Max Cohen

i’m a parrot with a toothbrush it’s a wise decision and makes a lot of sense

Max Cohen2020-01-28T18:22:40-05:00

Sarah Jordan

I don’t know maybe I thought I was turning into him. into a dream of youth. I don’t remember having one. I’m going to ask god to give me back my childhood. I don’t remember having one.

Sarah Jordan2020-01-28T18:23:17-05:00

Luther Hughes

i wrench the bone from my mouth for three minutes before it flutter into a raven

Luther Hughes2020-01-28T18:26:18-05:00

Liz Bowen

i put u in back of my shoulders / where u can see me only / where i can only imagine the shape

Liz Bowen2020-01-28T18:35:20-05:00

Jon-Michael Frank

I want to love something so powerful / it requires a symbol / teens drinking sunny d / at the ancient ruins / you only give up longing / to more longing / if you want roses all summer / you have to cut them back

Jon-Michael Frank2020-02-01T00:53:23-05:00

beyza ozer

THE 52-HERTZ WHALE whistles to no one in particular. This means there is no difference between him crying or him asking for help.

beyza ozer2020-01-28T18:36:56-05:00

Andy Nicole Bowers

What eyes / have I been given that I scavenge charnel ground— / at home among the rifling wake, impenitent, unshriven— / for tatters I might piece into a self-consoling song?

Andy Nicole Bowers2020-02-01T00:54:21-05:00

Andrea Abi-Karam

COMPLEX DESIRE / like fucking the enemy in a basement in bed-stuy under a crooked photo of kathy acker

Andrea Abi-Karam2020-02-01T00:54:48-05:00

Amy Lawless

Miss Piggy uses her whole body as a weapon when she has to. / What did I ever do? / Peonies look like paintings but smell like fucking funerals.

Amy Lawless2020-02-01T00:55:35-05:00

Jessica Bebenek

I am messy, painful, redundant. Just so you know / from the start. I have watched myself tidy / my things inexplicably before walking into the night.

Jessica Bebenek2020-02-01T00:56:13-05:00

Anne Cecelia Holmes

Spectacular chaos. Timeless / tumored chaos for the sake / of nothing. I crown the day / and swallow the lake I / was born in.

Anne Cecelia Holmes2020-02-01T00:56:49-05:00

Michelle Betters

Me missing teeth, you with dog tags on, / a thing to be proud of as a child / is proud of war and how the father / could work in an office afterward.

Michelle Betters2020-02-01T00:57:27-05:00

MK Chavez

The tale of rendered object / as broken & saturated edifice. / It is possible to be hysterically / & historically blind.

MK Chavez2020-02-05T08:40:22-05:00

Talin Tahajian

The not-church is my bedroom & my soft-stained sink. The not-church is everything you, boy, think you know. I’ve seen your books. I’ve seen your pen.

Talin Tahajian2020-01-28T18:47:24-05:00

Janea Kelly

Crooked tongue, chipped teeth but so Pisces rising, Sagittarius sun: What a nice enough girl with ugly parts.

Janea Kelly2020-01-28T18:50:04-05:00

Precious Okoyomon

I lied in my last confession, I have dishonoured my mother and father, um – I have um – hurt people that I care about.

Precious Okoyomon2020-01-28T18:51:09-05:00

Fisayo Adeyeye

Unfortunately, as a child initiated / through violence. Unfortunately, / as a child initiated. Unfortunately / as a child, I yawned myself open.

Fisayo Adeyeye2020-02-01T00:11:42-05:00

Asdrubal Quintero

The first thing we admit to ourselves as human beings is that we have no idea how the world is going to end.

Asdrubal Quintero2020-01-28T18:55:39-05:00


DAY ONE: I followed an ant back to his nest in the Chihuahuan Desert, a little juniper seed in his mouth.


Ritapa Neogi

My sail’s facing the smelly blue sky, something so alluring, between trash, college students and a giant mass of air pollution.

Ritapa Neogi2020-01-23T01:36:13-05:00

Jessie Janeshek

We were ambitious, tore golden tickets, couldn’t stand Dad nesting in bed, how our time disappeared in the night.

Jessie Janeshek2020-02-01T12:28:32-05:00

H.R. Webster

The radiator rattles like a host of sparrows on a dead limb. I have forgotten, again, the bread.

H.R. Webster2020-02-01T12:29:27-05:00

Ajise Vincent

while a group of tourists take photographs of him, soldering them to words. their intentions scorch

Ajise Vincent2020-02-01T12:30:21-05:00

Dara Cerv

Were fused then jumped by a frequency Multiplied along a wire That extends from the wrist of a fiery deity

Dara Cerv2020-02-01T12:31:28-05:00

Jon Ruseski

You are just trying to be honest. You ask for directions through the slow orange light. A real touch dilates over you, and the playlist hides in the gauzy stretch you haven’t found.

Jon Ruseski2020-02-01T12:32:14-05:00

Monet P. Thomas

Beds are strange places: havens, homes to dead skin, I spend so much time with mine but don’t know it at all.

Monet P. Thomas2020-02-01T12:33:58-05:00

Sennah Yee

For my sixth birthday I got a Mulan backpack, Mulan lunchbox, Mulan PJs, Mulan Halloween costume, and three Mulan dolls, each in different outfits, and with varying lengths of black hair.

Sennah Yee2020-01-27T03:16:31-05:00

Hannah Watts

are you goth if you have black fingernails do you ask how to shoot coins into the drum soak to get off the prints and click click c/lick them clean

Hannah Watts2020-01-27T03:16:35-05:00

Charles Theonia

the fact that it takes so much of the part of the day before my alarm goes off and the rest of the day after i get up to be in the world

Charles Theonia2020-01-27T03:07:34-05:00

Jessica Hudgins

In elementary school, teachers clip Queen-Anne’s lace, place it in a bowl of dyed-red water.

Jessica Hudgins2020-01-27T03:05:50-05:00

Ines Pujos

They bend over to smell every mouth, determining causes of death: black plague, weakened heart

Ines Pujos2020-01-27T03:05:28-05:00

Jamie Mortara

what do i call it when you get us beers and assure me that everything's fine and we never talk about it ever again?

Jamie Mortara2020-01-27T03:04:44-05:00

David Ishaya Osu

all the pillows have fallen i keep playing a song till it enters my blood because there is no space

David Ishaya Osu2020-01-27T02:59:42-05:00

Maurisa Thompson

little boy drags his belly across the yellow grass, squeaks it like a violin. arms out, pretends he is a ship or airplane

Maurisa Thompson2020-01-27T02:57:59-05:00

Samantha Bares

Where are you in my delusions? With any luck, I narrate you into diver cobbler or blacksmith, a village treasure. Behold—offstage, the forest crone spinning blind for no one.

Samantha Bares2020-01-27T02:56:51-05:00

Catch Business

silence come across saturdays sigh again they called you in to excuse making excuses

Catch Business2020-01-27T02:56:19-05:00

Dana Curtis

I will split something unseen, and this invisible will transform my world in an instant.

Dana Curtis2020-01-27T02:55:38-05:00

Valerie Hsiung


Valerie Hsiung2020-01-27T02:54:51-05:00

Katie Mertz

so open a sky so full just him and he is holding my hand and I am when the clouds part who

Katie Mertz2020-01-27T02:28:36-05:00

Max Cohen

and you told me you hated my cigarettes but missed me very much and I tried to say the same thing back but couldn’t stop coughing.

Max Cohen2020-01-27T02:29:26-05:00

Laura Willwerth

Republican Presidential Debate, August 6, 2015, Cleveland, Ohio Republican Presidential Debate, September 16, 2015, Simi Valley, California

Laura Willwerth2020-02-01T00:08:50-05:00

Brynne Rebele-Henry

Angry girls, say all our neck-bearded uncles: assholes, we say of them ‘Bout them teeth, say our mommies and their endless Tampax-lilted Marlboros

Brynne Rebele-Henry2020-01-27T02:31:03-05:00

Erica Dawson

My crooked teeth are weary of their sockets. They’re falling out in mounds as if my mouth

Erica Dawson2020-01-27T02:32:33-05:00

Kristin Chang

Cut the meat / to release its ghosts / Trade yourself / for a girl / who thinks meat is making / a comeback. In / fifth grade my teacher called me / a chink in the armor /

Kristin Chang2020-01-27T02:33:18-05:00

Thomas Cook

An assault on the stationary floor. The gathering middle. Pray the field clean. Ceramic salsify lies in light. Velvet falcon buttoned in pearls. To your mouth.

Thomas Cook2020-01-27T02:33:57-05:00

Rae Paris

I don’t why she did this, says my mother on the phone, she must have...I don’t know..., and I know by now to wait.

Rae Paris2020-01-27T02:34:47-05:00

Chloe Firetto-Toomey

Do you remember eating Scottish oysters in Kew Gardens, the bridge overhead? It was Valentine’s Day, light shifted through the Victorian greenhouse.

Chloe Firetto-Toomey2020-01-27T02:35:45-05:00

Jessie Knoles

i cry because snakes don’t deserve to get shot for just being snakes i can swim with them, it’s okay, just put me in that spot

Jessie Knoles2020-01-27T02:37:37-05:00

Adebe DeRango-Adem

of her serial geography— her vertiginous hair all flames on a dark sun, remains maroon with vertigo, washed ashore

Adebe DeRango-Adem2020-01-27T02:38:32-05:00

Aziza Barnes

let’s lay hands on her said the lord. let’s lay hands on her said the soror. let’s lay hands on her said the black man.

Aziza Barnes2020-01-27T02:38:43-05:00

Hannah Beresford

Sweet orange almond crumbs stuck to my sweater front as I wobbled into the dining room—having eaten all the leftover naan, flat-out in a stupor on the couch.

Hannah Beresford2020-01-27T02:24:37-05:00

Raena Shirali

to burning—if i light the sari on the clothesline—if there are many saris hung hem to hem—if they pass the flame like an infant : hem to hem—

Raena Shirali2020-02-05T08:39:54-05:00

Tanis Franco

on second thought i tried something that was not. i brought my camera thinking i would take beautiful pictures, it was a place to take beautiful pictures. i felt a need to try and capture these.

Tanis Franco2020-01-27T02:21:00-05:00

Victoria Kornick

Last night there was a fountain in the park, and my friend said it’s less a fountain than a body covered in water.

Victoria Kornick2020-01-27T02:18:10-05:00

Virginia McLure

He shows us his backyard, roosters, limes, a coconut tree, dasheen, aloe like spiked tails. One, I can sell for $50, he says. We ride in a blue-painted boat to the island of birds.

Virginia McLure2020-01-27T02:17:15-05:00

Maggie Millner

I love you, suet couch. I love you, plastic rug I slathered in an extra-virgin sauce.

Maggie Millner2020-01-27T01:58:20-05:00

Kimberly Kotel

Listen. I’ll be better. I stuffed it into every pocket of your clothing I could find.

Kimberly Kotel2020-01-27T01:56:51-05:00

Jeremy Radin

I’ll be here / slipping on the peels / laughing / slipping on the peels / laughing / practicing for your arrival / a word about what you are afraid of / maybe / meet me here / I am so lonely

Jeremy Radin2020-01-27T01:55:47-05:00

E.C. Belli

Additionally, the range of tragic / emotions oneness can offer / is best experienced without warning. The surprise / of the onset is key / to experiencing the full bludgeon to the heart / oneness can deliver.

E.C. Belli2020-02-01T12:43:12-05:00

Chelsey Shannon

& would those eggs hatch inside warm-wet me like watermelon seeds? / & would mosquitos itch at my insides like free?

Chelsey Shannon2020-02-01T00:15:23-05:00

Sarah Nichols

LOST: LAVENDER AT THE KITCHEN SINK. STEMS FRAYED. / Everyone breaks off my number and keeps it in their pocket

Sarah Nichols2020-02-01T00:18:10-05:00

Tommy Pico

I don’t know how they made sense of that swell, how they survived long enough to make me, and am sort of at war with sentimentality, generally

Tommy Pico2020-02-01T00:18:45-05:00

Stephon Lawrence

i want to meet these aliens. it’s strange that i haven’t. have they landed? i hear a balding man call this tiny woman an alien.

Stephon Lawrence2020-02-01T00:19:15-05:00

Leslie Shipman

A curve distills space / Constricted space or stubbled field? / A pale meadow gleams with rusted opalescence / Dead center or blur?

Leslie Shipman2020-01-31T23:56:40-05:00

Zoe Kingsley

for me & them & us ZOE KINGSLEY I& it can happen in the house& it can happen in the pub& it can be

Zoe Kingsley2020-02-01T12:44:14-05:00

Jennifer Fitzgerald

gators are trained to follow the whirring / fan so customers can snap / photo heat and haze / —as it dances the surface / like so many motes

Jennifer Fitzgerald2020-02-01T00:21:55-05:00

Brooke Ellsworth

My cunts dropped in the ground. What mirror, right, in the ground. I want to see a mad choreography in the cell, I sweat out buildings.

Brooke Ellsworth2020-02-01T00:20:18-05:00

Adrienne Raphel

The circus animals, dizzy / from the fumes of a million bucks’ / worth of fireworks, reel.

Adrienne Raphel2020-02-01T00:32:27-05:00

Jake Skakun

Hello neighbour. The cat's face comes quick / to the crack. Gord is a quiet prisoner. / I can't choke this wane and seep. / I sink all my electronics in bathwater.

Jake Skakun2020-02-01T00:43:00-05:00