waiting for you to need me i watch the sun
pixelated in place my skin the last time i
can’t remember too many times for a tail
tale not my hair knot it not it not my room i
put out in between blinds for whoever
you want to sink in sorry you might be
joking no one got hurt then
silence come across saturdays sigh again
they called you in to excuse making excuses
for you to make requests for you tomorrow i
lose service in between filling up
with one hand the other eating a cigarette
we slow down at night erratic machines
embracing shadows in the kitchen the wind
won’t know what to do stairs didn’t
define developing projects paused
we’re forgettable we’re turned off
figures between spaces letting in empty
sunrise cheap cup of coffee hard boiled
egg light chasing you couldn’t see me lean
into the weight hot water grey eyes




in the morning just a memory i don’t know
how my tongue curves touch convincing
cold shoulders dark rooms the same as
our smiles shoulder sitting blanket bending
keyboards keywords keyskeys come
to the hoarse door open up to you
at least i’m trying to get closer i’m closed
cute steaming steam wake you up with it
kettle’s whistle buildings hanging
we thought we saw as swings i look
at myself in the storefront window onscreen
you wanted me why while grinding teeth
moving mountains looking exactly like
just like someone else exactly like just like
someone else a dream but you can’t sleep

CATCH BUSINESS is the author of GHOST GFS (Electric Cereal, 2015) and Able To / Always Will (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016) as well as the chapbook Bye, Product (Be About It, 2015). She is the Founding Poetry Editor of Witch Craft Magazine and Chapbook Coordinator at Sad Spell Press.