Catch Business


trying to connect with you thru an album you mentioned to me the one day we got to
hang out and we weren’t even hanging out but you found a way to mention laying in
bed with a joint and pot of jasmine tea and i can imagine you imagining me doing that
with you like i was imagining in that moment / you never really know what the other
person is thinking but i thought if we were off the clock i would try to find a way to kiss
you in the real way people show affection cause i think we’re both the type of people to
show affection that way / i used to need to text the person i was into all the time then i
broke up with my bf and my life changed and it’s been months and now i can’t help but
wish i had your number or the chance to ask you questions about your past that make
me closer to you but you’re far away like literally and maybe that’s what i needed cause
if you were here i’d tell you that the people i like i love and how the opposite of love is
fear so i feel pretty lonely all the time / i think when you get back if we hit it off i’d be
afraid to leave again which is love and i just hope i’m not too eager that maybe you
understand some of what i’m saying / i’m not trying to hold you to one place but i’d like
you to come over / if you can when you get home find some way to ask for my number
because i’m just as into you as i think you’re into me and that makes me vulnerable but
you’re the one who has travelled an unreachable distance for something you needed
to believe in

catch business is the cofounder of sad spell press and founder of the next lit fest. she wrote fuck me while my phone charges (reality hands, 2017) and quick fix (2fast2house, 2018). @ctchbsnss


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