

They can’t find a working lighter, so they take all the shreds of tobacco out of their cigarettes.

John Colasacco2019-09-29T10:36:09-04:00

Monica McClure

TENDER DATA .Inquiries feel like enemas What is it called when your fist blooms inside someone The civilization I live in has lost its purpose so I turn to amateur

Monica McClure2019-09-30T01:09:06-04:00

Aram Kim

WHITE BONE PINE .The woman said she was looking for her son. This was after Mr. Lee, cigarette seller and realtor to the western valley, looked her up and down.

Aram Kim2019-09-30T01:08:09-04:00

Charles Finn

HE WOULD LEAVE HIS APARTMENT IN THE CITY It is rumored in his later years he would leave his apartment in the city and drive through the night to arrive before

Charles Finn2019-09-30T01:13:29-04:00

Mikael Awake

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I received a mass email from Caitlin bragging about the start of her book tour. You have to understand that Caitlin Morrow is

Mikael Awake2019-09-29T10:35:40-04:00

Eric Freshtman

LITTLE SUNSLittle Dude looks out the window as we approach Orlando International, at the wash of winking blue lights that tell the airplanes where to land. “A story,” I suggest.

Eric Freshtman2019-10-02T00:30:33-04:00

Geneviève Robichaud

She tacks the quote on her wall. Not the virtual kind, but the smooth white one with the round corners. The sound of a kettle whistles in the kitchen. Outside, the rustle of a few trees. This is Montréal in the spring. It is the sound of being nine hundred and eighty kilometres west of the Atlantic Ocean.

Geneviève Robichaud2019-09-29T10:35:26-04:00

Maia Evrona

The moment has fallen and--what a shame!--it is forever. What a kind of distance! And at your shadow’s fingers.

Maia Evrona2019-09-29T10:34:26-04:00

John Goldbach

The Riviera descended the dark mill hill and in its lights were geese waddling out of the way, some hissing, wings spread, waddling quickly, and we pulled into the mill parking lot. “What the fuck?” said James, stopping the car.

John Goldbach2019-09-29T10:34:11-04:00

T Kira Madden

I don’t know if I ever expected them to come back, but the night was long and loud and to this day, let me tell you, I can still see our mother exactly the way she was the next morning as she unfastened our seatbelts: her eyes bloated into garnets as she squeezed us both to her chest, asked if we were hungry—a new shade of lipstick on her that I have never seen since.

T Kira Madden2019-09-29T10:34:04-04:00

Rebecca Fishow

Hello. Excuse. Excuse me. Do you have bourbon? I don’t know what kind. What does the bottle look like? Let me see. Let me see. Oh, anything. What is the rocks?

Rebecca Fishow2019-09-29T10:33:58-04:00