Noor Al-Samarrai

of gold dust, the right dust, the only dust claimed or must they be re-worked into concrete dimmed

Isabel Balée

not coming, flattened, swallowed whole & hung like an old curtain,

Alexis Pope

The wet of the day I announce to nonspecific Bodies fill a space to watch Words make up a language I’m not sure I completely

Bonnie Chau

1. Eat so many almonds, eat them until you are full to the brim with roasted almond skin pieces and tiny chewed up almond pieces, and then look in the mirror and see if your eye resembles the nut.

Will Frazier

As an evening like this when the final hour of light you’ve seen more often painted—indirect glaze softening stone, spires—is also porno pink

RE Katz

People keep talking about Jupiter from the bottom. Power is forgetting

Max Cohen

i’m a parrot with a toothbrush it’s a wise decision and makes a lot of sense

Sarah Jordan

I don’t know maybe I thought I was turning into him. into a dream of youth. I don’t remember having one. I’m going to ask god to give me back my childhood. I don’t remember having one.

Omotara James

Lately, flossing in the sink or tweezing on the toilet

Mike Crossley

I am a fan of your soul. I would pay to see your soul table shower.

Luther Hughes

i wrench the bone from my mouth for three minutes before it flutter into a raven

Liz Bowen

i put u in back of my shoulders / where u can see me only / where i can only imagine the shape

Jon-Michael Frank

I want to love something so powerful / it requires a symbol / teens drinking sunny d / at the ancient ruins / you only give up longing / to more longing / if you want roses all summer / you have to cut them back

beyza ozer

THE 52-HERTZ WHALE whistles to no one in particular. This means there is no difference between him crying or him asking for help.

Andy Nicole Bowers

What eyes / have I been given that I scavenge charnel ground— / at home among the rifling wake, impenitent, unshriven— / for tatters I might piece into a self-consoling song?

Andrea Abi-Karam

COMPLEX DESIRE / like fucking the enemy in a basement in bed-stuy under a crooked photo of kathy acker

Amy Lawless

Miss Piggy uses her whole body as a weapon when she has to. / What did I ever do? / Peonies look like paintings but smell like fucking funerals.

Jessica Bebenek

I am messy, painful, redundant. Just so you know / from the start. I have watched myself tidy / my things inexplicably before walking into the night.

Anne Cecelia Holmes

Spectacular chaos. Timeless / tumored chaos for the sake / of nothing. I crown the day / and swallow the lake I / was born in.

Michelle Betters

Me missing teeth, you with dog tags on, / a thing to be proud of as a child / is proud of war and how the father / could work in an office afterward.

MK Chavez

The tale of rendered object / as broken & saturated edifice. / It is possible to be hysterically / & historically blind.

Skylar Salvatore

you, wild, and / impossible to housebreak. like a puppy / pissing on my new shag rug.

Talin Tahajian

The not-church is my bedroom & my soft-stained sink. The not-church is everything you, boy, think you know. I’ve seen your books. I’ve seen your pen.

Rachelle Toarmino

who points to the space underneath his knees and says I usually like to cry in here

Janea Kelly

Crooked tongue, chipped teeth but so Pisces rising, Sagittarius sun: What a nice enough girl with ugly parts.

Precious Okoyomon

I lied in my last confession, I have dishonoured my mother and father, um – I have um – hurt people that I care about.

Rebecca Salazar

I can’t knock fucking as a concept when he wheedles, can a true catholic

Rachel Kang

The morning you left me You left me a hundred years before On a dock

Jenna Cardinale

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the ways I might hurt you.

Fisayo Adeyeye

Unfortunately, as a child initiated / through violence. Unfortunately, / as a child initiated. Unfortunately / as a child, I yawned myself open.

Asdrubal Quintero

The first thing we admit to ourselves as human beings is that we have no idea how the world is going to end.

Stacey Teague

bite the apple and drink the sweet water see your body as it is taken from you

Eileen Myles

where my grandmother Is buried. This machine is making sure

Tyehimba Jess

Shove notes in your head till they bust out where your eyes supposed to shine.


DAY ONE: I followed an ant back to his nest in the Chihuahuan Desert, a little juniper seed in his mouth.

Ritapa Neogi

My sail’s facing the smelly blue sky, something so alluring, between trash, college students and a giant mass of air pollution.

Kirsten Abel | Poetry

You tell me all the good leaked out of you a long time ago. So I shouldn’t expect much.

Jessie Janeshek

We were ambitious, tore golden tickets, couldn’t stand Dad nesting in bed, how our time disappeared in the night.

H.R. Webster

The radiator rattles like a host of sparrows on a dead limb. I have forgotten, again, the bread.

Ajise Vincent

while a group of tourists take photographs of him, soldering them to words. their intentions scorch

Colette Arrand

A manicure is an act of self-care. Cut the cuticles, buff the nails.

Dara Cerv

Were fused then jumped by a frequency Multiplied along a wire That extends from the wrist of a fiery deity

Jon Ruseski

You are just trying to be honest. You ask for directions through the slow orange light. A real touch dilates over you, and the playlist hides in the gauzy stretch you haven’t found.

Monet P. Thomas

Beds are strange places: havens, homes to dead skin, I spend so much time with mine but don’t know it at all.

Sennah Yee

For my sixth birthday I got a Mulan backpack, Mulan lunchbox, Mulan PJs, Mulan Halloween costume, and three Mulan dolls, each in different outfits, and with varying lengths of black hair.

Hannah Watts

are you goth if you have black fingernails do you ask how to shoot coins into the drum soak to get off the prints and click click c/lick them clean

Rushing Pittman

when the night rubbed against the night as cold hands rub against cold hands

Kerrie McNair

I killed it? You shrugged and I haven’t seen you since.

Asa Drake

In a subterranean Duane Reade, I gathered every ointment.

Charles Theonia

the fact that it takes so much of the part of the day before my alarm goes off and the rest of the day after i get up to be in the world

Emily Present

if i wear Larry David on my legs when we're not together can i still be free?

Jessica Hudgins

In elementary school, teachers clip Queen-Anne’s lace, place it in a bowl of dyed-red water.

Ines Pujos

They bend over to smell every mouth, determining causes of death: black plague, weakened heart

Jamie Mortara

what do i call it when you get us beers and assure me that everything's fine and we never talk about it ever again?

Joanna Valente

driving in cars feels like a new body, new dimension to fuck up.

Catherine Pikula

Nietszche. N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E written a hundred times. I said it wrong. Cha! Cha! Cha!

David Ishaya Osu

all the pillows have fallen i keep playing a song till it enters my blood because there is no space

Lauren Clark

With the fake crack of the fake gun a silence falls over the county.

Maurisa Thompson

little boy drags his belly across the yellow grass, squeaks it like a violin. arms out, pretends he is a ship or airplane

Samantha Bares

Where are you in my delusions? With any luck, I narrate you into diver cobbler or blacksmith, a village treasure. Behold—offstage, the forest crone spinning blind for no one.

Catch Business

silence come across saturdays sigh again they called you in to excuse making excuses

Dana Curtis

I will split something unseen, and this invisible will transform my world in an instant.

Valerie Hsiung


Katie Mertz

so open a sky so full just him and he is holding my hand and I am when the clouds part who

Max Cohen

and you told me you hated my cigarettes but missed me very much and I tried to say the same thing back but couldn’t stop coughing.

Laura Willwerth

Republican Presidential Debate, August 6, 2015, Cleveland, Ohio Republican Presidential Debate, September 16, 2015, Simi Valley, California

Brynne Rebele-Henry

Angry girls, say all our neck-bearded uncles: assholes, we say of them ‘Bout them teeth, say our mommies and their endless Tampax-lilted Marlboros

Erica Dawson

My crooked teeth are weary of their sockets. They’re falling out in mounds as if my mouth

Kristin Chang

Cut the meat / to release its ghosts / Trade yourself / for a girl / who thinks meat is making / a comeback. In / fifth grade my teacher called me / a chink in the armor /

Thomas Cook

An assault on the stationary floor. The gathering middle. Pray the field clean. Ceramic salsify lies in light. Velvet falcon buttoned in pearls. To your mouth.

Rae Paris

I don’t why she did this, says my mother on the phone, she must have...I don’t know..., and I know by now to wait.

Chloe Firetto-Toomey

Do you remember eating Scottish oysters in Kew Gardens, the bridge overhead? It was Valentine’s Day, light shifted through the Victorian greenhouse.

Robin Richardson

Suppose he came to know me as he wrote in Sharpie on my belly: whore, or heroine

Lisa Hiton

The name is called out here on camera.

Jessie Knoles

i cry because snakes don’t deserve to get shot for just being snakes i can swim with them, it’s okay, just put me in that spot

Adebe DeRango-Adem

of her serial geography— her vertiginous hair all flames on a dark sun, remains maroon with vertigo, washed ashore

Aziza Barnes

let’s lay hands on her said the lord. let’s lay hands on her said the soror. let’s lay hands on her said the black man.

Joy Priest

runs down my leg Untested as a house plant Tempering

Hannah Beresford

Sweet orange almond crumbs stuck to my sweater front as I wobbled into the dining room—having eaten all the leftover naan, flat-out in a stupor on the couch.

Raena Shirali

to burning—if i light the sari on the clothesline—if there are many saris hung hem to hem—if they pass the flame like an infant : hem to hem—

Tanis Franco

on second thought i tried something that was not. i brought my camera thinking i would take beautiful pictures, it was a place to take beautiful pictures. i felt a need to try and capture these.

Victoria Kornick

Last night there was a fountain in the park, and my friend said it’s less a fountain than a body covered in water.

Virginia McLure

He shows us his backyard, roosters, limes, a coconut tree, dasheen, aloe like spiked tails. One, I can sell for $50, he says. We ride in a blue-painted boat to the island of birds.

Maggie Millner

I love you, suet couch. I love you, plastic rug I slathered in an extra-virgin sauce.

Kimberly Kotel

Listen. I’ll be better. I stuffed it into every pocket of your clothing I could find.

Jeremy Radin

I’ll be here / slipping on the peels / laughing / slipping on the peels / laughing / practicing for your arrival / a word about what you are afraid of / maybe / meet me here / I am so lonely

E.C. Belli

Additionally, the range of tragic / emotions oneness can offer / is best experienced without warning. The surprise / of the onset is key / to experiencing the full bludgeon to the heart / oneness can deliver.

Chelsey Shannon

& would those eggs hatch inside warm-wet me like watermelon seeds? / & would mosquitos itch at my insides like free?

Sarah Nichols

LOST: LAVENDER AT THE KITCHEN SINK. STEMS FRAYED. / Everyone breaks off my number and keeps it in their pocket

Tommy Pico

I don’t know how they made sense of that swell, how they survived long enough to make me, and am sort of at war with sentimentality, generally

Adrian Silbernagel

Lessen, voluptuous feathers. Fold up fanwise, hide behind your sisters, single

Stephon Lawrence

i want to meet these aliens. it’s strange that i haven’t. have they landed? i hear a balding man call this tiny woman an alien.

C.M. Keehl

in good dreams I’m no longer vulpes vulpes at the table.

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