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11 02, 2016

Caroline Rayner | On P.S. Eliot


and it's a sad decline introverted romance in our troubled minds a trying pine depending on good fortune or coincidence all the time Spread out on my twin bed, hiding [...]

Caroline Rayner | On P.S. Eliot2017-05-05T22:32:18+00:00
18 01, 2016

Interview | Sigitas Parulskis


The latest novel by Lithuania’s Sigitas Parulskis breaks new ground both for the author and for his readers. Tamsa ir partneriai (Darkness & Co., Alma Littera, 2012) is considered to [...]

Interview | Sigitas Parulskis2017-03-24T23:14:19+00:00
17 01, 2016

Pia Juul | The Murder of Halland


[vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text] Excerpted from The Murder of Halland Translation by Martin Aitken 1 The night before, we sat in the living room. I had a [...]

Pia Juul | The Murder of Halland2018-11-24T13:41:28+00:00
17 01, 2016

Kim Kyung-uk | The Runner


Excerpted from God Has No Grandchildren Translated from the Korean by Kang Sunok When Eun-jae called, I was jerking off in an attempt to lift my spirits. I was [...]

Kim Kyung-uk | The Runner2018-11-24T13:41:20+00:00
17 01, 2016

Hannah Rahimi | Elegance


A month after they married, Kevin found a job. “What a relief,” he said, and everyone agreed, though it was only a year-long contract. It meant relocating to Indiana. [...]

Hannah Rahimi | Elegance2018-11-24T13:36:49+00:00
17 01, 2016

Jennifer Fitzgerald | Poetry


Everglades in High Heat mangroves like finger bones dipping into tea stained water warped and bent gators are trained to follow the whirring fan so customers can snap photo [...]

Jennifer Fitzgerald | Poetry2018-12-27T02:12:30+00:00
17 01, 2016

Brooke Ellsworth | Poetry


RED washing down decongestants with cold coffee reading ur glistening emails just a free-floaty fragment without a torso as if what I was possessed by was your missing arm [...]

Brooke Ellsworth | Poetry2018-12-27T02:13:04+00:00
17 01, 2016

Adrienne Raphel | Poetry


THE RINGMASTER for CK Williams The ringmaster, gaunt in his overalls, seventeen feet tall with a cigarette, leans on the big top. The lions are early, the tamer, late. [...]

Adrienne Raphel | Poetry2018-12-27T02:13:49+00:00
17 01, 2016

Jake Skakun | Poetry


Winter in the Wismar 1 Rain bloats the city, sets my marrow to wax. My neighbour's beard is stained an ochre O. I rarely leave. The shrill birds echo [...]

Jake Skakun | Poetry2018-12-27T02:14:37+00:00
17 01, 2016

Laura Villareal | Poetry


SARDINE SPINE Never have I seen vertebrae so small, so white like a strand of pearls without luster, unclasped. The spine is tenuous, made for a touch more tender [...]

Laura Villareal | Poetry2018-12-27T02:15:12+00:00
17 12, 2015

Ellen Korman Blum | Nonfiction


Eva was our only teacher those first few weeks. She had a quicksilver mind and a passionate spirit. Colorful earrings dangled against her jaw where her skin sagged just slightly, the only clue to her years of experience. She pushed us to take chances—to communicate in whichever way we could.

Ellen Korman Blum | Nonfiction2018-12-29T11:57:42+00:00
16 12, 2015

Tayari Jones | Nonfiction


Being a writer is all about making mistakes and managing disappointment. Let’s say you are going on a road trip. You get, say, a hundred miles down the road and you realize that you have left your wallet back home on the kitchen table. You have no choice but to go back and get it. But how’s your attitude?

Tayari Jones | Nonfiction2018-12-29T11:55:23+00:00
16 12, 2015

Ashley Opheim | Poetry


QUIET INDUSTRY I am sucking on pearls and roasting pears on my body. the vibrant splendour of lilac season is fleeting as a love affair leaves me lush and [...]

Ashley Opheim | Poetry2018-12-27T02:15:58+00:00
16 12, 2015

Kasia Juno | Poetry


ON LEAVING BERLIN I sold all my books for a rock of butter and a glass of almond milk A rock and an almond traded for all those hours [...]

Kasia Juno | Poetry2018-12-27T02:17:48+00:00
16 12, 2015

Eva HD | Poetry


LOGICAL POSITIVISM Oh, these gorgeous days, whatever's the opposite of pathetic fallacy. The glorious milkdrop sun; the walnut heart's rotten meat. . HERON If only I were a heron, [...]

Eva HD | Poetry2018-12-27T02:18:32+00:00
16 12, 2015

Nelly Alard | Couple Mechanics


translated from the French by Adrianna Hunter People were “bridging” Ascension Day with the weekend and taking the Friday off. Neither Juliette nor Olivier was working. And the children didn’t [...]

Nelly Alard | Couple Mechanics2016-02-10T23:17:02+00:00
16 12, 2015

Tom Thor Buchanan | Windhoek


On the street a man reached out and touched my father's shoulder. “Sir! Hey Sir! Sir!” he said to my father. When my father turned to face him the man [...]

Tom Thor Buchanan | Windhoek2016-02-10T23:17:02+00:00
16 12, 2015

Annabel Graham | Bad Cat


I am cleaning out my father’s office. A room frozen in time since his accident. His cell phone still on the charger, papers still in the fax machine where he [...]

Annabel Graham | Bad Cat2017-05-05T22:33:38+00:00
16 12, 2015

Ryann Stevenson | Poetry


FUCKING DAFFODILS I turned off. Leaky spout my mind was. I turned off and kept the lights on while I slept. We fucked like deer in prairie grass: camouflaged, [...]

Ryann Stevenson | Poetry2018-12-27T02:19:28+00:00
16 12, 2015

Alysia Nicole Harris | Poetry


CUPIO DISSOLVI a 30 ft. statue of the magyar riding horseback and my sister climbs it in a flimsy party dress panties showing hoists herself right up the tail [...]

Alysia Nicole Harris | Poetry2018-12-27T02:20:53+00:00
4 11, 2015

Erin Lyndal Martin | Poetry


Fireflies of the Apocalypse It seems natural that I should want to keep my blood, want teeth and closed circles here in lakefront country. I step into the cool [...]

Erin Lyndal Martin | Poetry2018-12-27T02:23:03+00:00
4 11, 2015

Sara Ann Sütterlin | Poetry


excerpt from Baveuse (2015), available at Electric Cereal WOMEN WRINKLE You have to be passive to wear Silk . Touching Louise Bourgeois’s spider sculpture was exciting, almost sexual. Ryan didn’t [...]

Sara Ann Sütterlin | Poetry2018-12-27T02:22:27+00:00
4 11, 2015

Nikita Nelin | Soldiers


  During the war they spit and shit and peed in a metal container with rubber clamps at its sides as the turret of their tank scanned the burning fields [...]

Nikita Nelin | Soldiers2017-05-05T22:33:03+00:00
4 11, 2015

Owen Lucas | Poetry


510 Permanence of five o'clock At the in-laws', tired Sunday, Where the light rams down Into soupy, roadside weed, Where the chickadees chatter about A sop of misty seed: [...]

Owen Lucas | Poetry2018-12-27T02:29:34+00:00
4 11, 2015

Lauren Winchester | Poetry


CONTINUATION A trend of weather emerges: decomposition. The lake is frozen now, the fish strangled. Any weeds, any green there was, flattened by a cap of glass. The fallen [...]

Lauren Winchester | Poetry2018-12-27T02:30:09+00:00
4 11, 2015

Interview | Metatron


by Bükem Reitmayer Publishing is a labour of love. No one gets into it for the money or fame. Often it is a side project, something done in the wee [...]

Interview | Metatron2016-02-10T23:17:04+00:00
4 11, 2015

Frankie Barnet | Rot


First the town was because of the port, people brought things and then other people left with other things. But then very quickly other ports opened, and these were bigger [...]

Frankie Barnet | Rot2017-05-05T22:33:13+00:00
4 11, 2015

Mary Gaitskill | Nonfiction


In 1979, I glanced into a store window and saw an old guy with enormous glasses strapped to his big, bald, egg-shaped head sitting behind a large desk surrounded by leafy plants and book cases arranged in a sort of diorama.

Mary Gaitskill | Nonfiction2018-12-29T11:54:42+00:00
4 11, 2015

Arielle Bernstein | Pair Bond


After the abortion Sam and I end up at the Weeki Wachi, an amusement park with real live mermaids. We park our truck and get seated in front of this [...]

Arielle Bernstein | Pair Bond2016-02-10T23:17:04+00:00
8 10, 2015

Melanie Manuel | Blessed Bill


  Listen- Buffalo Bill has a secret. He’s dying. All day, too many times to count, he finds a way back to our travel wagon where I witness his struggle [...]

Melanie Manuel | Blessed Bill2017-05-05T22:33:42+00:00
8 10, 2015

Kim Chinquee | One-Piece


  It's a one-piece I found from one of those Halloween shops that are suckers for people like me who haven't found the time to go out of their way [...]

Kim Chinquee | One-Piece2016-02-10T23:17:05+00:00
8 10, 2015

Andrew Simpson | Vrnjacka Banja


  Sophia read something on the internet about people who were in love who engraved their names on locks and attached the locks to bridges and then threw away the [...]

Andrew Simpson | Vrnjacka Banja2016-02-10T23:17:05+00:00
1 10, 2015

Soren Stockman | Poetry


Elephant Man: Dark Matter Joseph-called-John moves between the pillars on the stage to glimpse the pixies in the lights before him. He creeps close to them and asks every [...]

Soren Stockman | Poetry2018-12-27T02:31:43+00:00
1 10, 2015

Pui Ying Wong | Poetry


SO GROUNDED For Irene Koronas I cling to objects, for example: a leather-bound book, almanacs, sprigs of dried mints. I would like to build a museum like Pamuk has [...]

Pui Ying Wong | Poetry2018-12-27T02:32:48+00:00
1 10, 2015

Paal-Helge Haugen | 60


TRANSLATED BY Julia Johanne Tolo Tired, unquenchable, taut against a blanket of warm wool. Jitter like heavy fire back and forth through my body, burning me dry. All this time [...]

Paal-Helge Haugen | 602018-11-24T15:13:16+00:00
1 10, 2015

Lucian Mattison | Poetry


SAND PIPERS Chuck clamshells at them for acting mindlessly, these little joggers in bird suits, talons tapping the glass tabletop of ocean spill. They chirp, bicycle miles of sine [...]

Lucian Mattison | Poetry2018-12-27T02:33:40+00:00
1 10, 2015

Laura Warman | Nonfiction


I went to the Yankee Candle Factory with Joseph. I bought a candle called “Autumn Leaves”. By the time I reached the bottom of the wick, all the leaves in my yard had changed colors. I had not expected this.

Laura Warman | Nonfiction2018-12-29T11:10:20+00:00
29 09, 2015

Meg Pokrass | The Seller


  You feel sick about it. You don't say it in the letter, but you are annoyed with your boyfriend for not recognizing a deal even though you made it [...]

Meg Pokrass | The Seller2016-02-10T23:17:06+00:00
2 08, 2015

Laura Tansley | Boil Us Dry


“I think we need it. All of us,” she says, serious for a second because that’s what divorce does, but she doesn’t let it linger, “we’ll go back to France, [...]

Laura Tansley | Boil Us Dry2016-02-10T23:17:07+00:00
1 08, 2015

Ranbir Singh Sidhu | Queen of Swords


Ormond enters by stairs leading directly from the street. He raps hard against the heavy wooden door. Or perhaps he only walks along the corridor, studying the faces that peer [...]

Ranbir Singh Sidhu | Queen of Swords2016-02-10T23:17:07+00:00
1 08, 2015

Michelle Syba | Snövirr


Tuesdays they go to Ikea for lunch. Mac and cheese for Winston, fish for his mother. Afterwards they walk through the showroom. “Or else you get fat,” Winston’s mother says. [...]

Michelle Syba | Snövirr2016-02-10T23:17:08+00:00
1 08, 2015

Lisa Hiton | Poetry


MAHLER’S NINTH Gone, the pile of shut black mouths bowled in cold water. Gone the thyme and tang of shallot, as the garlic burns in the oil. They whir [...]

Lisa Hiton | Poetry2018-11-25T02:21:43+00:00
1 07, 2015

Gillian Sze | Poetry


(A skilled calligrapher will tell you that they should “give the impression of a sail filled by the wind.” But a poor first stroke, and the others will “look like lost cotton wads tossed by the wind.”)

Gillian Sze | Poetry2018-11-25T02:26:15+00:00
2 06, 2015

Gabriel Bump | Okay People


Winner of the 2015 SLS MTL Flash Fiction Prize Clap taps my shoulder; rubs my hair and calls me baby; holds her breath under the covers before coming up for [...]

Gabriel Bump | Okay People2016-07-09T08:15:50+00:00
2 06, 2015

Lee Matalone | Rebellion


I try to be quiet, but there’s always a little dog that can’t help running through their room, his little toenails tapping the floor and the door creaking with wooden [...]

Lee Matalone | Rebellion2016-02-10T23:17:08+00:00
2 06, 2015

Leah Bailly | Out of Order


The first time I smoked speed, I felt my lungs expand so wide that they took in an entire tropical sea filled with miniature sea creatures that swam up and [...]

Leah Bailly | Out of Order2016-02-10T23:17:09+00:00
1 06, 2015

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction


Housecat misses Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Sunday Brunch, Grandpa visits, birthdays. Housecat almost misses Grandma’s funeral in Harlem. Housecat misses paying you back when you loan him a hundred dollars for weed. Housecat misses your call when you need a ride to the airport.

Gabe Bump | Nonfiction2018-12-29T11:05:31+00:00
2 05, 2015

Coe Douglas | Dolores


Dad was standing in the bedroom doorway, a large, shiny petrified fish labored under his right arm. “Take Dolores, son, and give her to your mom.” “Really?” “She always loved [...]

Coe Douglas | Dolores2016-02-10T23:17:09+00:00
1 05, 2015

Dawn Promislow | Poetry


The almonds I think grew slowly on a tree (a wild almond tree) along a curved road near a rounding hill, perhaps in Lebanon, but that may not be—no mind.

Dawn Promislow | Poetry2018-11-03T01:04:47+00:00
1 05, 2015

Diana Khoi Nguyen | Poetry


He is ryegrass. The voices of his heart like tensed wings; ripples in the serum of a stoppered vial. Death is the only word in any language sleeping won't spoil.

Diana Khoi Nguyen | Poetry2018-11-24T15:06:45+00:00
2 04, 2015

Jennifer Sears | Fiction


“Looker,” Peggy said as I hustled Gilligan’s order to Jailbait, our 16-year-old grill chef and the boy Peggy slept with off and on. Peggy had a thirteen-year-old son and a husband who’d turned funny after his return from Gulf War Number 1.

Jennifer Sears | Fiction2018-12-28T23:18:28+00:00
2 04, 2015

Kevin Grauke | Fiction


After driving Daddy home as gently as I could, so as not to jostle his aching noggin, I asked Guy about their night together. He said it had gone fine, but then I reminded him that I’d sent him with a purpose in mind.

Kevin Grauke | Fiction2018-12-28T23:17:14+00:00
2 04, 2015

Angela Barton | Fiction


I still haven’t finished my screenplay, and I have to admit I don’t know how. Why is my life important enough to write a script about? Why is anyone’s?

Angela Barton | Fiction2018-12-28T23:15:39+00:00
2 04, 2015

Drew Johnson | Fiction


After a time, the figure settled back down into his former place, became one of the bodies on the floor, unable on the one hand to discern a path in the jigsaw, unable on the other to force what will he did possess upon them. Then again, perhaps he had been afraid his warm gap on the floor would close.

Drew Johnson | Fiction2018-12-28T23:12:08+00:00
2 04, 2015

Jay Boss Rubin | Fiction


"Water? Coffee? Tea?" the receptionist asked. I asked for water. She returned with a small bottle and a rocks glass on a wooden tray. She set the tray on the coffee table in front of the couch, poured the water from the bottle into the glass, set the glass down on a coaster then left with the tray and the empty bottle.

Jay Boss Rubin | Fiction2018-12-28T23:12:15+00:00
1 04, 2015

Anna Halberstadt | Poetry


MOSCOW SUBURB Blocks of gray buildings in Tyoplyi Stan a windy suburb in the southwest of Moscow where Napoleon’s army used to burn fires to try to survive the [...]

Anna Halberstadt | Poetry2018-11-03T01:09:22+00:00
1 04, 2015

Peter Gajdics | Budapest


For Tibor Gábor Gajdics, 1930-2014 Stewed plums in cottage cheese dumplings squirt sweet explosions in my mouth. I left my flat on Wesselényi utca beside the Dohány Street Synagogue and [...]

Peter Gajdics | Budapest2018-01-06T12:50:50+00:00
2 03, 2015

Laurie Stone | Fiction


She slid off the counter and in front of her mirror began applying my lip gloss to her beautiful, wide mouth with its curling, upper lip that now looked like a beckoning finger. She wore a sly expression, watching me watch her. She placed the tube of lotion I had given her with her pile of things. I didn’t say anything. I was unsure what tone to take.

Laurie Stone | Fiction2018-12-27T02:56:07+00:00
2 03, 2015

Mathew Fogarty | Fiction


Plus, there was something so unexpectedly exciting about being together that we wanted to explore it without everybody watching. So we kept it quiet and, as I say, for two months, we'd been going strong.

Mathew Fogarty | Fiction2018-12-27T02:55:09+00:00