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11 09, 2016

Julia Chan | Stinging nettle


She grips the handle of her suitcase hard, so hard her fingers begin to cramp. The wave of passengers buoys her toward Arrivals. A sudden intestinal twist in the corridor [...]

Julia Chan | Stinging nettle2017-05-05T22:25:22+00:00
11 09, 2016

Erin Khar | David


I woke up this morning thinking about David. I woke up this morning, next to Graham, my sleeping husband, thinking about David. I woke up this morning, next to Graham, [...]

Erin Khar | David2016-09-15T11:20:25+00:00
11 09, 2016

Julie McArthur | A Polite Woman


Marla was a polite woman. If a man wanted to sleep with her she never refused. With each new man, she adopted a cat—Fluffers McGee for John, Marion for Paul, [...]

Julie McArthur | A Polite Woman2016-09-15T11:20:13+00:00
11 09, 2016

Sandra Alland | Toronto


These are the things that have changed about Toronto since I left it. There are about 239 new identical 25-floor condos, where young urban dwellers buy overpriced apartments called ‘cubes,’ [...]

Sandra Alland | Toronto2016-09-15T11:20:29+00:00
11 09, 2016

Rachel Hall | After All


In her last days, when they no longer try to lure her from her narrow bed, she hears singing, lullabies like those her mother sang to her in Ladino or [...]

Rachel Hall | After All2016-09-15T11:23:06+00:00
11 09, 2016

Yma Johnson | La Gringa Negra


I hurry down the sloping street towards dealers who stand like raptors, eyes glowing in the half light of nightfall. The wall behind them is covered in gang graffiti; gold [...]

Yma Johnson | La Gringa Negra2017-05-05T22:25:26+00:00
11 09, 2016

Erica Peplin | Perfect Couple


I had an aunt and uncle whose lives were perfect. They sent the most beautiful Christmas cards every year. They came in thick envelopes with stamps from foreign countries. It [...]

Erica Peplin | Perfect Couple2016-09-15T11:25:43+00:00
11 09, 2016

Samantha Bares | Poetry


Where are you in my delusions? With any luck, I narrate you into diver cobbler or blacksmith, a village treasure. Behold—offstage, the forest crone spinning blind for no one.

Samantha Bares | Poetry2018-11-25T03:15:56+00:00
26 07, 2016

Interview | John Keene


John Keene—writer, translator, and Associate Professor of English and African American and African Studies at Rutgers University-Newark—published his collection of short fiction titled Counternarratives with New Directions last spring. As [...]

Interview | John Keene2017-05-05T22:25:52+00:00
26 07, 2016

Chelsea Bieker | Any Wonder


After I moved to Oregon, away from California for the first time, Granny came up for a visit. This was a few years ago and I was still living [...]

Chelsea Bieker | Any Wonder2018-11-24T14:12:40+00:00
26 07, 2016

Lauren Barbato | Salute [May 2014]


The girls had heard from the boys that the boys were looking for the girls. Outside English, History, Spanish class. Inside the gyms, stables, dormitories. For one week only, they [...]

Lauren Barbato | Salute [May 2014]2016-07-28T10:37:50+00:00
26 07, 2016

Yoss | Super Extra Grande (excerpt)


In a distant future in which humankind has colonized the universe, Dr. Jan Sangan, a veterinarian specializing in extremely large alien organisms, goes spelunking in the bowels of a creature [...]

Yoss | Super Extra Grande (excerpt)2017-05-05T22:30:19+00:00
26 07, 2016

JoAnna Novak |Silent Friends


Silent Friends  The two men flail on the balcony. Sky glitters behind them. One with goalpost arms. The dork with a toilet bowl mouth. Not potty—who said that? Just [...]

JoAnna Novak |Silent Friends2018-11-24T15:20:00+00:00
26 07, 2016

Max Cohen | Poetry


and you told me you hated my cigarettes but missed me very much and I tried to say the same thing back but couldn’t stop coughing.

Max Cohen | Poetry2018-11-25T03:19:38+00:00
12 07, 2016

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction


You and me: sweetness in our ears, honey on our bread, glorious views in every direction, comfortable and secure; contained in madness.

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction2018-12-29T12:07:19+00:00
8 07, 2016

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction


When I took the number six bus downtown—close to perfection: All that time to read, all that window to look out of and all those trees, all those frozen moments at red lights, all that speed on Lake Shore Drive, all those people, all that segregation I didn’t understand, all the difference; nothing is perfect.

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction2018-12-29T12:04:34+00:00
30 06, 2016

Laura Willwerth | Poetry


Republican Presidential Debate, August 6, 2015, Cleveland, Ohio Republican Presidential Debate, September 16, 2015, Simi Valley, California

Laura Willwerth | Poetry2018-11-25T03:20:30+00:00
20 06, 2016

Sofia Banzhaf & Lucy K Shaw In Conversation


‘VIEWS’: On writing Toronto "Places are fragmentary and inward-turning histories, pasts that others are not allowed to read, accumulated times that can be unfolded but like stories held in reserve, [...]

Sofia Banzhaf & Lucy K Shaw In Conversation2017-03-24T23:13:12+00:00
18 06, 2016

Brenna York | A Feeling For People


A recently-divorced 70-something took 20 minutes of my 23rd year. First, he called me an idiot savant with regards to my schoolwork. Then his eyes met my ears: “If [...]

Brenna York | A Feeling For People2018-11-24T14:12:31+00:00
15 06, 2016

Interview | Tracy K. Smith


For over a decade, Tracy K. Smith has enamored readers and writers with her language and narrative and the ease of which she displays her mastery of both, manipulating them [...]

Interview | Tracy K. Smith2017-03-24T23:13:19+00:00
15 06, 2016

Kristin Chang | Poetry


Cut the meat / to release its ghosts / Trade yourself / for a girl / who thinks meat is making / a comeback. In / fifth grade my teacher called me / a chink in the armor /

Kristin Chang | Poetry2018-11-25T03:23:57+00:00
15 06, 2016

Thomas Cook | Poetry


An assault on the stationary floor. The gathering middle. Pray the field clean. Ceramic salsify lies in light. Velvet falcon buttoned in pearls. To your mouth.

Thomas Cook | Poetry2018-11-25T03:24:26+00:00
15 06, 2016

Julia Sternberg | The Gift


She wanted to see the sea lions fed, but when they arrived it was just past noon and the trainers were leaving the ring with empty buckets. The air [...]

Julia Sternberg | The Gift2018-11-24T13:56:19+00:00
15 06, 2016

Rebecca Payne | St. Francis


This is the way he walks: north on Grace to College, east on College to Manning, south on Manning to Dundas, then west on Dundas back to Grace. It’s [...]

Rebecca Payne | St. Francis2018-11-24T13:54:58+00:00
15 06, 2016

Sarah Burgoyne | Nobody Coming


At the top of her journey, Johanna cracked a lager. She was thirteen and thinking of the beautiful sea. The smothering western sea. The concrete stoop leading down to [...]

Sarah Burgoyne | Nobody Coming2018-11-24T13:54:38+00:00
15 06, 2016

Marcus Slease | Poetry


Flag prayers to the wind. Jean pulls up her black hoody. You have to protect your face from the wind sez Mina. The cold wind can damage the skin’s barrier.

Marcus Slease | Poetry2018-11-25T03:28:41+00:00
15 06, 2016

Amy Feltman | Turnip


It wasn’t assault, exactly. Or maybe it was. Either way it happened quickly. It stopped. Tree-scales scraped barkily against the cotton of her tee-shirt. The boy was walking away. [...]

Amy Feltman | Turnip2018-11-24T13:53:50+00:00
15 06, 2016

Interview | Kate Litterer


I can’t recall how Kate Litterer and I initially found each other in the dense mist of online poetry, but think of it this way: it’s 2001 and we’re on [...]

Interview | Kate Litterer2017-05-05T22:28:12+00:00
15 06, 2016

Amanda Boyle | Waste


One drink in and she was laughing. It felt like she hadn’t laughed in a long time, but she was always laughing one drink in, and she drank more than [...]

Amanda Boyle | Waste2016-06-20T14:22:51+00:00
2 05, 2016

Emily Jungmin Yoon | Anamnesis


My mother was a haenyo: she dove into cold waters for seaweed, abalone, sea urchin, and other things. My fifth year of elementary school holds my first memory of [...]

Emily Jungmin Yoon | Anamnesis2018-11-24T13:52:36+00:00
1 05, 2016

Interview | Derrick Austin


In early April, Derrick Austin and I discussed his debut book of poems, Trouble the Water. From queerness, to blackness, to Caravaggio, to R&B singers, Austin’s sorcery extends from his [...]

Interview | Derrick Austin2017-03-24T23:13:39+00:00
1 05, 2016

Hannah Beresford | Poetry


Sweet orange almond crumbs stuck to my sweater front as I wobbled into the dining room—having eaten all the leftover naan, flat-out in a stupor on the couch.

Hannah Beresford | Poetry2018-12-27T01:55:30+00:00
1 05, 2016

Raena Shirali | Poetry


to burning—if i light the sari on the clothesline—if there are many saris hung hem to hem—if they pass the flame like an infant : hem to hem—

Raena Shirali | Poetry2018-12-27T01:58:39+00:00
1 05, 2016

Tanis Franco | Poetry


on second thought i tried something that was not. i brought my camera thinking i would take beautiful pictures, it was a place to take beautiful pictures. i felt a need to try and capture these.

Tanis Franco | Poetry2018-12-27T02:01:24+00:00
1 05, 2016

Genevieve Hudson | Skatepark


The summer after my first year at the new school was homage to the skateboard. Girls walked right up to the edge of the wooden ramps to watch us. [...]

Genevieve Hudson | Skatepark2018-11-24T13:52:04+00:00
15 03, 2016

Interview | Maggie Dietz


Maggie Dietz, That Kind of Happy Groundhog’s Day has passed and spring has come early. The poet, Maggie Dietz, and I walk from her graduate class in Boston University’s historic [...]

Interview | Maggie Dietz2017-03-24T23:13:47+00:00
15 03, 2016

Halie Theoharides | Poetry


*FINAL ROSE is a book-length poem / a body of images / a collection of screenshots taken by Halie Theoharides while watching episodes of The Bachelor. FINAL ROSE will be out from Mount Analogue next fall.

Halie Theoharides | Poetry2018-11-25T03:36:54+00:00
15 03, 2016

Interview | Chloe Caldwell


I read Chloe Caldwell's novella, WOMEN, for the first time last spring. I was still getting used to living alone after my boyfriend suddenly broke up with me and moved [...]

Interview | Chloe Caldwell2017-03-24T23:13:55+00:00
15 03, 2016

Virginia McLure | Poetry


He shows us his backyard, roosters, limes, a coconut tree, dasheen, aloe like spiked tails. One, I can sell for $50, he says. We ride in a blue-painted boat to the island of birds.

Virginia McLure | Poetry2018-11-25T03:37:33+00:00
15 03, 2016

Jeremy Radin | Poetry


I’ll be here / slipping on the peels / laughing / slipping on the peels / laughing / practicing for your arrival / a word about what you are afraid of / maybe / meet me here / I am so lonely

Jeremy Radin | Poetry2018-11-25T03:40:19+00:00
15 03, 2016

E.C. Belli | Two Poems


FIELD GUIDE TO ONENESS It does not begin in an empty room, as one would expect. The field you are standing in does not look onto nothing. In fact, [...]

E.C. Belli | Two Poems2018-12-27T02:04:18+00:00
15 03, 2016

Chelsey Shannon | Poetry


black medulla “I emulate the black which is a cry but which is not voluptuary like a warning, which has lines, cuts, drips, aspirates, trembles with horror, O black [...]

Chelsey Shannon | Poetry2018-12-27T02:05:20+00:00
15 03, 2016

Noy Holland | Not So The Donkeys


The donkeys are eating the barn. They’re bored, poor things. They are eating out the shape of a donkey, of a dull, sulking herd of donkeys, until at last, [...]

Noy Holland | Not So The Donkeys2018-11-24T13:49:17+00:00
15 03, 2016

Kenan Orhan | All the Baklanov Men


Dad yelled at the same boxy TV he’d been yelling at since 1976. Traktor Chelyabinsk didn’t score in the first two periods. Kuzyetznov hadn’t played well. I had moved [...]

Kenan Orhan | All the Baklanov Men2018-11-24T13:47:56+00:00
14 03, 2016

A. Igoni Barrett | Blackass


Furo Wariboko awoke this morning to find that dreams can lose their way and turn up on the wrong side of sleep. He was lying nude in bed, and [...]

A. Igoni Barrett | Blackass2018-11-24T13:47:15+00:00
4 03, 2016

Interview | Mona Awad


Mona Awad’s new book, 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, is a bold, heartbreaking and humorous story of one woman's struggle with her weight in a culture that [...]

Interview | Mona Awad2017-03-24T23:14:03+00:00
11 02, 2016

Laura Warman | Nonfiction


TO KNOW ELAINE KHAN IS TO SPEND TIME IN HER BED I take the train to Elaine Kahn’s apartment. I mean Elaine and Kit’s apartment. But, I erase Kit [...]

Laura Warman | Nonfiction2018-12-29T12:02:54+00:00
11 02, 2016

Sarah Nichols | Poetry


On Taking Up a Matryoshka Doll Collection All the people I am missing Are stacked matryoshka doll style inside you LOST: LAVENDER AT THE KITCHEN SINK. STEMS FRAYED. Everyone [...]

Sarah Nichols | Poetry2018-12-27T02:06:00+00:00
11 02, 2016

Tommy Pico | Poetry


NATURE POEM from Nature Poem When a star dies, it becomes any number of things like a black hole, or a documentary. The early universe of our skin was [...]

Tommy Pico | Poetry2018-12-27T02:07:23+00:00
11 02, 2016

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction


6. The kind that waits until his child is eighteen and about to leave the roost before unpacking his Derrick Rose jersey and handing it over, folded and stained—Love this as I have.

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction2018-12-29T12:01:28+00:00
11 02, 2016

Stephon Lawrence | Poetry


//a spooky mulder field day i want to meet these aliens. it’s strange that i haven’t. have they landed? i hear a balding man call this tiny woman an [...]

Stephon Lawrence | Poetry2018-12-27T02:09:05+00:00
11 02, 2016

Leslie Shipman | Poetry


At the Sculpture Museum As a child my mother broke the soft wall of my face .....................................The curvilinear of my torn cheek .....................................the model of an arc .....................................floating beneath [...]

Leslie Shipman | Poetry2018-12-27T02:09:52+00:00
11 02, 2016

Courage | Courtney Sender


ONCE I dated a boy named courage. I should have kissed him a hundred thousand more times. . THE BOY named courage told me, “I wanted my life to [...]

Courage | Courtney Sender2018-11-24T13:44:04+00:00
11 02, 2016

Interview | Laura van den Berg


by Aliza Sajjad Last week I fangirled. And no, it was not over some dreamy boyband or a heartthrob with nicely parted hair. Recently that piercing, wide-eyed excitement has been [...]

Interview | Laura van den Berg2017-03-24T23:14:12+00:00
11 02, 2016

Seo Hajin | Sugar or Salt


*translated from Korean “H, do you remember me?” a man on the other end of the phone asked. His tone was cautious, as if he hoped I would remember [...]

Seo Hajin | Sugar or Salt2018-11-24T13:43:06+00:00