26 04, 2018

Ali Rachel Pearl | Poetry


“No. I drank the oldest lake because it was either drink that or the drink the oldest sea and I’d already drank the oldest sea a few months ago…"

Ali Rachel Pearl | Poetry2018-11-26T18:29:33-04:00
27 02, 2018

jayy dodd | Poetry


maybe it is time for me to write poems for You. The Somebody Else. / i need to find a way to eat what comes out of me. The Wonder

jayy dodd | Poetry2018-11-26T18:50:06-04:00
16 01, 2018

Ana Hurtado | Poetry


His mother kept two cockatoos in her bedroom. They sometimes shat on her bed, nightstand, on framed pictures of Angelito’s grandfather.

Ana Hurtado | Poetry2018-12-27T01:44:07-04:00
29 11, 2017

Jason Phoebe Rusch | Poetry


But of course I cannot be every / body for you, you cannot be every / body for me; souls are slippery like minnows, they have no fleshy handles, there is nothing to hold to pull your soul deeper inside

Jason Phoebe Rusch | Poetry2018-12-27T01:44:19-04:00
29 11, 2017

Alexandra Naughton | Poetry


If I could be seen as a force instead of an object instead of a hobby, if I could just do without having to be seen, or if it didn’t matter to me at all, I could be invincible.

Alexandra Naughton | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:04-04:00
29 11, 2017

Alan Chazaro | Poetry


Is it because always running is a cliché? And clichés are a rerun of something different? And since you were a boy, did they feed you questionable

Alan Chazaro | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:12-04:00
30 10, 2017

Meghann Boltz | Poetry


i went to see the wizard & asked him for a cock he must have seen by the scuffs on my knees that i really needed one because he said ok

Meghann Boltz | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:17-04:00
29 10, 2017

Dylan Carpenter | Poetry


What is the problem what is it I ask myself day after day it does not change / I walk through the rooms of my house I open the windows though it is cold

Dylan Carpenter | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:38-04:00
29 10, 2017

Hannah Kucharzak | Poetry


Anxious Diva tells me I’ve lost what’s fun about me. She says I’m flatter than death. Diva, help me cut these onions, help me feel arrhythmia, tell me how alive I want to be.

Hannah Kucharzak | Poetry2018-12-27T01:40:03-04:00
19 09, 2017

Emma Claire Foley | Poetry


frogs of lead who bust up your skinny lip by agreement, the paradisiac fields excised, the empty spaces removed from our carapace. a better future for the region. international [...]

Emma Claire Foley | Poetry2018-12-27T01:40:49-04:00
14 07, 2017

Katy Kim | Poetry


We all slept in the same bed— bodies curved like mandibles. I was plume and warm feathered by your ginseng breathing,

Katy Kim | Poetry2018-12-27T01:41:42-04:00