Tiny Spills | Javier Zamora

Guilty literary pleasure: Chani Nicholas & Susan Miller horoscopes when the moment they’re published. Any sort of horoscope really.

Tiny Spills | Javier Zamora2020-02-24T23:44:45-05:00

Tiny Tunes | Rosie Accola

Lately I’ve been thinking about being on the radio. In college, I hosted a late night show with a friend, which meant we spent each week combing the internet and pulling records, then choosing songs until each set reflected a glimmer of our lives.

Tiny Tunes | Rosie Accola2018-12-31T10:27:12-05:00

Astro Spills | Taurus

jayy dodd: “Being a Taurus is like being a monument only you know how to build but everyone else wants to worship.”

Astro Spills | Taurus2018-12-04T20:38:11-05:00

Astro Spills | Aries

Complete the sentence, “Being an Aries is like…” Madeleine Maillet: Waking up and realizing today is the day you’re going on a trip and you haven’t packed our bought your ticket

Astro Spills | Aries2017-05-13T15:05:52-04:00

Astro Spills | Pisces

 Complete the sentence, “Being a Pisces is like…”  Joe Osmundson: All the feels, all the time.  Always a drive to do creative work.  Deep empathy for loved ones and strangers

Astro Spills | Pisces2017-05-13T15:07:28-04:00

Tiny Spills | Allison Grimaldi-Donahue

Tabs open on your screen right now: gmail, facebook, indesign, a load of word documents, spotify—too much If you had to brag about yourself: I’m quick at learning languages and

Tiny Spills | Allison Grimaldi-Donahue2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Eve Ewing

Tabs open on your screen right now: PsychologyToday's therapist directory (I'm searching for a new person after moving back home to Chicago from Boston), "What I Pledge Allegiance To" by

Tiny Spills | Eve Ewing2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Tommy Pico

Tabs open on your screen right now: Renew passport by mail, YouTube Living Single theme song, Google image search: vertical messenger bag, Daryl Baldwin—Macarthur Fellows class of 2016, NPR main

Tiny Spills | Tommy Pico2020-01-22T21:07:31-05:00

Tiny Spills | Danez Smith

Tabs open on your screen right now: a poem, an essay prompt for my students, a Khadijah Queen poem, facebook, some lab results from my doctor, itunes playing Noname, an

Tiny Spills | Danez Smith2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Cornelius Eady

Tabs open on your screen right now: Work: University of Missouri (was away from my laptop all afternoon.) If you had to brag about yourself: I wouldn't. It's not about

Tiny Spills | Cornelius Eady2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Frankie Barnet

Tabs open on your screen right now: Deadspin: the story behind the perfect photo of olympic pain Deadspin: How a career ends: Dominique Moceanu, America's youngest gold-medal gymnast Youtube: Kanye

Tiny Spills | Frankie Barnet2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Jamie Mortara

Tabs open on your screen right now: okay so i'm a really bad serial tab pinner. here are all my pinned tabs as of today: Aleatoric music Sami people Executive

Tiny Spills | Jamie Mortara2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Derrick Austin

Tabs open on your screen right now: Facebook / An interview with Alexander Chee / Moira Egan's beautiful "Ghazanelle" / Episode 10 of Outlander / FKA twigs's performance at Pitchfork

Tiny Spills | Derrick Austin2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Raena Shirali

Tabs open on your screen right now: To-Do Lists, A running document where I type up student poem feedback, Blind Pilot performing "Umpqua Rushing" Live at Bear Creek Studio (YouTube);

Tiny Spills | Raena Shirali2017-05-05T22:05:19-04:00

Tiny Spills | Robin Richardson

Tabs open on your screen right now: * LibriVox * Emanuel Swedenbor’s Journal of Dreams * Vistaprint * Facebook * Center for Fiction – In conversation: Atticus Lish & Daniel

Tiny Spills | Robin Richardson2017-05-05T22:05:20-04:00

Tiny Spills | Mira Gonzalez

Tabs open on your screen right now: my therapist's website, my psychiatrist's website, a video of a space-x rocket exploding, a buzzfeed listicle of baby animal GIFs that i looked

Tiny Spills | Mira Gonzalez2017-05-05T22:05:20-04:00

Tiny Spills | Emily Jungmin Yoon

Tabs open on your screen right now: Outlook and a Korean news website. The news article is on the drafting of Korean women's volleyball players. If you had to brag

Tiny Spills | Emily Jungmin Yoon2017-05-05T22:05:20-04:00

Tiny Spills | Diana Khoi Nguyen

Your writer crush: How can I have just one? I’ll name some seasonal suspects: John D’Agata, Eliot Weinberger, Harold Pinter Favorite lyric: “Don’t want to end up a cartoon in

Tiny Spills | Diana Khoi Nguyen2019-02-24T17:27:27-05:00

Tiny Spills | Brynne Rebele-Henry

Tabs open on your screen right now: Catherine of Siena’s Wikipedia page (novel research), my work email, and a Flemish painting that I’m basing a short story about weird art

Tiny Spills | Brynne Rebele-Henry2019-02-24T17:29:08-05:00