Jayinee Basu

Biriyani jumped off the diving board and broke the surface of the swimming pool in a clean arc. Pale pink fluff rippled over the pool. Her legs kicked a trillion tiny dark blue jewels into the air that melted back into water.

Jayinee Basu2019-09-29T20:47:02-04:00

Jenessa Abrams

Death and silence you decide after unzipping your pants. You put your hands on the top of the urinal and steady yourself.

Jenessa Abrams2019-09-29T20:46:59-04:00

Danielle Lea Buchanan

Morcella is her name and we’re twelve in Miss Conway’s science class talking kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species of the kangaroo.

Danielle Lea Buchanan2019-09-29T20:46:53-04:00

Ana Crouch Ureña

We should have known Eduardo would be the type to tattle. He was a hyperactive, annoying child with a tendency to boss us around, although at 8 he was younger than me by a year and had been held back in school.

Ana Crouch Ureña2019-09-29T20:46:50-04:00

Theadora Walsh

The Jellyfish Yosa was doing all the usual things with his hands but I felt nothing. With the lack crept a doubt that anyone

Theadora Walsh2019-09-29T20:46:47-04:00

Brianna Johnson

Her mom’s idea of good music was Kirk Franklin and Beyoncé. More than once Kenzi found her mother in the living room stumbling along as she tried to “get in formation” or convince Fat Dave to put a ring on it. She even had a shrine to the singer in her bedroom, photos taped along her dresser for “inspiration.”

Brianna Johnson2019-09-29T20:46:44-04:00

Jaclyn Grimm

In July, the spare room on the second floor of their rental fills with flies. They try getting the landlord to do something—anything—about the flies, but they’ve only been in France a month and can’t remember how to say please. They keep the door to the Fly Room shut tight.

Jaclyn Grimm2019-09-29T20:46:38-04:00

David Leo Rice

Everyone was shouting this on the first day of the summer of 1993, so loudly it took us awhile to realize we were shouting it too.

David Leo Rice2019-09-29T20:46:34-04:00

Madeline Gobbo

The test began. The students worked diligently to fill the bubbles they deemed appropriate. Livia watched one young man methodically draw frowny faces within each bubble and then cover them over with a flurry of graphite.

Madeline Gobbo2019-09-29T20:46:31-04:00

Chloe N. Clark

His date had neon pink shellacked fingernails. Lance couldn’t stop staring at them. The glare off them from the overhead lights was almost blinding. It reminded him of headlight beams bouncing off a rain-slicked road.

Chloe N. Clark2019-09-29T20:46:28-04:00

Rachel Gold

My therapist says to remember that I’m young and only human. My mother in our last phone call said that I’m a narcissist. My father wants the money back from my wedding.

Rachel Gold2019-09-29T20:45:36-04:00

Miriam Alexander-Kumaradoss

M takes it from him. It sits in her palm, a squat little thing that's very white at the top but bloody at the root. She tries to remember what the different kinds of teeth are and which one this is. Around them, the other kids are screaming and prancing but M and V are still, staring at the tooth.

Miriam Alexander-Kumaradoss2019-09-29T20:45:32-04:00

Leah Sophia Dworkin

The city is sinking and about to go underwater. You don’t understand that the city is sinking and about to go underwater. I can smell the trash outside getting wet with anticipation.

Leah Sophia Dworkin2019-09-29T20:45:29-04:00

Rebecca Givens Rolland

. . IN THE MUSIC THERAPY ROOM Sound exposing floor tiles, drumming to ceiling, embattled floor. Recorded music—Tchaikovsky—wolfs me down. I shut it off and beg

Rebecca Givens Rolland2019-09-29T20:45:26-04:00

Melissa Ragsly

After the disaster, we were shuttled in busses to the elementary school. We were a soft-footed herd. They turned us towards the entrance, combating the mass distraction of our frozen thoughts. We were demagnetized compasses, nothing but spinning needles.

Melissa Ragsly2019-09-29T20:46:18-04:00

Lisa Hanson

. . A REWARD FOR WHIMSY I knew little about Brad when we arranged to meet. Demographics, mostly. He was thirty-seven, an adjunct with abundant graying hair. A childless

Lisa Hanson2019-09-29T20:45:23-04:00

Jeremiah Moriarty

. . THE DINNER THING So, they decided to go to the dinner thing. And now Audrey is looking across the table at her husband next to her oldest

Jeremiah Moriarty2019-09-29T20:46:14-04:00

Isabella Martin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="22281" img_size="600x400" alignment="center" style="vc_box_rounded"][vc_column_text]The best thing about the city was the train home in winter, after she had spent the day behind the circulation desk at the public library.

Isabella Martin2019-09-29T20:45:16-04:00

Kat Solomon

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="22280" img_size="600x400" alignment="center" style="vc_box_rounded"][vc_column_text]They get him on the way out of Trader Joe’s, with a bag of groceries in his hand thawing slowly in the summer sun. Some college

Kat Solomon2019-09-29T20:45:14-04:00

Jennifer Lewis

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="22297" img_size="600x400" alignment="center" style="vc_box_rounded"][vc_column_text]White knuckles knocked on the glass. Tanya flinched then looked up to find a thin woman with an angular face, watery blue eyes, and shiny coral

Jennifer Lewis2019-09-29T20:45:11-04:00

Sara Kachelman

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="22274" img_size="600x400" alignment="center" style="vc_box_rounded"][vc_column_text]Every night at 8 p.m. I wait for the beautiful telemarketer to call again. Her voice has a radio liquidation. She’s lowered it like a man’s.

Sara Kachelman2019-09-29T20:45:08-04:00

Reno Evangelista

The woman looks confused. She stares at the girl, who is the only other moving thing in the dark of the new year. She says something that sounds like the hissing of water as it falls to a hot pan. The girl has gone through more than half the matches now, and the woman looks old enough to be her mother. She strikes another.

Reno Evangelista2019-09-29T20:41:58-04:00

Samuel Rafael Barber

Oh how I longed for that excitement, oh how I longed for that feeling as I would wrap the helicopter in the dish towels given to us by Cousin Vitto and unwrap it again in a desperate attempt to capture the magic that now eluded me but had been powerfully felt not so long ago.

Samuel Rafael Barber2019-09-29T20:42:02-04:00

Bailey Pittenger

Luxury The narrative is only conflict or complaint. I ask my friends, If a vagina had a facial expression, what would you read? My friend A

Bailey Pittenger2019-09-29T20:45:05-04:00

Ani Tatintsyan

I met Ray in the summer of 2014 while I was visiting my father in Greece. My father had moved there six months prior, after his tumultuous divorce from my

Ani Tatintsyan2019-09-29T20:44:57-04:00

Ali Raz

Two boarding passes and I’m sitting on a sofa in this airport, waiting for a plane again. I feel my fear in the palm of my hand. The old exhaustion. Familiar churning in my gut. It’s time to leave. I can’t wait. Outside’s a massive, swamplike heat. Humidity. I want to dip my head in acid. Clean myself out. Shake the dirt that’s all over me. It’s time to leave at last and I can’t wait, but I think something’s happened, this blinding flash of light.

Ali Raz2019-09-29T20:44:53-04:00

Kevin Chong

My own mother wore the same handmade clothes until the day she never woke up. Try as I might, I am nowhere near the seamstress she was. So now I wear my daughter’s old clothes. She left a closet full of them, in perfect condition, after she moved out of the house. There are enough sweatshirts for me to live out my days in them.

Kevin Chong2019-09-29T20:44:51-04:00

Tatiana Ryckman

Months after using my camera, I developed a roll of film and found you on it. I thought of Sontag writing, “The sense of the unattainable that can be evoked by photographs feeds directly into the erotic feelings of those for whom desirability is increased by distance.” I felt obvious and became embarrassed.

Tatiana Ryckman2019-09-29T20:41:48-04:00

Olivia Mardwig

After rereading it you feel a weakness that draws out of you like a low tide until there are only raised boats in the mud and incredible want. Why didn’t the character in the story predict that? What did she know that you don’t?

Olivia Mardwig2019-09-29T20:41:44-04:00

Delphine Bedient

Even when he doesn’t look as good, he still can’t quite look bad.  Right after he broke up with you, he bought you a drink. 

Delphine Bedient2019-09-29T20:41:39-04:00

Thomas Molander

He reached into his briefcase, pulled out an apple, wiped it on his shirt, and took a large chomp. He watched himself chew in the rear-view mirror. He ate the apple’s core too because he had nowhere to dispose of it and he didn’t want to chuck it out the window in case the client pulled in at exactly that moment.

Thomas Molander2019-09-29T20:41:36-04:00

Lisa Piazza

If you think I see Sibley, if you think I see Ruze, if you think I see Gran or my mom or Ms. K – sorry, you lose.  In Gran’s town, the streets don’t care if you are desperate or sad – the streets, like the dark houses, like the faraway sky, like the trees, do what they’re gonna do.  They keep quiet.  They keep calm – each intersection on auto-light: red, green, yellow.  Stop, go, slow.  Green, yellow, red, green.   Go slow, stop, go back…or go home. 

Lisa Piazza2019-09-29T20:44:48-04:00

Ethan Feuer

Under her keyboard was a faint eeee. Feeble warble weakly insistent like a dog shut outside. The eeee was deep in her laptop’s guts. Her brother Mark was on video chat, her famous and handsome brother, mouth-breathing due to his rhinoplasty and making tattoo suggestions. But she could hear it between his sentences, the eeee.

Ethan Feuer2019-09-29T20:41:30-04:00

Cathy Ulrich

There’s nothing wrong with your life, other than the obvious things. The other girl is rich, though, the kind of rich with soft hands and chauffeurs. You meet her outside her mansion, a baseball cap tipped over your face to hide it.

Cathy Ulrich2019-09-29T20:41:24-04:00

Leah Bailly

I also occasionally fell into a coma. I would dream of Las Vegas past, when I was a kid, when I flew down with my grandparents and we could still go to the Sands and the Silver Slipper and the Stardust. They would spend six weeks in the desert every winter in a motel two blocks off the Strip with a pool and a large Yiddish clientele.

Leah Bailly2019-09-29T20:41:18-04:00

Alexandria Narae Young

Within a few minutes a woman in a red sweatshirt came to collect Tammy. Anisha left soon after, and then, to my consternation, so did Daniel Park. By lunchtime half the class had gone home. At the time I had a strange fondness for carrots dipped in ketchup, and it was this I was enjoying when my father appeared in the doorway.

Alexandria Narae Young2019-09-29T20:41:14-04:00

Justin Brouckaert

The grandmothers walk through the front door, two and three at a time, bonding over talk of the weather. They lower their umbrellas, brush raindrops from their shawls and smooth their sheen grey hair, propped up in helmets or draped over grandmotherly shoulders. Cats and dogs, they say. Absolutely cats and dogs.

Justin Brouckaert2019-09-29T20:41:09-04:00

Melissa Moorer

My room was just as messy as I remembered it, books and papers all over the floor, crushing the bed under their weight. This whole thing was getting farther and farther away from the story I’d written and I wasn’t sure how to get it back. Where was he anyway?

Melissa Moorer2019-09-29T20:35:23-04:00

Seyward Goodhand

First of all the name of the creature who follows me around: Agvagvat. Watching my mouth in the mirror call her, “Hey, Agvagvat,” I can’t stand it—Agvagvat isn’t an attractive word to say. When my mouth makes those guppy sounds I look very middle aged.

Seyward Goodhand2019-09-29T20:35:21-04:00

Kristin Vuković

In Marko and Ana’s living room in Astoria hung a framed piece of Paška čipka—Pag lace—attached to a piece of creased cerulean paper. Last year when they were packing their bags to leave Croatia, Marko told Ana not to put it in her suitcase but she was hurried and stuffed everything in.

Kristin Vuković2019-09-29T20:35:17-04:00

Han Yujoo

From THE IMPOSSIBLE FAIRY TALE, by Han Yujoo. Copyright © 2017 by Han Yujoo. English translation copyright © 2017 by Janet Hong. Reproduced with the permission of Graywolf Press,

Han Yujoo2019-09-29T20:35:13-04:00

Theodora Ziolkowski

The first reason the Mistress chose you from all the rest when she discovered you abandoned like a seed lost in the rye was because you were beautiful. That your

Theodora Ziolkowski2019-09-29T20:35:10-04:00

Kimberly King Parsons

Born landlocked, the animal trainer had been plagued all his life by whale thoughts. It made no sense. He had never seen one, would never, still his dreams brimmed

Kimberly King Parsons2019-09-29T20:35:06-04:00

Simone Person

Sheri shakes me awake. She’s half out of her sleeping bag, a flashlight pressed under her chin. It’s spreading shadows across her fleshy face. Most of her sleepover had

Simone Person2019-09-29T20:35:03-04:00

Kate Jayroe

Two weeks ago, we packed our bags and left the civilized world. We moved into an Office Max. One with trouble maintaining full lighting. Downtown. Though it is the

Kate Jayroe2019-09-29T20:35:01-04:00

Laurel Sharon

Her parents had moved to a retirement community with low humidity and warm sun. There was tennis and golf, indoor calisthenics and shuffleboard on outdoor courts. There were daily walks

Laurel Sharon2019-09-29T20:34:58-04:00

Kate Axelrod

Charlie breaks up with you over the phone but later you fly to Seattle and insist he do it in person. The initial conversation had gone something like this: You

Kate Axelrod2019-09-29T20:34:54-04:00

Asha Thanki

I. On the first day it rains, we smoke in Arif’s basement. The table between us looks like it should be caving under the weight of the elaborate metal-and-clay hookah

Asha Thanki2019-09-29T20:34:51-04:00

Richard Chiem

Before anything else, he realizes he is a person. He has somehow reached this point in his success to consider the question of what is a good person? He is

Richard Chiem2019-09-29T20:34:46-04:00

Matthew Phillp

Alex, suddenly cold and awkward in own his skin, clicked play on Jolene. Once Dolly was well into her desperate plea, he moved away from his desk through the leaning

Matthew Phillp2019-09-29T20:34:42-04:00

Aura Xilonen

From THE GRINGO CHAMPION, by Aura Xilonen. Copyright  © 2015 Aura Xilonen Arroyo Oviedo. English translation copyright  © 2016 by Europa Editions, translated by Andrea Rosenberg. First publication 2017 by

Aura Xilonen2019-09-29T20:34:39-04:00

Jess Pane

In the Retreat Club Diner, Bud Howard drank his second morning coffee while watching the morning news on a small television set secured in the corner. The other regulars had

Jess Pane2019-09-29T20:34:36-04:00

Jesse Ruddock

Excerpt from Jesse Ruddock's story collection Shot Blue, out February 20, 2017 from Coach House Books. Available for order now here. Her mother tried to show her how to pack a

Jesse Ruddock2019-09-29T20:34:30-04:00

Angie Sijun Lou

After dusk in Seattle, look for the moon. Sometimes it burns pale fire over the tree line, other times it hangs crookedly nailed to the sky; a slivered hangnail bitten

Angie Sijun Lou2019-09-29T20:34:27-04:00

Natalia Hero

  Listen, I know I said I'd go to meetings. I know I said I'd get a sponsor. But I'm busy. My work is my meetings. My work is my

Natalia Hero2019-09-29T20:34:24-04:00

Henry Giardina

There was once a man who had a love. And this love lived somewhere far away from his small corner of the world (a place called Pilgrim’s Paradise, Demoines City).

Henry Giardina2019-09-29T20:34:21-04:00

Kristen Arnett

Sitting in the chair means the mouth of it swallows your ass. You don’t take to the chair, it takes to your body and keeps parts after you’ve risen from

Kristen Arnett2019-09-29T20:34:17-04:00

Miles Preston-Clark

Future Vision  I take myself to a movie because I think I deserve it. I go to one of those big chain cinemas downtown, the kind with the reclining vinyl

Miles Preston-Clark2019-09-29T20:34:14-04:00

Chris Ames

Gutting a pale fish with my father, the strongman. He turns it in his hands once, twice, plops it on the chopping block, belly up. Swallows the air. The thing

Chris Ames2019-09-29T20:34:10-04:00

Edie Meidav

. Excerpt from Edie Meidav's story collection Kingdom of the Young, out April 11, 2017 from Sarabande Books. Available for pre-order now here. Don’t worry, I didn’t take all the soaps. I

Edie Meidav2019-09-29T20:34:06-04:00

Chitralekha Basu

They don’t do it small in India. Even a regular thundershower is mounted on the scale of a Hollywood disaster movie, shot on 70 mm on the coast of Iceland

Chitralekha Basu2019-09-29T20:34:03-04:00

Kristyn Dunnion

Since Ray got sprung from Bellamy Creek Correctional, it’s been better and worse and the same. Delia, for better or worse. And the same all-night radio show tiding him over,

Kristyn Dunnion2019-09-29T20:34:00-04:00

Blair Hurley

The girl is dead. Is she a girl? She’s old enough for shimmer lipgloss, for a boyfriend. There she is in photographs, her brother’s arm large on her shoulders, grinning

Blair Hurley2019-09-29T20:33:57-04:00

Ridwan Tijani

Roland was a Marxist—probably the only Marxist in Lagos or even the whole country, he was sure. He believed that there was a “ruling class” in Nigeria and he was

Ridwan Tijani2019-09-29T20:33:55-04:00

Gabe Bump

Excerpt from Gabe Bump‘s forthcoming novel Get Down, Claude. July before I started 8th grade, Paul had this scare. A fuzzy blemish on an x-ray. After tests and hours of

Gabe Bump2019-09-29T10:56:48-04:00

Brittany Bronson

At the Meet-Up event, most of the women wore sexy tribal costumes, but I dressed up as Pumba from the Lion King. The elastic snout kept falling down over my

Brittany Bronson2019-09-29T19:28:01-04:00

Neobie Gonzalez

It was April again, and the feet were getting ripe. They hung from our large tree’s lower branches, emitting a scent similar to an old, damp rag, swinging back and

Neobie Gonzalez2019-09-29T19:28:05-04:00

Bridget Brewer

Moths died in daylight, nocturnal no longer.  That summer.  It was always one hundred and two degrees.  The moths and their noon wing death.  That summer.  It was hard for

Bridget Brewer2019-09-29T19:28:09-04:00

Caroline Crew

Lizzie sits in a room because everything is a room. Right now, the room is a field and the field is corn. The sun is slow and turning the wheat,

Caroline Crew2019-09-29T19:28:59-04:00

Jono Naito

It is 6:56am PST, and I watch a car drive across a bridge. The passenger, who for this record I will call Child, presses her face against the window. The

Jono Naito2019-09-29T19:28:16-04:00

Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes

Bound to the earth ten paces from the willow, Frankie calls to her mother. A dream of what she might have been appears solid, white hem dragging through the dust.

Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes2019-09-29T19:28:33-04:00

Jenny Xie

One day, when they were giving the dog a bath, he proposed. He swished his arm around in the tub and produced a ring that winked its white glaucomic eye.

Jenny Xie2019-09-29T19:28:39-04:00

Abigail Oswald

We weren’t in a barbershop. He sat in a wooden slat-back chair on our mother’s kitchen floor and looked up at me. His face was upside down from my view

Abigail Oswald2019-09-29T19:28:42-04:00

Zoe Goldstein

1. The neighbor had upwards of eighty succulents laced around the wood beams of his staircase. You saw him every day watering the plants, sometimes in nothing more than a

Zoe Goldstein2019-09-29T19:28:51-04:00

Pablo Piñero Stillmann

When I was a kid, you were an idiot if you wore shorts in this city. The only times I remember having them on were during soccer games (for practice

Pablo Piñero Stillmann2019-09-29T19:29:10-04:00

Fortunato Salazar

I am Seth Rogen’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and I’m obsessed with the words “harlequin” and “inquiline.” The caryatid stops by our table one morning and asks if she can

Fortunato Salazar2019-09-29T19:29:18-04:00

Mahreen Sohail

Early on in the summer, my mother, my father and I ran out of adjectives to describe exactly how hot we were feeling. Then my mother caught depression. Also from

Mahreen Sohail2019-09-29T19:29:23-04:00

Michelle Tea

Excerpt from Michelle Tea‘s novel Black Wave, released in September from Feminist Press. Michelle wasn’t sure when everyone started hanging out at the Albion. She had managed to pass the corner dive

Michelle Tea2019-09-29T19:29:51-04:00

Stephanie Wong Ken

INAUGURAL COSMONAUTS AVENUE FICTION PRIZE WINNER After much thought, Pam and I decide to fix our faces. We save up until we can afford what we want and get a

Stephanie Wong Ken2019-09-29T19:30:33-04:00

Natalie Eilbert

No one should ever speak to anyone else if they aren’t willing to risk total exposure. Alex had a nasty habit of twirling her hair, twisting it into beetle-dense knots,

Natalie Eilbert2019-09-29T19:30:36-04:00

Naima Coster

We used to come here for driftwood. That was when Sidney first took me in, when I wasn’t sure yet whether or not he was a perv. He kept his

Naima Coster2019-09-29T19:30:40-04:00

Saba Waheed

Pamir roared from the bottom of his stomach, clapped loudly, pounded his feet on the ground and screeched, “Keeeeeeek! Keeeeeeek!” But the crows lined up on the power line didn’t

Saba Waheed2019-09-29T19:30:54-04:00

Andrew Cothren

Ben blows through a stop sign and I say You’re a goddamn jackass Ben. Two states from home and he’s already giving the cops excuses. Turn signals and speed limits

Andrew Cothren2019-09-29T19:30:51-04:00

T.J. Kurita

There were no flowers near the house, no decorative plants. Just grass, cut short enough to kill it in some places and several trees. The grass was edged cleanly along

T.J. Kurita2019-09-29T19:30:58-04:00

Meredith Alling

Excerpts from Meredith Alling's story collection Sing the Song, out November 18, 2016 from Future Tense Books. Available for pre-order now at futuretensebooks.com   Symbiosis I was in a brightly lit

Meredith Alling2019-09-29T19:31:03-04:00

Ilana Masad

Charlie really wasn't stalking her. Really. It took daily talking-to-self to convince Charlie of that, but Charlie knew. This wasn't stalking. This wasn't the first time they'd had this conversation.

Ilana Masad2019-09-29T20:33:48-04:00

Mika Taylor

She planted a single seed in each of his ears while he slept, tweezing in the first, then waiting patiently for him to turn. They weren’t seeds she could readily

Mika Taylor2019-09-29T20:33:44-04:00

Sarah Brown

Out where we’re from, anything unpredictable is female. Countries, weather, the sea. “She’s gonna be some hot,” Henry would say when we climbed aboard in the wee hours. Or

Sarah Brown2019-09-29T20:33:42-04:00

Oscar Mancinas

"A morbid streak runs through the whole of my family, but for you I could put it to rest." — Vampire Weekend Survive Low hums of machines tell you that you

Oscar Mancinas2019-09-29T20:33:39-04:00

Maria Lioutaia

Reeking of pond scum and cedar smoke, the alien asks for divorce. He looks like Alexander, yes. Squat, bow-legged, with a low centre of gravity useful for turning life’s sharp

Maria Lioutaia2019-09-29T20:33:34-04:00

Katherine Fustich

When it’s hot, I think of Michelle. Usually, when she crosses my mind, I’m filled with a regret that makes my pores sizzle with dread. For that reason, I try

Katherine Fustich2019-09-29T20:33:32-04:00

Angie Sijun Lou

When I wake up my eyes are crusted shut. When I wake up under a cotton candy sky my eyes are crusted shut. When I wake up to a cotton

Angie Sijun Lou2019-09-29T20:33:29-04:00

Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt

The sound wakes me. A dull thud. I pop up in bed like one of those inflatable air dancers, the kind used to advertise blowouts at furniture warehouses and car

Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt2019-09-29T19:27:06-04:00

Gregory Sullivan

When we came upon Number 15 the last time, he’d already been killed, having been shot fatally by local law enforcement in a Northwest Georgia carpet-manufacturing city, which had been

Gregory Sullivan2019-09-29T19:27:00-04:00

Julia Chan

She grips the handle of her suitcase hard, so hard her fingers begin to cramp. The wave of passengers buoys her toward Arrivals. A sudden intestinal twist in the corridor

Julia Chan2019-09-29T19:26:55-04:00

Erin Khar

I woke up this morning thinking about David. I woke up this morning, next to Graham, my sleeping husband, thinking about David. I woke up this morning, next to Graham,

Erin Khar2019-09-29T19:26:51-04:00

Julie McArthur

Marla was a polite woman. If a man wanted to sleep with her she never refused. With each new man, she adopted a cat—Fluffers McGee for John, Marion for Paul,

Julie McArthur2019-09-29T19:26:47-04:00

Sandra Alland

These are the things that have changed about Toronto since I left it. There are about 239 new identical 25-floor condos, where young urban dwellers buy overpriced apartments called ‘cubes,’

Sandra Alland2019-09-29T19:26:38-04:00

Matthew Baker

He was the winner of everything in the universe. With a glorious head of hair coiffed into a state of perfection, and a magnificent tan that in no way looked

Matthew Baker2019-09-29T19:26:29-04:00

Rachel Hall

In her last days, when they no longer try to lure her from her narrow bed, she hears singing, lullabies like those her mother sang to her in Ladino or

Rachel Hall2019-09-29T19:26:33-04:00