Amy Feltman | Turnip


It wasn’t assault, exactly. Or maybe it was. Either way it happened quickly. It stopped. Tree-scales scraped barkily against the cotton of her tee-shirt. The boy was walking away.

Amy Feltman | Turnip2018-11-24T13:53:50-04:00

Amanda Boyle | Waste


One drink in and she was laughing. It felt like she hadn’t laughed in a long time, but she was always laughing one drink in, and she drank more than

Amanda Boyle | Waste2016-06-20T14:22:51-04:00

Pia Juul | The Murder of Halland


[vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text] Excerpted from The Murder of Halland Translation by Martin Aitken 1 The night before, we sat in the living room. I had a

Pia Juul | The Murder of Halland2018-11-24T13:41:28-04:00

Kim Kyung-uk | The Runner


Excerpted from God Has No Grandchildren Translated from the Korean by Kang Sunok When Eun-jae called, I was jerking off in an attempt to lift my spirits. I was

Kim Kyung-uk | The Runner2018-11-24T13:41:20-04:00

Hannah Rahimi | Elegance


A month after they married, Kevin found a job. “What a relief,” he said, and everyone agreed, though it was only a year-long contract. It meant relocating to Indiana.

Hannah Rahimi | Elegance2018-11-24T13:36:49-04:00

Nelly Alard | Couple Mechanics


translated from the French by Adrianna Hunter People were “bridging” Ascension Day with the weekend and taking the Friday off. Neither Juliette nor Olivier was working. And the children didn’t

Nelly Alard | Couple Mechanics2016-02-10T23:17:02-04:00

Annabel Graham | Bad Cat


I am cleaning out my father’s office. A room frozen in time since his accident. His cell phone still on the charger, papers still in the fax machine where he

Annabel Graham | Bad Cat2017-05-05T22:33:38-04:00

Nikita Nelin | Soldiers


  During the war they spit and shit and peed in a metal container with rubber clamps at its sides as the turret of their tank scanned the burning fields

Nikita Nelin | Soldiers2017-05-05T22:33:03-04:00

Frankie Barnet | Rot


First the town was because of the port, people brought things and then other people left with other things. But then very quickly other ports opened, and these were bigger

Frankie Barnet | Rot2017-05-05T22:33:13-04:00

Geoffrey Line | Goodbye, Tink


Like a penny into a fountain, she fell from the top deck of a cruise ship into the black Caribbean. Tink, poor Tink, prepubescent, precocious, ten-year-old Tink, the most

Geoffrey Line | Goodbye, Tink2019-06-28T10:26:32-04:00

Laura Tansley | Boil Us Dry


“I think we need it. All of us,” she says, serious for a second because that’s what divorce does, but she doesn’t let it linger, “we’ll go back to France,

Laura Tansley | Boil Us Dry2016-02-10T23:17:07-04:00

Michelle Syba | Snövirr


Tuesdays they go to Ikea for lunch. Mac and cheese for Winston, fish for his mother. Afterwards they walk through the showroom. “Or else you get fat,” Winston’s mother says.

Michelle Syba | Snövirr2016-02-10T23:17:08-04:00

Lee Matalone | Rebellion


I try to be quiet, but there’s always a little dog that can’t help running through their room, his little toenails tapping the floor and the door creaking with wooden

Lee Matalone | Rebellion2016-02-10T23:17:08-04:00

Coe Douglas | Dolores


Dad was standing in the bedroom doorway, a large, shiny petrified fish labored under his right arm. “Take Dolores, son, and give her to your mom.” “Really?” “She always loved

Coe Douglas | Dolores2016-02-10T23:17:09-04:00

Jennifer Sears | Fiction


“Looker,” Peggy said as I hustled Gilligan’s order to Jailbait, our 16-year-old grill chef and the boy Peggy slept with off and on. Peggy had a thirteen-year-old son and a husband who’d turned funny after his return from Gulf War Number 1.

Jennifer Sears | Fiction2018-12-28T23:18:28-04:00

Kevin Grauke | Fiction


After driving Daddy home as gently as I could, so as not to jostle his aching noggin, I asked Guy about their night together. He said it had gone fine, but then I reminded him that I’d sent him with a purpose in mind.

Kevin Grauke | Fiction2018-12-28T23:17:14-04:00

Angela Barton | Fiction


I still haven’t finished my screenplay, and I have to admit I don’t know how. Why is my life important enough to write a script about? Why is anyone’s?

Angela Barton | Fiction2018-12-28T23:15:39-04:00

Drew Johnson | Fiction


After a time, the figure settled back down into his former place, became one of the bodies on the floor, unable on the one hand to discern a path in the jigsaw, unable on the other to force what will he did possess upon them. Then again, perhaps he had been afraid his warm gap on the floor would close.

Drew Johnson | Fiction2018-12-28T23:12:08-04:00

Jay Boss Rubin | Fiction


"Water? Coffee? Tea?" the receptionist asked. I asked for water. She returned with a small bottle and a rocks glass on a wooden tray. She set the tray on the coffee table in front of the couch, poured the water from the bottle into the glass, set the glass down on a coaster then left with the tray and the empty bottle.

Jay Boss Rubin | Fiction2018-12-28T23:12:15-04:00

Laurie Stone | Fiction


She slid off the counter and in front of her mirror began applying my lip gloss to her beautiful, wide mouth with its curling, upper lip that now looked like a beckoning finger. She wore a sly expression, watching me watch her. She placed the tube of lotion I had given her with her pile of things. I didn’t say anything. I was unsure what tone to take.

Laurie Stone | Fiction2018-12-27T02:56:07-04:00

Mathew Fogarty | Fiction


Plus, there was something so unexpectedly exciting about being together that we wanted to explore it without everybody watching. So we kept it quiet and, as I say, for two months, we'd been going strong.

Mathew Fogarty | Fiction2018-12-27T02:55:09-04:00

Indira Chanrasekhar | Fiction


'Have you seen a doctor?' I pointed at her hand. Girija shook her head. 'Ratni brought some herb oil from the village. She applies it for me every day.' The thick, green-brown fluid in the re-used Old Monk bottle near the stove looked foul.

Indira Chanrasekhar | Fiction2018-12-27T02:54:20-04:00

Aggie Zivaljevic | Fiction


For ever so long, Iskren Syeveratz had watched over the island's elders, who without their offspring were like oysters without pearls. The octogenarian grandfathers and grandmothers sat in front of their stone houses looking out at the sea for the return of their children from the foreign lands, until they were petrified and turned into dust.

Aggie Zivaljevic | Fiction2018-12-27T02:53:25-04:00

Laura Miller | Fiction


The other part is that he’s such a fucking terrible imposter. In life, Ingrid Lynn was a poet, so she thinks in terms of metaphors. She can say that he dances without grace and inflects the letter r in a way that conflates meaning. She says his eyes are dead. She says he gets whole stanzas wrong. She says he’s an automaton.

Laura Miller | Fiction2018-12-27T02:52:35-04:00

Theodore Wheeler | Fiction


By protocol, he should have called security. But Andy ran down the utility stairs instead to stop her rattling the door, her feet planted apart. A flash of white showed up her shorts, her legs spread to pull the door handle, before she straightened to wave him down.

Theodore Wheeler | Fiction2018-12-27T02:51:09-04:00

Selena Anderson | Fiction


Tiny knew lots of people like Francine. Some people could talk forever telling all they knew, trying to get out what was wrong with them. But it wasn’t her problem. The ones that looked vulnerable were everyone else. They all looked like porcelain thems. Like they were fixing to break.

Selena Anderson | Fiction2018-12-27T02:50:18-04:00

Victoria Ludwin | Fiction


The Invisibles The tour bus pulled into the lot and Arnold put his Playstation on pause. Now I must represent my country, he thought, snickering, as Ambassador from the

Victoria Ludwin | Fiction2018-12-27T02:49:17-04:00

Annabel Graham | Fiction


The wind rushing in through the windows blows our long hair into our faces. It’ll be tangled when we get home but we feel too good to care. We’ve been out dancing at a club in Hollywood. Used our fake IDs to get in. Mine says I’m from Florida. The bouncer knows they’re fake but he lets us in anyway.

Annabel Graham | Fiction2018-12-27T02:46:51-04:00

Aram Kim | Fiction


WHITE BONE PINE The woman said she was looking for her son. This was after Mr. Lee, cigarette seller and realtor to the western valley, looked her up and

Aram Kim | Fiction2018-11-25T01:57:53-04:00

Mikael Awake | Avatar


I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I received a mass email from Caitlin bragging about the start of her book tour. You have to understand that Caitlin Morrow is

Mikael Awake | Avatar2016-01-18T02:35:01-04:00

John Goldbach | Fiction


The Riviera descended the dark mill hill and in its lights were geese waddling out of the way, some hissing, wings spread, waddling quickly, and we pulled into the mill parking lot. “What the fuck?” said James, stopping the car.

John Goldbach | Fiction2018-12-27T02:46:13-04:00

T Kira Madden | Fiction


I don’t know if I ever expected them to come back, but the night was long and loud and to this day, let me tell you, I can still see our mother exactly the way she was the next morning as she unfastened our seatbelts: her eyes bloated into garnets as she squeezed us both to her chest, asked if we were hungry—a new shade of lipstick on her that I have never seen since.

T Kira Madden | Fiction2018-11-02T23:58:01-04:00

Rebecca Fishow | Fiction


Hello. Excuse. Excuse me. Do you have bourbon? I don’t know what kind. What does the bottle look like? Let me see. Let me see. Oh, anything. What is the rocks?

Rebecca Fishow | Fiction2018-12-27T02:44:58-04:00