Astro Spills | Leo

Complete the sentence, “Being a Leo is like…” Natalie Eilbert: ...It’s not like any one thing. A Leo collapses the metaphor, possesses her subjects as she is possessed of subjects. She

Astro Spills | Leo2017-09-19T22:02:24-04:00

Astro Spills | Taurus

jayy dodd: “Being a Taurus is like being a monument only you know how to build but everyone else wants to worship.”

Astro Spills | Taurus2018-12-04T20:38:11-05:00

Astro Spills | Aries

Complete the sentence, “Being an Aries is like…” Madeleine Maillet: Waking up and realizing today is the day you’re going on a trip and you haven’t packed our bought your ticket

Astro Spills | Aries2017-05-13T15:05:52-04:00

Astro Spills | Pisces

 Complete the sentence, “Being a Pisces is like…”  Joe Osmundson: All the feels, all the time.  Always a drive to do creative work.  Deep empathy for loved ones and strangers

Astro Spills | Pisces2017-05-13T15:07:28-04:00