Laura Villareal

Maybe if I could hold the sardine’s spine / gently, without breaking it, / it would become a pearl necklace clasped / to my throat as I speak the answer.

Laura Villareal2020-02-01T00:42:26-05:00

Ashley Opheim

you buy me 3 Subway cookies / and while sucking the butter out of them / I wonder how I can trust a culture / that manufactures idols?

Ashley Opheim2020-02-01T12:55:49-05:00

Anna Meister

We rose to it, held ourselves tight. Remember / the talk of the tips of our blades? Didn’t you feel / softened in the parking lot?

Anna Meister2020-02-01T13:43:42-05:00

Kasia Juno

When this island was first formed / the sand was darker / you explain this & other things / but I remember

Kasia Juno2020-02-01T00:39:54-05:00

Eva H.D.

Another still in / another album, or an / anywhere of dirt / your throatless a capella, / an electric song unplugged.

Eva H.D.2020-02-01T00:59:50-05:00

Ryann Stevenson

Because it only takes one—there were three—they dragged her—by the hair—because the meadow—unaware and typical—durum-gold—because a horse

Ryann Stevenson2020-02-01T00:39:06-05:00

Alysia Nicole Harris

Home como ancla, no como cadenas, rather you as a worm, hooked / in a little fishing village by the sea / away from the desert calling / the iguanas Mother, though they could give you no suck.

Alysia Nicole Harris2020-02-01T00:38:26-05:00

Sara Ann Sütterlin

I’m slumped down into my deck chair. / I feel fuzzy; allergy medicine high. My / mother and I are having dinner: two / wine glasses clink together.

Sara Ann Sütterlin2020-02-01T00:35:56-05:00

Erin Lyndal Martin

It is more difficult / to describe complex trauma-related revictimization / in your online dating profile. For my next trick / I’m going to drop a hundred pounds / and be a washing machine sales rep who’s ready to settle down.

Erin Lyndal Martin2020-02-01T00:37:08-05:00

Sarah Jean Grimm

I steal fresh palms from my neighbors / And swirl these together in a saucepan / To keep pests from coming in

Sarah Jean Grimm2020-02-01T00:45:04-05:00

Soren Stockman

It is all we have to account for the missing mass in the orbital velocity / of stars that Joseph-called-John connects on his bedroom wall.

Soren Stockman2020-02-01T00:47:24-05:00

Pui Ying Wong

Flakes drop from your pajamas— / The sky is furry. / Damp air fiddles like rumors / until thick with fidelity.

Pui Ying Wong2020-02-01T00:43:52-05:00

Lucian Mattison

Sunlight flickers between their tiny legs, / and now I envy them from a distance, too.

Lucian Mattison2020-02-01T00:48:39-05:00

C. Kubasta

I cannot describe the perfect bruises and bite marks on your arm, but Elizabeth Bishop could.

C. Kubasta2020-02-01T12:18:46-05:00

Anna Margolin

Here I have wept. Mold on the walls, roar of the hard, divine sentence on the weak and the lost.

Anna Margolin2020-01-23T01:59:44-05:00

K.T. Billey

About craving, about arthritic haunches on big dogs the distance between childhood and that second thigh

K.T. Billey2020-01-23T01:37:28-05:00

Lisa Hiton

It was supposed to be harmless, so you act / like it’s harmless. The smell of vanilla and thyme / in the crook of your neck where skin meets hair.

Lisa Hiton2020-01-31T23:54:45-05:00

Derrick Austin

There is a roof one man’s body makes over another. Pine needles on sharp grains. This is what I remember.

Derrick Austin2020-01-23T01:40:16-05:00

Natalie Eilbert

My carriage spills waste. Brown lachrymose blood along crotchlines. My carriage spills waste. Metabolized yellow.

Natalie Eilbert2020-01-23T01:41:47-05:00

Gillian Sze

(A skilled calligrapher will tell you that they should “give the impression of a sail filled by the wind.” But a poor first stroke, and the others will “look like lost cotton wads tossed by the wind.”)

Gillian Sze2020-01-23T01:45:48-05:00

Annik Adey-Babinski

Never past the pink concrete altar where roasted the Christmas pig Never under a hush, slipping off my shoes, letting you check the door first

Annik Adey-Babinski2020-01-23T01:46:57-05:00

Adele Barclay

I pick plums from a tree in your backyard for breakfast and brush the fur off with my nightgown.

Adele Barclay2020-01-23T01:49:04-05:00

Greg Santos

I misread “so many people killing it this month” as “so many people killing this month.”

Greg Santos2020-01-23T01:50:02-05:00

Taylor Collier

I wanted it to be like a movie where interrogation leads to advanced interrogation and what you learn in school

Taylor Collier2020-01-23T01:56:59-05:00

Diana Khoi Nguyen

He is ryegrass. The voices of his heart like tensed wings; ripples in the serum of a stoppered vial. Death is the only word in any language sleeping won't spoil.

Diana Khoi Nguyen2020-01-23T01:57:47-05:00

Polina Barskova

Dawn outside his chambers disintegrates, retreats, Anxious, breath unwholesome, like the stricken man.

Polina Barskova2020-01-23T02:07:05-05:00

Richie Hofmann

I hadn’t been able to read it in the darkness of the hall. The train was late, all the blueness was becoming gold.

Richie Hofmann2020-01-23T02:05:48-05:00

Jessica Scicchitano

Ladies, this license plate is your journal, an everlasting ticket up a Northern route where you’ll still have access to electroshock therapy through some faux forest in the middle of the US.

Jessica Scicchitano2020-01-23T02:04:44-05:00

Cornelius Eady

Where the way this combo tongue and squeeze the air tells me it’s John C’s b’day-O yes; he had a nice place on Long Island

Cornelius Eady2020-01-23T02:03:38-05:00

Alex Dimitrov

Past the stone angel heads and over the calm brutes, the freeway thins and wears white like a patient tonight.

Alex Dimitrov2020-01-23T02:01:40-05:00


indulgence analogous to / being open by morning / fall forward / fall conjuring / tell the farmer we / cannot taste his / milk but wish to


Monica McClure

Do I want to look good? / Or do I want to look rich, and if not rich, taken care of? / Of course, erotics troubles this

Monica McClure2020-01-31T23:48:53-05:00