Emily Spencer

God this is a face. / God, this is too much water to waste. / God, good God, I am embraced.

Jose Hernandez Diaz

He seemed to reach the moon with his laugh. / My abuelo was the true poet: the way / He smoked his cigarette on the porch like a train

Lavinia Liang

a couple keeps kissing / stopped by the old wall / too many palm fronds / and slicked back movie hair / and they don’t know

Ivanna Baranova

tell me about your day / mariana / about the song you shazamed / on the grocery store radio / the spilled bottle / that soaked the concrete floor / in a color / you called cerulean

Jordan Jace

All love is conditional. The issue with love in the nuclear family is that this conditionality is constantly denied as it is reinforced. It confuses the ‘loved’ and the ‘lover.’

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

My wife is white and so is / my husband. I half-mine the enslavement, / snack on the bitty bothers.

Andrea Abi-Karam

spray paint fucking everywhere queer liberation means a world without prisons

María José Giménez

I hit refresh refresh refresh / on a list called Victims / Emergency webpage / Anywhere, USA

Reyes Ramirez

ive spoken to the surfbird, los arboles verdes, con los coyotes, with los elk in return they said listen

Saúl Hernández

The telephone rings at three in the morning, the receiver shouts into my mother’s ear: Papá esta muerto!

Kirwyn Sutherland

I have too much good in me to want the police officer’s gun but I imagine becoming my visions and then again what good would that do and then again why do I have to be good?

Yuki Jackson

he is my favorite MC so I place his photo next to my favorite poem about birds being men and men being birds

Kanika Lawton

I ruin beauty. Crumpling underneath lights, / it doesn’t take much to crush them.

Stephanie Cawley

Another way to say haunting / is still alive. I wanted to study / the future but drove instead / through the city where I used to live.

Bronwen Brenner

Did you know that most corals are neither male nor female? You too, stone. Stone coral, so stony in your corallite, so skeletal in your hunger, so red / red / red.

Mariah Bosch

I have wanted before or forgotten I wanted and given away: I want a man who does not want other women when I am not around

J. David

My grandmother traded her sanity for the freedom of inescapable things. The helix my / mother builds for me shares her disappearances. It is the reason I fear the faces of my own future children

Dujie Tahat

If bearing witness is a kind of victim- / hood, you’ll watch the world / burn from what.

Charlotte Williams

Arthur, in a strapping Christmas sweater / Arthur, in a patch of grassy elm, weaving through the trees / Arthur, his jeweled teeth, tearing through rawhide

Liza Sparks

lest we forget the malleability of the human body the seriousness of play/when I was small I pressed my face against the car window attempting

Priyanka Yap

for: weirdos, freaks, math whizzes, candy-sniffers, burrito-makers, lunch-queers, pep aliens & any other creature unnamed on the outside looking in

Alexis Diano Sikorski

(seven days and her food turns / poison),/ and so i stage a rescue, / and we'll see how it goes.

Amrita Chakraborty

it is in my nature / to always be forgiving, to / swallow the fragment of bone / instead of spitting. so then / i let my body convalesce, / shimmer and steam light / into an undiscovered medium.

Gloria Muñoz

We are high and eating everything: a Costco bag of Chex Mix, / a jar of olives. There’s a mountain of foil between us / in bed from mouthfuls of Kisses.

Bára Hladík

function transcend (space * time) { / var elements; / var enlightenment; / var thirdDimension; var physicalQuantities; / return stillMortal }

Faith Christine

disappointment. later i will press / mouth to ear and confess / i am sakit, drawing your escape

Elias Lowe

the undoing of heart-brains / happens quick with avalanches / of words that split us open / through wet exhales of anxiety


into a sewergrate for all the sunless creatures / to stare @/awestruck until one steps forth & / declares this the second coming of their god / & all the creatures fall to praise

Malcolm Friend

Here the plátanos peel themselves, even the green ones. Especially the green ones. The husks of their outer layer sit by almost perfectly intact.

Gabrielle Ralambo-Rajerison

Like many women, I’m terrified of becoming my father. When I was born the hospital ran out of pink caps and gave me to him a boy.

Mejdulene B. Shomali

imagine i am 24 married to rami or fadi or even moussa imagine i wear the big white dress imagine i am 28 with two children imagine i am searching but not finding

Jean Yoon

They say: SOFTEN. They say: GO OUTSIDE. They say: TRUST IN THE PROCESS.

Amy Gong Liu

and the night / holds the / pocket holds / the wistfuls / and their lines / of stolen / diamonds in / their sky

Robin Gow

I want a god big enough for me. A tree / strange enough to take root in molten body. You animals with you / sense of ritual. You animals with your peace and dirt and planting.

Kechi Nomu

Or something florid enough to mean the transitions / Between silence and my father's tentative humour, / Feeling out the sleek ghosts of our unlit passage. / Nothing grim.

Kaiya Gordon

1. children learn to play butcher a. like this they practice fake cuts

Levi Todd

These college boys are holding court with a beer in each hand. These Cinderellas know they only have until 2am to fight, to kiss, to cry.

Satya Dash

Flashing my yellow teeth every time someone tripped / I’m not expecting spring to bring joy, how can I / When I can’t bring myself to step out of bed & skin

A. Mustafa

exile first my, tongue mother my father’s my displaced too which amused often mother

Madelin A Medina

M’ija, she said to me softly, I will show you that the thickness and pigment aren’t really much.

Lisa Summe

what if i could be / my own therapist / my own safe space / say it lisa / say what you’ve done / walked away from / given up on / held the face / of everyone you’ve ever kissed /

Len Lawson

Destroying the poorly constructed narrative around them. Banishing blaxploitation backward in time from Foxy Brown and Super Fly to the first iteration of a happy slave in a textbook.

Jae Nichelle

you, a paper plane— a fancy one—with a sharpie

Scarlett Peterson

The dog has wet the bed again, / an act of dominance, / not an accident.

Noor Hindi

I’ve carried a “Keep Calm, Carry On” bookmark in my pocket for the last 22 days.

Charnell Peters

bantu knots / twist out / wash n go / coils! turkey / ham / mac n cheese / greens!

Andrew Kahn

—It didn't hurt much (like a shot from doctor) but feels a little weird physically now but that is probably definitely psychology

Beasa Dukes

sometimes i crawl into sleep where i’m barefoot and clumsy, where the asphalt rumbles underneath, where the liquor-glass gets all stuck in a smile between my teeth

Sybil Mahone

Have you ever called a trans person by their dead name Have you ever been trans Have you ever tried being trans Have you ever tried being cis

Brittany Lee Frederick

Saturday mornings were for Marshalls. For holding tightly to Dad’s hand, and watching the Black women drag children who looked like me – all fuzzy edges and plastic barrettes and knotted curls.

Austin Araujo

K & I ball surrounded by trees / & the faint huff of lightning bolts.

Saddiq Dzukogi

On the day of her only birthday, she dips / a finger in the cake before she slips / it into my mouth.

Elena Gonzales Melinger

Faucet spewing fear that runs constantly in the Back of your mind in Adulthood. You aren’t blind With rage at first. First you are blind with fear.

Emily Pérez

Fear that I will muddle my manners. Fear that I will matter little. Fear that I will dither like a biddie, bobble like a budgie.

Kyle Marbut

Lost Tooth / dear Cut Hair / dear Wonder / dear Rain / dear Still Puddle / dear Mirror / dear Empty Hands / dear Body—

Laura Brun

they get / shipped / somewhere / they can’t / upset the / elderly

Natalie Wee


Thanh Bui

he doesn’t eat fish anyway, so it’s okay but i still have to stare at the eyeballs

A.R. Zarif

something that took so long to put to bed / & now a quieting / like the invention of streetlights

Jody Chan

close the door that lets infection in to heal on its own / time immune system rehearsing its answer to / affliction

janan alexandra

because I’ve always been better at taking weight / than giving my own

Sara Munjack

spilling their brown limbs all over / as if to say thank you as if / to say thank you white man / you are justice you are godly

Jourdan Keith

You remember the kiss hip moan you got but did not get, the wet strands between your tips your thrusting fingers their tender lips

Jordan Pérez

There is the most powerful species named johnnycashi, and his hooks there to restrain our fangs during sex.

Mick Powell

before the nightclub, you stand staring at yourself in the mirror drenched in dream-smoke, a fishbowl of lavender. you trace the length of your collarbone.

Dāshaun Washington

I’ve always been magic – sprinkling fairy dust and bewitching rings of Saturn to orbit my equator with the switch of my hips.

Selina Boan

if you are hurting / if you are uncertain / know that this body can hold itself to itself and undo at the same time / it is your nohkom saying kisâkihitin with her hands / stitching beads to a leather purse you will one day hold /

Tina Zafreen Alam

new york is the fifth city i miss you in your baby toenail fell off this year as it does

Nia KB

I hate to love this city. Where the stop sign on Berry has “6” painted under “Stop” so you know what hood it is.

Jill Khoury

*Source text for this erasure: Jose, Randall T., Ed. Understanding Low Vision. American Foundation for the Blind, 1983, p. 52-3.

Jeff Pearson

If God came to me, my face would / burn, if God touched me, he would / crucify holes out of handshakes.

Eloise Grills

Come lie down beside me and touch my warm belly my little darlin’ / Scratch me like you mean it you cowardly dog / Just kidding I am the dog in this scenario

Carlina Duan

I will flip a pillow, say TODAY IS GOOD then roll / over in my bed like an overcooked beet.

Marlin M. Jenkins

When this Pokémon sings, it never pauses to breathe. If it is in a battle against an opponent that does not easily fall asleep, Jigglypuff cannot breathe, endangering its life.

Tim Carrier

Here I am in loss, as losing; active loss. It’s a singing bird, small yellow-green, who thru special powers of love breathes without taking breath.

Travis Tate

I’m starting a new religion. We only worship things that are green.


and it didn’t make me any less sad ok maybe a little bit less sad but still sad i still think about texting you the majority of the day i think the majority of me wants you to not be ok so that i can prove that this meant something i am scared that it didn’t mean anything

John Mark Brown

Our mother insists Jesus’ mother spanked him / when he misbehaved, and sinless he sobbed

Aidan Aragon

in this poem Jesus laughs because he is very ticklish / in this poem he tells Gabriel / Quit it

Hazem Fahmy

God, so we will have to do / with what we get. Behind us

Melissa Lozada-Oliva

I want to be the one who gets daughters / into colleges with full rides, / brings the Go-Fund-Me page to completion

Kaja Rae Lucas

Perhaps when I drive off I will see a sky / with fullmoon-eyes, & I’ll know there is a God / & he been looking me up & down from all angles

Terese Pierre

I have always wanted to be a sculptor, holding possibility

Laura Buccieri

sometimes I’m a disaster without knowing sometimes I’m looking at you my happiness completely in your hands love is pressure but it is also a few good consecutive calm moments

Faizan Syed

Doc the Ativan just give me the fucking Ativan or don’t

Elizabeth Onusko

It’s the way you sit across from me / at the kitchen table / your hands enclosing a teacup

Ron Riekki

The call keeps dropping for the Arctic photographer on NPR, his voice fine and crisp and then suddenly drowned in a closet, choked by the devil

Sherese Francis

if the ape x stone cap is missing from the pyramid base it was strapped to a ship and shipped to the new world

Jazz De Nero

The relationship was a sign that read Accident Free for __ days, that reset every morning to zero.

Stephanie Chang

You pig-heart and I skin tapering off a drum face. You conjugate, animal-throated magician’s girl

Alaisha Verdeflor

And your greatest failure? / That they haven’t built a language from my name yet.


but, when i was 19 i became more of a spill sometimes, i miss a mouth entirely.

Marney Rathbun

His back in its sweater beads into sweat / but he likes the sweater — it reminds him / of his grandmother

m/ryan murphy

A need for infrastructural upheaval is known in the way rays heat a body’s insides. Organs too cold to be housed within this temple. Pen says summertime sadness.

Elana Lev Friedland

I find the boys break their legs chokehold them down / in the night keep them up I’m screaming YES YES YES.

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