Ish Klein

. . The Depth of the coal by which I mean, the depth of the cool. The Depth was knowing at the string of me by

2019-09-29T19:44:25-04:00October 2018|POETRY|

Allyson Young

“According to National Geographic, scientists have now developed the technology by which to grow tiny human hearts on spinach leaves.”

2019-09-29T19:44:22-04:00August 2018|POETRY|

Kyle Lopez

“permiso,/slice open a mango. stream the juice/along my collar bone and drink. Taste…”

2019-09-29T19:43:57-04:00August 2018|POETRY|

Meredith Ramella

“Only please when you mean it./I’d give you all the stars//slipping across your milky chest,/spill them as secrets…”

2019-09-29T19:44:03-04:00August 2018|POETRY|

Monica Lewis

“...6 months on, my hair began to drop me in chunks./i was 31. i was not ready to be bald because my brain was breaking.”

2019-09-29T19:44:14-04:00August 2018|POETRY|

Rena Priest

“The super sacredness of this,/my real Indian poem,/is going to absolve all white guilt, /but only if you buy my book…”

2019-09-29T19:43:42-04:00August 2018|POETRY|

Trenton Pollard

“Two had been attacked/and had metal plates/in their foreheads./One thought he was dying,/but it was just the DT’s.”

2019-09-29T19:43:32-04:00July 2018|POETRY|

Natalie E. Illum

“if her allergens would keep to themselves./God forbid you have to be mindful/of dairy or cross contamination./...God forbid you ever worry/about the size and symbols/of a bathroom stall.”

2019-09-29T19:43:24-04:00July 2018|POETRY|

Maitreyi Ray

“Slender girl with thick black plaits hides her teeth/from me when she smiles. her friendship is bravery./my body is violence.”

2019-09-29T19:43:19-04:00July 2018|POETRY|

Karen An-Hwei Lee

“4. “Drink a daily glass of kombucha instead of sweet tea, blue algae, or cola.”/5. “Is kombucha similar to zero-calorie water or rambutan agua fresca?”/6. “You look so young. Do you drink a lot of kombucha or is it the melanin?”’

2019-09-29T19:43:17-04:00July 2018|POETRY|

Colette Arrand

“When cis men say they worry/about dying in the floodwaters of a former/sheet of ice, I think it must be nice, the privilege/that allows a cis man to worry about drowning…”

2019-09-29T19:43:04-04:00July 2018|POETRY|

Teo Mungaray

“funny how death isn’t much on the mind isn’t much a real thing isn’t much a/ concern until your body is a galactic crucible is a pillar of creation for the death-makers”

2019-09-29T19:42:54-04:00June 2018|POETRY|

Sagirah Shahid

“Yesterday, I spent hours stroking the glean off my phone/until it erased every dead thing, until the dead were entwined/into its body.”

2019-09-29T19:42:50-04:00June 2018|POETRY|

Elisa Gonzalez

“Once an not now I/parachuted from a daring little plane.//As if a shipwreck survivor I crawled onto shore.”

2019-09-29T19:42:04-04:00June 2018|POETRY|

Layne Ransom

“I want a life where I feel strange and intimate/with the border between the real and unreal//and still get to eat.”

2019-09-29T19:41:50-04:00June 2018|POETRY|

Brandon Melendez

“if Rome had fallen here, this desert/would have made it look like the most miraculous/& inviting smoke.” “if Rome had fallen here, this desert/would have made it look like the most miraculous/& inviting smoke.”

2019-09-29T19:41:44-04:00May 2018|POETRY|

Brittany Adames

“Often, when my mother leafs through large, cluster stacks of paper and/prepares them for the shredder, I imagine skin.”

2019-09-29T19:41:41-04:00May 2018|POETRY|

Darla Mottram

“I say hello/to a small face peeking/round the corner of someone’s house:/a cat in my mind/until it stands upright…”

2019-09-29T19:41:38-04:00May 2018|POETRY|

Kimberly Reyes

“He grabs and grabs your hand and you keep going, daring and bargaining and begging for grace, trapped in all the muck and fluidity of the in between space.”

2019-09-29T19:41:25-04:00May 2018|POETRY|

Zaphra Stupple

“my dolls have hands not much smaller than mine/I rip the arms off my plastic baby doll/my mother pops them back in the sockets”

2019-09-29T19:41:21-04:00May 2018|POETRY|

Geoff Anderson

“in the cobbler I baked a part of me/was not sure you would have a piece/because I could have been//alone.”

2019-09-29T19:41:03-04:00April 2018|POETRY|

C.T. Salazar

“I’ve seen a boy go missing inside himself, so I searched for him/in cracked church bells & shot-out light bulbs.”

2019-09-29T19:40:59-04:00April 2018|POETRY|

Ali Rachel Pearl

“No. I drank the oldest lake because it was either drink that or the drink the oldest sea and I’d already drank the oldest sea a few months ago…"

2019-09-29T19:40:42-04:00April 2018|POETRY|


“Mohammed Rasulu Allah,” (Mohammed is the messenger of God) she enunciated, giggling.

2019-09-29T19:40:07-04:00March 2018|POETRY|

Anna Kelley

They were no less fragile than us, these creatures, / but they seemed better used to staring down a fast / coming death.

2019-09-29T19:39:57-04:00February 2018|POETRY|

Gia Marr

I said to my partner yesterday, I want to die. / He said do you want to go to the hospital.

2019-09-29T19:39:46-04:00February 2018|POETRY|

jayy dodd

maybe it is time for me to write poems for You. The Somebody Else. / i need to find a way to eat what comes out of me. The Wonder

2019-09-29T19:39:40-04:00February 2018|POETRY|

Lauren Page

My priestess fries her perfect / eggs-in-a-nest: a seeping well, / saturating seams of crust.

2019-09-29T19:38:57-04:00February 2018|POETRY|

Linette Reeman

At the duplicating center I work for, sometimes customers will leave behind important legal or personal documents

2019-09-29T19:39:22-04:00February 2018|POETRY|

Jeff Pearson

hammered into the wall of the coffin pit picked up by me as you wandered as far along the rails as needed.

2019-09-29T19:37:20-04:00January 2018|POETRY|

Ana Hurtado

His mother kept two cockatoos in her bedroom. They sometimes shat on her bed, nightstand, on framed pictures of Angelito’s grandfather.

2019-09-29T19:37:09-04:00January 2018|POETRY|