Moira J | Poetry

I watched a woman become gore under microscopes, / glowing skin a subterfuge of dust and memory.

Moira J | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:47-04:00

Inga Lea Schmidt | Poetry

all of the lights in the store have gone burnt / dim gaping shelves bent back like bones / breathing fruit rot and dust and no one

Inga Lea Schmidt | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:43-04:00

Dylan Carpenter | Poetry

What is the problem what is it I ask myself day after day it does not change / I walk through the rooms of my house I open the windows though it is cold

Dylan Carpenter | Poetry2018-12-27T01:45:38-04:00

Hannah Kucharzak | Poetry

Anxious Diva tells me I’ve lost what’s fun about me. She says I’m flatter than death. Diva, help me cut these onions, help me feel arrhythmia, tell me how alive I want to be.

Hannah Kucharzak | Poetry2018-12-27T01:40:03-04:00

Mariel Fechik | Poetry

We cling to each other like / dust motes to light, and / fall the same way - slow and / landing in erratic patterns.

Mariel Fechik | Poetry2018-12-27T01:40:09-04:00

Emma Claire Foley | Poetry

frogs of lead who bust up your skinny lip by agreement, the paradisiac fields excised, the empty spaces removed from our carapace. a better future for the region. international

Emma Claire Foley | Poetry2018-12-27T01:40:49-04:00

Katy Kim | Poetry

We all slept in the same bed— bodies curved like mandibles. I was plume and warm feathered by your ginseng breathing,

Katy Kim | Poetry2018-12-27T01:41:42-04:00

Nadia Choudhury | Poetry

     desires to toss them to the ground      desires to read the shards’ constellation of fates      desires to know if his is lost somewhere in her

Nadia Choudhury | Poetry2018-12-10T22:18:56-04:00

Erin Taylor | Poetry

a traumatic photosynthesis i have built a city entirely made of baby teeth, roots holding still the frosted fort.

Erin Taylor | Poetry2018-12-10T22:26:05-04:00

Alexis Pope | Poetry

The wet of the day I announce to nonspecific Bodies fill a space to watch Words make up a language I’m not sure I completely

Alexis Pope | Poetry2018-12-10T22:35:24-04:00

Bonnie Chau | Poetry

1. Eat so many almonds, eat them until you are full to the brim with roasted almond skin pieces and tiny chewed up almond pieces, and then look in the mirror and see if your eye resembles the nut.

Bonnie Chau | Poetry2018-12-10T22:37:36-04:00

Will Frazier | Poetry

As an evening like this when the final hour of light you’ve seen more often painted—indirect glaze softening stone, spires—is also porno pink

Will Frazier | Poetry2018-12-10T22:41:07-04:00

Sarah Jordan | Poetry

I don’t know maybe I thought I was turning into him. into a dream of youth. I don’t remember having one. I’m going to ask god to give me back my childhood. I don’t remember having one.

Sarah Jordan | Poetry2018-12-10T22:53:41-04:00

Liz Bowen | Poetry

i put u in back of my shoulders / where u can see me only / where i can only imagine the shape

Liz Bowen | Poetry2018-12-10T22:59:53-04:00

Jon-Michael Frank | Poetry

I dump my kool-aid on the lichen the galaxy looks like a flushed toilet I feel closest to people I love when I imagine them dying head juices soaking

Jon-Michael Frank | Poetry2018-12-27T01:42:14-04:00

beyza ozer | Poetry

THE 52-HERTZ WHALE whistles to no one in particular. This means there is no difference between him crying or him asking for help.

beyza ozer | Poetry2018-12-27T01:42:26-04:00

Andy Nicole Bowers | Poetry

Berlinde De Bruyckere I am thinking of your mind sculpting the carcass as raw matter, slumped heap from which meaning must be freed— of your hands inside the wreckage

Andy Nicole Bowers | Poetry2018-12-27T01:42:23-04:00

Andrea Abi-Karam | Poetry

COMPLEX DESIRE like the white couch in a room full of mirrors COMPLEX DESIRE like saying i love u in a red pleather jumpsuit COMPLEX DESIRE like fucking the

Andrea Abi-Karam | Poetry2018-12-10T23:11:04-04:00

Amy Lawless | Poetry

I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do? I called to say we have two lives and only one of them is real - Camille Rankine Ever talk to

Amy Lawless | Poetry2018-12-27T01:25:07-04:00

Jessica Bebenek | Poetry

I AM A WOMAN GIVING BIRTH TO MYSELF excerpted from a long poem in progress I am messy, painful, redundant. Just so you know from the start. I

Jessica Bebenek | Poetry2018-12-10T23:16:05-04:00

Anne Cecelia Holmes | Poetry

INFINITY LOOP I shine like a dying planet and admit the problem. People say nothing can exist without a problem but I am here to challenge assumptions until I

Anne Cecelia Holmes | Poetry2018-12-27T01:29:25-04:00

Michelle Betters | Poetry

WATER PARK Blurred on top of water is the image of a father in a pool where there’s also a large snake or in a different pool without a

Michelle Betters | Poetry2018-12-10T23:19:32-04:00

MK Chavez | Poetry

Winner of the 2017 CA Poetry Prize judged by Eileen Myles The New White House, Finding Myself Among the Ruins After Barry Ebner’s Monotype 03012416, 1033316, and 0833316

MK Chavez | Poetry2018-12-10T23:22:09-04:00

Skylar Salvatore | Poetry

While You Sleep, Idaho Couer D’Alene, come in alone a motel we slept in with pale yellow walls because of a wildfire on i90. you, wild, and impossible to

Skylar Salvatore | Poetry2018-12-10T23:31:59-04:00

Talin Tahajian | Poetry

The not-church is my bedroom & my soft-stained sink. The not-church is everything you, boy, think you know. I’ve seen your books. I’ve seen your pen.

Talin Tahajian | Poetry2018-12-27T01:33:05-04:00

Janea Kelly | Poetry

Crooked tongue, chipped teeth but so Pisces rising, Sagittarius sun: What a nice enough girl with ugly parts.

Janea Kelly | Poetry2018-12-10T23:43:26-04:00

Precious Okoyomon | Poetry

I lied in my last confession, I have dishonoured my mother and father, um – I have um – hurt people that I care about.

Precious Okoyomon | Poetry2018-12-10T23:44:35-04:00

Fisayo Adeyeye | Poetry

HOW TO READ RED I want weaker bones. To keep from confessing to the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, as a child initiated through violence. Unfortunately, as a child initiated. Unfortunately

Fisayo Adeyeye | Poetry2018-12-10T23:50:47-04:00

CAConrad | Poetry

DAY ONE: I followed an ant back to his nest in the Chihuahuan Desert, a little juniper seed in his mouth.

CAConrad | Poetry2018-12-27T01:32:56-04:00

Ritapa Neogi | Poetry

My sail’s facing the smelly blue sky, something so alluring, between trash, college students and a giant mass of air pollution.

Ritapa Neogi | Poetry2018-12-10T23:55:59-04:00

Jessie Janeshek | Poetry

We were ambitious, tore golden tickets, couldn’t stand Dad nesting in bed, how our time disappeared in the night.

Jessie Janeshek | Poetry2018-12-10T23:58:06-04:00

Dara Cerv | Poetry

Were fused then jumped by a frequency Multiplied along a wire That extends from the wrist of a fiery deity

Dara Cerv | Poetry2018-12-11T00:05:18-04:00

Jon Ruseski | Poetry

You are just trying to be honest. You ask for directions through the slow orange light. A real touch dilates over you, and the playlist hides in the gauzy stretch you haven’t found.

Jon Ruseski | Poetry2018-12-11T00:14:55-04:00

Sennah Yee | Poetry

For my sixth birthday I got a Mulan backpack, Mulan lunchbox, Mulan PJs, Mulan Halloween costume, and three Mulan dolls, each in different outfits, and with varying lengths of black hair.

Sennah Yee | Poetry2018-12-11T00:18:19-04:00

Hannah Watts | Poetry

are you goth if you have black fingernails do you ask how to shoot coins into the drum soak to get off the prints and click click c/lick them clean

Hannah Watts | Poetry2018-12-27T01:34:10-04:00