Jody Chan | Poetry

close the door that lets infection in to heal on its own / time immune system rehearsing its answer to / affliction

Jody Chan | Poetry2019-08-14T15:39:42-04:00

Sara Munjack | Poetry

spilling their brown limbs all over / as if to say thank you as if / to say thank you white man / you are justice you are godly

Sara Munjack | Poetry2019-08-14T15:19:58-04:00

Jourdan Keith | Poetry

You remember the kiss hip moan you got but did not get, the wet strands between your tips your thrusting fingers their tender lips

Jourdan Keith | Poetry2019-07-19T00:06:37-04:00

Mick Powell | Poetry

before the nightclub, you stand staring at yourself in the mirror drenched in dream-smoke, a fishbowl of lavender. you trace the length of your collarbone.

Mick Powell | Poetry2019-07-18T22:58:42-04:00

Dāshaun Washington | Poetry

I’ve always been magic – sprinkling fairy dust and bewitching rings of Saturn to orbit my equator with the switch of my hips.

Dāshaun Washington | Poetry2019-07-20T00:28:53-04:00

Selina Boan | Poetry

if you are hurting / if you are uncertain / know that this body can hold itself to itself and undo at the same time / it is your nohkom saying kisâkihitin with her hands / stitching beads to a leather purse you will one day hold /

Selina Boan | Poetry2019-07-18T23:09:13-04:00

Nia KB | Poetry

I hate to love this city. Where the stop sign on Berry has “6” painted under “Stop” so you know what hood it is.

Nia KB | Poetry2019-07-09T12:29:01-04:00

Jill Khoury | Poetry

*Source text for this erasure: Jose, Randall T., Ed. Understanding Low Vision. American Foundation for the Blind, 1983, p. 52-3.

Jill Khoury | Poetry2019-05-31T16:09:33-04:00

Eloise Grills | Poetry

Come lie down beside me and touch my warm belly my little darlin’ / Scratch me like you mean it you cowardly dog / Just kidding I am the dog in this scenario

Eloise Grills | Poetry2019-06-01T13:21:05-04:00

Marlin M. Jenkins | Poetry

When this Pokémon sings, it never pauses to breathe. If it is in a battle against an opponent that does not easily fall asleep, Jigglypuff cannot breathe, endangering its life.

Marlin M. Jenkins | Poetry2019-05-31T16:09:18-04:00

Tim Carrier | Poetry

Here I am in loss, as losing; active loss. It’s a singing bird, small yellow-green, who thru special powers of love breathes without taking breath.

Tim Carrier | Poetry2019-05-31T16:01:17-04:00

RBrown | Poetry

i am so sad i bought glitter eye shadow                                  

RBrown | Poetry2019-05-15T18:25:29-04:00

Kaja Rae Lucas | Poetry

Perhaps when I drive off I will see a sky / with fullmoon-eyes, & I’ll know there is a God / & he been looking me up & down from all angles

Kaja Rae Lucas | Poetry2019-05-15T18:59:06-04:00

Laura Buccieri | Poetry

sometimes I’m a disaster without knowing sometimes I’m looking at you my happiness completely in your hands love is pressure but it is also a few good consecutive calm moments

Laura Buccieri | Poetry2019-04-07T18:28:54-04:00

Ron Riekki | Poetry

The call keeps dropping for the Arctic photographer on NPR, his voice fine and crisp and then suddenly drowned in a closet, choked by the devil

Ron Riekki | Poetry2019-04-04T20:50:30-04:00

m/ryan murphy | Poetry

[pdf-embedder url="https://cosmonautsavenue.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Poetry-_-m_ryan-murphy-2.pdf" title="_Poetry _ m_ryan murphy (2)"] m/ryan murphy lives in Brooklyn, NY via Mississippi. Some of their work exists in or is forthcoming from Entropy, The

m/ryan murphy | Poetry2019-02-27T16:44:14-04:00

Aya Satoh | Poetry

For example, my brother can’t write our last name in kanji but our obachan made me practice it for 20 minutes straight until it was beautiful enough to be written by an actual 日本人。.

Aya Satoh | Poetry2019-02-26T23:01:08-04:00

Audra Puchalski | Poetry

The light says, I love these leaves. / The light says, you’ve been swindled. / The light says, let me dry off these rocks.

Audra Puchalski | Poetry2019-02-26T22:34:19-04:00

Dorothy Chan | Poetry

I-coordinate-blue-and-pink-outfits-with, why don’t we / just nix the whole wedding idea, disappoint our parents, / and just go somewhere and eat wedding cakes?

Dorothy Chan | Poetry2019-02-27T13:20:25-04:00

Phuong T. Vuong | Poetry

I am in the mood to mourn / against the storm outside / I tear up under covers / turn on a warm light / Darling / I want your fingers

Phuong T. Vuong | Poetry2019-02-27T00:01:50-04:00

JR Mahung | Poetry

here is the story whereby / the black boy is carried unto a river / named by his people for a road into the sun

JR Mahung | Poetry2018-12-30T23:03:00-04:00

Kay Ulanday Barrett | Poetry

On the weekends during lunch, / a cigarette balanced on a grin, / BBQ marinade of RC cola, B96 blaring bass, / Tito Bong made the meat.

Kay Ulanday Barrett | Poetry2018-12-31T14:58:43-04:00

Amalie Kwassman | Poetry

still telling the same story in the hospital / about how grandma was choking and choking on that pill / but she got it down with just a little bit of applesauce

Amalie Kwassman | Poetry2019-01-03T11:24:45-04:00

Nicholas Goodly | Poetry

call them low art I send bangers only / my nudes are a Rothko Yellowbone no. 2 I am / pictured in pleasure a joy almost aggressive

Nicholas Goodly | Poetry2018-12-30T15:03:23-04:00

Olatunde Osinaike | Poetry

Decades from now my first father-daughter dance unrehearsed & / wouldn’t you know it I’m already there though my legs are still catching

Olatunde Osinaike | Poetry2018-12-31T13:06:52-04:00

Ijeoma Umebinyuo | Poetry

The birds chirp, the sun follows, this is how the morning arrives / And my cousin Chinelo knocks on my door, waiting for breakfast

Ijeoma Umebinyuo | Poetry2018-12-31T15:00:37-04:00

jess Rizkallah | Poetry

i wish i could go into ambiguous romantic interactions with a sign around my neck that says I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER

jess Rizkallah | Poetry2018-12-31T15:02:45-04:00

Jason Harris | Poetry

three years ago nine black disciples were slain in bible song & since, no signs of goodness have breached the headlines

Jason Harris | Poetry2018-12-30T11:57:20-04:00

Vriddhi Vinay | Poetry

I grabbed his hand and twisted its spokes through my thicket / and said I would peel his face back the way he peeled

Vriddhi Vinay | Poetry2018-12-30T11:56:58-04:00

George Abraham | Poetry

i want to write about the blueberries i picked from the throat of a New England fall afternoon; how my hands plucked each branch like a familiar melody.

George Abraham | Poetry2018-12-29T00:52:27-04:00

Chibųìhè Obi | Poetry

made out of thin copper wires originally from a moon planet averse to gravity aware of the pool of rainwater wet stones

Chibųìhè Obi | Poetry2018-12-10T19:17:27-04:00

Kwame Opoku-Duku | Poetry

brother i was in a dream state/ Jesus was there/ & Gil Scott-Heron/ & the only sound/ the whirr of the ceiling fan/ brother/ the night we took

Kwame Opoku-Duku | Poetry2018-11-26T18:02:02-04:00

Piera Varela | Poetry

It has been five seasons since Rat King was made into Rat King. It took one season for them to learn to speak in unison

Piera Varela | Poetry2018-12-26T20:35:59-04:00

Yolandi Cruz Guerrero | Poetry

“after church, purse filled with easter eggs & holy water the wife takes the uncle in, it’s just for a few weeks, until he gets back on his feet.”

Yolandi Cruz Guerrero | Poetry2018-12-26T21:21:07-04:00

Robin Richardson | Poetry

“You mistook his peace for shyness mistook the blue for pools the eyes for danger because all the other eyes of all the other boys hid hostage narratives”

Robin Richardson | Poetry2018-12-26T21:13:44-04:00

Rita Mookerjee | Poetry

“I was nobody’s angel in the centerfold/too ballet scrawny to have any curves/too darkskinned to light up a room/too short to tower over my haters”

Rita Mookerjee | Poetry2018-11-26T17:24:33-04:00

Penelope Romo | Poetry

“because i had to, because/there is no room in the anglo o rthography /for an accented o, an ó/who is a mother with an umbilical cord/hanging out loose”

Penelope Romo | Poetry2018-12-26T21:26:04-04:00

Monica Rico | Poetry

“I will die on Sunday afternoon in Saginaw/following a plate of my mother’s/enchiladas, fried chicken, and rice.”

Monica Rico | Poetry2018-12-10T19:22:11-04:00

Hannah Cohen | Poetry

“my children will begin to understand sometimes Dads are not your real Dads maybe their real Dad is still wandering no change of clothes no cash no comb”

Hannah Cohen | Poetry2018-11-26T17:25:29-04:00

Catch Business | Poetry

“i can imagine you imagining me doing that with you like i was imagining in that moment / you never really know what the other person is thinking but i thought if we were off the clock i would try to find a way to kiss you”

Catch Business | Poetry2018-12-10T19:24:28-04:00

Alison Kronstadt | Poetry

“& what should I have grown up to be? She tried. Parted our hair to the side. Let two boys throw love at her one stuck she thought it was a miracle.”

Alison Kronstadt | Poetry2018-11-26T17:26:29-04:00

Ish Klein | Poetry

. . The Depth of the coal by which I mean, the depth of the cool. The Depth was knowing at the string of me by

Ish Klein | Poetry2018-11-26T18:07:50-04:00

Allyson Young | Poetry

“According to National Geographic, scientists have now developed the technology by which to grow tiny human hearts on spinach leaves.”

Allyson Young | Poetry2018-11-26T17:27:09-04:00

Meredith Ramella | Poetry

“Only please when you mean it./I’d give you all the stars//slipping across your milky chest,/spill them as secrets…”

Meredith Ramella | Poetry2018-11-26T17:28:00-04:00

Monica Lewis | Poetry

“...6 months on, my hair began to drop me in chunks./i was 31. i was not ready to be bald because my brain was breaking.”

Monica Lewis | Poetry2018-12-27T00:39:09-04:00

Rena Priest | Poetry

“The super sacredness of this,/my real Indian poem,/is going to absolve all white guilt, /but only if you buy my book…”

Rena Priest | Poetry2018-11-26T18:11:42-04:00