“Mohammed Rasulu Allah,” (Mohammed is the messenger of God) she enunciated, giggling.


Bertrand Bickersteth

I know these rivers that flow through me / I’ve gazed out from their hearts and still you do not see me

Bertrand Bickersteth2020-01-31T19:41:18-05:00

Anna Kelley

They were no less fragile than us, these creatures, / but they seemed better used to staring down a fast / coming death.

Anna Kelley2020-01-31T19:38:17-05:00

Gia Marr

I said to my partner yesterday, I want to die. / He said do you want to go to the hospital.

Gia Marr2020-01-31T19:36:29-05:00

jayy dodd

maybe it is time for me to write poems for You. The Somebody Else. / i need to find a way to eat what comes out of me. The Wonder

jayy dodd2020-01-31T19:18:37-05:00

Heather Lang

CREW: (From the grid) It’s sweet that you think you / can break the fourth wall.  

Heather Lang2020-01-31T19:17:16-05:00

Jill Mceldowney

The horse stood trembling, had caught his leg in a toothed snare intended for the fox, / and she limped

Jill Mceldowney2020-01-31T19:16:43-05:00

Keith J. Castillo

white woman says that i would look so beautiful if only i took the time to straighten my hair

Keith J. Castillo2020-01-31T19:15:55-05:00

Lauren Page

My priestess fries her perfect / eggs-in-a-nest: a seeping well, / saturating seams of crust.

Lauren Page2020-01-31T19:14:37-05:00

Linette Reeman

At the duplicating center I work for, sometimes customers will leave behind important legal or personal documents

Linette Reeman2020-01-31T18:57:09-05:00

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

it was like in that moment, / the demon crawled out / of my chest to set a colorless fire / to my face and said believe her

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad2020-01-31T18:55:56-05:00

Katy Chrisler

I cannot take what isn’t a gift. Socket, Stiff dance, misdeed, a half intelligible embrace.

Katy Chrisler2020-01-31T19:20:39-05:00

Sarah Giragosian

In the ghost town, a way station until E.’s wedding, you keep your vow to a dry-tongued silence.

Sarah Giragosian2020-01-28T02:32:51-05:00

Greta Moran

I wish I did not negotiate my body like a capitalist always fearing my scarcity

Greta Moran2020-01-28T02:40:42-05:00

Jeff Pearson

hammered into the wall of the coffin pit picked up by me as you wandered as far along the rails as needed.

Jeff Pearson2020-01-28T02:43:52-05:00

Ana Hurtado

His mother kept two cockatoos in her bedroom. They sometimes shat on her bed, nightstand, on framed pictures of Angelito’s grandfather.

Ana Hurtado2020-01-28T02:45:43-05:00

Sanjana Bijlani

& I’m not hearing All You Wanted by Michelle Branch or what about my skin or religion needs to be rescued

Sanjana Bijlani2020-01-28T02:52:59-05:00

Susannah Sharpless

I am sure that my blonde hair is beautiful but the beauty of my other physical attributes I am much less sure of 

Susannah Sharpless2020-01-28T02:54:59-05:00

Valorie K. Ruiz

closed eyes to the watchers in the shadows angels formed in angles beneath the glittering opal

Valorie K. Ruiz2020-01-28T02:57:14-05:00

Wimpy AF

i awoke to the sound of a neighbor crying someone’s suffering is combing my hair

Wimpy AF2020-01-28T02:37:10-05:00

Cynthia Manick

Sometimes when I enter a room, I pretend Zamunda from Coming to America is a real place.

Cynthia Manick2020-01-28T12:57:34-05:00

Alexandra Naughton

If I could be seen as a force instead of an object instead of a hobby, if I could just do without having to be seen, or if it didn’t matter to me at all, I could be invincible.

Alexandra Naughton2020-01-28T02:59:12-05:00

Alexander Scalfano

black out the windows but the storm is in the house lightning in the bathtub rain over the carpet

Alexander Scalfano2020-01-28T03:09:47-05:00

Alan Chazaro

Is it because always running is a cliché? And clichés are a rerun of something different? And since you were a boy, did they feed you questionable

Alan Chazaro2020-01-28T03:11:08-05:00

Meghann Boltz

i went to see the wizard & asked him for a cock he must have seen by the scuffs on my knees that i really needed one because he said ok

Meghann Boltz2020-01-28T03:13:30-05:00

Alfredo Aguilar

my small fingers curl around a cow’s teat. i point / it in the direction of the pail below. i don’t want to hurt

Alfredo Aguilar2020-02-01T13:22:06-05:00

Raquel Salas Rivera

an animal on stilts reaches the virgin’s tears / and tenderly wipes them. / the virgin cries tres monjitas milk, without coffee.

Raquel Salas Rivera2020-01-28T03:17:42-05:00

Jessica Lawson

Someplace else enrages the turtle why a turtle a turtle never did anything to me okay then an old white man with a sign.

Jessica Lawson2020-01-28T03:18:43-05:00

Kathryn Hargett

Geoffrey, sometimes I think I wear my sadness like caul fat. / Like how a fetal pig never asks to be dressed

Kathryn Hargett2020-01-28T03:19:47-05:00

Cooper Wilhelm

Despite everything, my parents raised me. / They even loved me. These things / should always be surprising.

Cooper Wilhelm2020-01-28T13:09:28-05:00

Moira J

I watched a woman become gore under microscopes, / glowing skin a subterfuge of dust and memory.

Moira J2020-01-28T12:44:16-05:00

Inga Lea Schmidt

all of the lights in the store have gone burnt / dim gaping shelves bent back like bones / breathing fruit rot and dust and no one

Inga Lea Schmidt2020-01-28T12:45:30-05:00

Dylan Carpenter

What is the problem what is it I ask myself day after day it does not change / I walk through the rooms of my house I open the windows though it is cold

Dylan Carpenter2020-01-28T12:52:48-05:00

Daniel Blokh

The priest feels a softness washing the back of his neck. Maybe it is rain, he thinks, or sweat.

Daniel Blokh2020-01-28T12:53:50-05:00

Hannah Kucharzak

Anxious Diva tells me I’ve lost what’s fun about me. She says I’m flatter than death. Diva, help me cut these onions, help me feel arrhythmia, tell me how alive I want to be.

Hannah Kucharzak2020-01-28T12:55:40-05:00

Mariel Fechik

We cling to each other like / dust motes to light, and / fall the same way - slow and / landing in erratic patterns.

Mariel Fechik2020-01-28T12:47:12-05:00

jamie mortara

i couldn't remember what flowers The Hatchet liked so i brought some twigs and branches from the backyard

jamie mortara2020-01-28T12:48:19-05:00

Miriam Borgstrom

the overweight cannibals feed every fortnight the children frolic on our scalps this knocking is not a verb

Miriam Borgstrom2020-01-28T12:49:14-05:00

Candace Williams

pre-existing conditions and the deep deep cuts that still draw blood and still take cultures

Candace Williams2020-01-28T12:51:30-05:00

Topaz Winters

history & all its seasonings. Introduce her to your parents, your gods, your sharpened knives. Fry.

Topaz Winters2020-01-28T12:59:19-05:00

Pritha Bhattacharyya

sweeping the floors after dusk isn’t easy, the frangipani petals still fragrant, still usable, when

Pritha Bhattacharyya2020-01-28T13:03:06-05:00

Emma Claire Foley

international niceness studies. shuffle up, smaller fry, / smallfrei. they haven’t given us songs to sing to one another / in a while.

Emma Claire Foley2020-02-01T00:52:18-05:00

Nicholas Brown

knows this road where it leads us home cocooned we watch our wings we grow we sleep rise and shine

Nicholas Brown2020-01-28T13:07:20-05:00

Lydia Havens 

Michael—Mr. Stipe? Momentary God?—did your parents ever argue? do you even have parents?

Lydia Havens 2020-01-28T17:44:51-05:00

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

crow flies through fog never knowing where to land / Crows need other crows / like a smooth monster skull cracking a jawline /

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens2020-01-28T17:47:17-05:00

C.T. McGaha

but then i realized that my body isn’t permanent y’know like bodies how bodies are

C.T. McGaha2020-01-28T17:47:55-05:00

Ashley Miranda

we only know the night by sound. i can’t speak for the aspects that have been diagnosed as un normal

Ashley Miranda2020-01-28T17:54:59-05:00

Alisha Kaplan

you say this offering is not death but a transformation from one kind of existence into another

Alisha Kaplan2020-01-28T17:56:00-05:00

Katy Kim

We all slept in the same bed— bodies curved like mandibles. I was plume and warm feathered by your ginseng breathing,

Katy Kim2020-01-28T17:58:48-05:00

Mallory Smart

i am sad and everybody knows it i have the urge to take my shoes off and let my toes wiggle in the grass

Mallory Smart2020-01-28T18:13:22-05:00

Nadia Choudhury

     desires to toss them to the ground      desires to read the shards’ constellation of fates      desires to know if his is lost somewhere in her

Nadia Choudhury2020-01-28T18:14:41-05:00

Gale Marie Thompson 

Who will be with you as you become? I am not asking for me, but for the girl character who waits behind my eyelids

Gale Marie Thompson 2020-01-28T18:16:01-05:00

Erin Taylor

a traumatic photosynthesis i have built a city entirely made of baby teeth, roots holding still the frosted fort.

Erin Taylor2020-01-28T18:17:23-05:00

Emily Alta Hockaday

Scattered along the wet sand are tiny, bioluminescent plankton, a different, brighter glow than the ubiquitous jellyfish.

Emily Alta Hockaday2020-01-28T18:18:02-05:00

Noor Al-Samarrai

of gold dust, the right dust, the only dust claimed or must they be re-worked into concrete dimmed

Noor Al-Samarrai2020-02-01T13:39:37-05:00

Alexis Pope

The wet of the day I announce to nonspecific Bodies fill a space to watch Words make up a language I’m not sure I completely

Alexis Pope2020-01-28T18:20:05-05:00

Bonnie Chau

1. Eat so many almonds, eat them until you are full to the brim with roasted almond skin pieces and tiny chewed up almond pieces, and then look in the mirror and see if your eye resembles the nut.

Bonnie Chau2020-01-28T18:20:39-05:00

Will Frazier

As an evening like this when the final hour of light you’ve seen more often painted—indirect glaze softening stone, spires—is also porno pink

Will Frazier2020-01-28T18:21:32-05:00

RE Katz

People keep talking about Jupiter from the bottom. Power is forgetting

RE Katz2020-01-28T18:22:06-05:00