Polina Barskova

Dawn outside his chambers disintegrates, retreats, Anxious, breath unwholesome, like the stricken man.

Polina Barskova2019-09-29T10:43:01-04:00

Richie Hofmann

I hadn’t been able to read it in the darkness of the hall. The train was late, all the blueness was becoming gold.

Richie Hofmann2019-09-30T01:20:23-04:00

Jessica Scicchitano

Ladies, this license plate is your journal, an everlasting ticket up a Northern route where you’ll still have access to electroshock therapy through some faux forest in the middle of the US.

Jessica Scicchitano2019-09-30T01:21:09-04:00

Cornelius Eady

Where the way this combo tongue and squeeze the air tells me it’s John C’s b’day-O yes; he had a nice place on Long Island

Cornelius Eady2019-09-30T01:18:53-04:00

Alex Dimitrov

Past the stone angel heads and over the calm brutes, the freeway thins and wears white like a patient tonight.

Alex Dimitrov2019-09-30T01:17:58-04:00

CA Conrad

a wayward protein bloodletting from unforeseen orifice gathers us to elongated grass-fed hours

CA Conrad2019-09-30T01:16:38-04:00

Monica McClure

TENDER DATA .Inquiries feel like enemas What is it called when your fist blooms inside someone The civilization I live in has lost its purpose so I turn to amateur

Monica McClure2019-09-30T01:09:06-04:00