Tiny Spills | Javier Zamora

Guilty literary pleasure: Chani Nicholas & Susan Miller horoscopes when the moment they’re published. Any sort of horoscope really.

Tiny Spills | Javier Zamora2020-02-27T12:26:06-05:00

Tiny Spills | Naomi Jackson

NAOMI JACKSON TINY SPILLS Tabs open on your screen right now: Instagram, iTunes (WuTang Clan, 36 Chambers of Death), FB, Twitter, Weather,

Tiny Spills | Naomi Jackson2020-02-27T12:26:06-05:00

Tiny Spills | Zach Savich

While spending too long thinking about what constitutes a lie to oneself, I burned the tahini honey yogurt cake I am baking. It may have improved it.

Tiny Spills | Zach Savich2020-02-27T12:26:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Naima Coster

Last time you lied: A pair of friends came over around 9 am to drop off their keys so I could stop by and feed their cat while they were away. I was still in my pajamas.

Tiny Spills | Naima Coster2020-02-27T12:26:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Kaveh Akbar

Gmail, Twitter, an article on Coleridge called “Is the Ancient Mariner a Zombie?”, my Game of Thrones fantasy league score tables, Natalie Scenters-Zapico’s “Women’s Work” from the Boston Review, Wikipedia page for the singer Rebekah Del Rio, essay on the Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Twitter

Tiny Spills | Kaveh Akbar2020-02-27T12:59:32-05:00

Tiny Spills | Megan Fernandes

I’m impulsive. It’s get me into trouble. Also, my nose. Or maybe I’m fine with my nose now, I don’t know. Also, I’m indecisive.

Tiny Spills | Megan Fernandes2020-02-27T12:59:32-05:00

Tiny Spills | Aziza Barnes

Your rituals (writing or not): fuck. a LOT OF THINGS. one i’ll share: I got these prayer beads. when i’m stressy or just awake, i count each bead (112) out loud.

Tiny Spills | Aziza Barnes2020-02-27T12:59:32-05:00

Tiny Spills | Larissa Pham

TINY SPILLS LARISSA PHAM Tabs open on your screen right now:Gmail; Google Drive; the Google doc I’m answering these questions in; another project I’m

Tiny Spills | Larissa Pham2020-02-27T12:59:33-05:00

Tiny Spills | Patty Yumi Cottrell

TINY SPILLS PATTY YUMI COTTRELL If you had to brag about yourself:For thirty-five years I’ve had perfect vision.Your writer crush:Elizabeth Hardwick in 1979, Fiona

Tiny Spills | Patty Yumi Cottrell2020-02-27T12:59:33-05:00

Tiny Spills | Camonghne Felix

TINY SPILLS CAMONGHNE FELIX Tabs open on your screen right now:Facebook. Tweetdeck. Three NYT articles. One Fast Company article. One WSJ article. Spotify. The

Tiny Spills | Camonghne Felix2020-02-27T12:59:33-05:00

Tiny Spills | Gillian Sze

TINY SPILLS GILLIAN SZE Tabs open on your screen right now:Gmail, a google search for “camilia and teething,” and a recipe for apple pie

Tiny Spills | Gillian Sze2020-02-27T12:59:33-05:00

Tiny Spills | Chiwan Choi

TINY SPILLS CHIWAN CHOI Tabs open on your screen right now:Facebook (never closes). Google docs. Square. Some video where Susan Sarandon is being a

Tiny Spills | Chiwan Choi2020-02-27T12:59:34-05:00

Tiny Spills | Joanna C. Valente

TINY SPILLS JOANNA C. VALENTE Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail, Google Docs, Verse.press, Facebook, Twitter, NY Times, Lit Hub, The

Tiny Spills | Joanna C. Valente2020-02-27T12:59:34-05:00

Tiny Spills | Alexandra Naughton

TINY SPILLS ALEXANDRA NAUGHTON Tabs open on your screen right now:Two work emails (Yahoo and Outlook), my personal Gmail, rare book seller (looking

Tiny Spills | Alexandra Naughton2020-02-27T12:59:35-05:00

Tiny Spills | xTx

TINY SPILLS xTx Your writer crush: Roxane Gay Favorite lyric: "Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies, While you and your mother were

Tiny Spills | xTx2020-02-27T15:49:13-05:00

Tiny Spills | Precious Okoyomon

TINY SPILLS PRECIOUS OKOYOMON Tabs open on your screen right now: This Morgan Parker essay, capes on etsy for toy poodles, this bianca stone

Tiny Spills | Precious Okoyomon2020-02-27T15:49:14-05:00

Tiny Spills | Kima Jones

TINY SPILLS KIMA JONES Tabs open on your screen right now: Several Google Drive documents, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, OkCupid and two Gmail

Tiny Spills | Kima Jones2020-02-27T15:49:14-05:00

Tiny Spills | Alana Massey

TINY SPILLS ALANA MASSEY Tabs open on your screen right now:- Youtube Video "Music for Effective Studying- Easy Studying Music- Beautiful Study Music- Easy

Tiny Spills | Alana Massey2020-02-27T15:49:14-05:00

Tiny Spills | Jayson P. Smith

TINY SPILLS JAYSON P. SMITH Tabs open on your screen right now: Pantone's Color of The Year (It's "Greenery"), Chani Nicholas Horoscopes, Lorelei Black's

Tiny Spills | Jayson P. Smith2020-02-27T15:49:14-05:00

Tiny Spills | Amelia Gray

TINY SPILLS AMELIA GRAY Tabs open on your screen right now: Isadora Duncan autobiography "My Life" // Gmail // Google Calendar // Google Drive

Tiny Spills | Amelia Gray2020-02-27T15:49:15-05:00

Tiny Spills | Sara Jaffe

TINY SPILLS SARA JAFFE Tabs open on your screen right now: -"Artist sketchbooks" Google search (for teaching) Article from Portland weekly Willamette Week

Tiny Spills | Sara Jaffe2020-02-27T15:49:15-05:00

Tiny Spills | Bhanu Kapil

TINY SPILLS BHANU KAPIL Tabs open on your screen right now: Blogger. I am designing a blog for a studio art class I am

Tiny Spills | Bhanu Kapil2020-02-27T15:49:15-05:00

Tiny Spills | Ottessa Moshfegh

TINY SPILLS OTTESSA MOSHFEGH Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail, Hulu paused on "Inside Amy Schumer." If you had to brag about

Tiny Spills | Ottessa Moshfegh2020-02-27T15:41:00-05:00

Tiny Spills | Selah Saterstrom

TINY SPILLS SELAH SATERSTROM Tabs open on your screen right now: Google calendar A short piece on the Four of Swords that Lily Hoang

Tiny Spills | Selah Saterstrom2020-02-27T15:41:00-05:00

Tiny Spills | Khadijah Queen

TINY SPILLS KHADIJAH QUEEN Tabs open on your screen right now: Besides the usual Gmail and Drive, Healthcare.gov and a Google search on how

Tiny Spills | Khadijah Queen2020-02-27T15:41:01-05:00

Tiny Spills | Danniel Schoonebeek

TINY SPILLS DANNIEL SCHOONEBEEK Tabs open on your screen right now: NASA report on water depletion, email trash fire, wikipedia page on threatening the

Tiny Spills | Danniel Schoonebeek2020-02-27T15:41:01-05:00

Tiny Spills | Chase Berggrun

TINY SPILLS CHASE BERGGRUN Tabs open on your screen right now: health insurance nightmare, a zillion Wikipedia articles about birds, that pretty great Daft

Tiny Spills | Chase Berggrun2020-02-27T15:41:01-05:00

Tiny Spills | Lauren Hilger

TINY SPILLS LAUREN HILGER Tabs open on your screen right now:A google doc entitled "BOOK TWO," this, this, and this. If you had to

Tiny Spills | Lauren Hilger2020-02-27T15:41:02-05:00

Tiny Spills | T Kira Madden

TINY SPILLS T KIRA MADDEN Tabs open on your screen right now: Rebecca Solnit's City of Women map in the New Yorker, dreamy pictures

Tiny Spills | T Kira Madden2020-02-27T15:41:02-05:00

Tiny Spills | Adrienne Celt

TINY SPILLS ADRIENNE CELT Tabs open on your screen right now: Twitter, Gmail, way too many banking-related tabs (the thrills & chills of

Tiny Spills | Adrienne Celt2020-02-27T15:41:02-05:00

Tiny Spills | Ruby Brunton

TINY SPILLS RUBY BRUNTON Tabs open on your screen right now: Lonely Hearts Lingerie, Chelsea Hodson’s Tiny Spills, this poem, a google doc I’m

Tiny Spills | Ruby Brunton2020-02-27T15:41:03-05:00

Tiny Spills | Annie Liontas

TINY SPILLS ANNIE LIONTAS Tabs open on your screen right now:Uh, I'm a hoarder, but here are a few:NAMES FOR GOD (Wikipedia); various social

Tiny Spills | Annie Liontas2020-02-27T15:41:03-05:00

Tiny Spills | Rio Cortez

TINY SPILLS RIO CORTEZ Tabs open on your screen right now: Google search results for “goat varieties in the Caribbean” Abramsbooks.com NYT: “10 Competitive

Tiny Spills | Rio Cortez2020-02-27T15:41:03-05:00

Tiny Spills | Elle Nash

TINY SPILLS ELLE NASH Tabs open on your screen right now: Hypernormalisation, a BBC documentary I want to watch; Hobart submittable page since I’m

Tiny Spills | Elle Nash2020-02-27T15:41:03-05:00

Tiny Spills | Stacey Teague

TINY SPILLS STACEY TEAGUE Tabs open on your screen right now: cosmonaut avenue website ( ;) ) a pdf of a chapbook by astrid

Tiny Spills | Stacey Teague2020-02-27T15:41:03-05:00

Tiny Spills | Vivek Shraya

TINY SPILLS VIVEK SHRAYA Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail / Three Google Docs / Facebook / Google Search If you had

Tiny Spills | Vivek Shraya2020-02-27T15:41:04-05:00

Tiny Spills | Porochista Khakpour

TINY SPILLS POROCHISTA KHAKPOUR Tabs open on your screen right now: NYTimes, BBC, Shopstyle, Seamless, the movie "Suspiria" on YouTube If you had to

Tiny Spills | Porochista Khakpour2020-02-27T15:41:04-05:00

Tiny Spills | Elif Batuman

TINY SPILLS ELIF BATUMAN Tabs open on your screen right now: My work computer just has boring work stuff (about a gazillion tabs

Tiny Spills | Elif Batuman2020-02-27T15:41:04-05:00

Tiny Spills | Cameron Awkward-Rich

TINY SPILLS CAMERON AWKWARD-RICH Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail; Voter’s Edge CA; “Woolf's Einfuhlung: An Alternative Theory of Transgender Affect” by

Tiny Spills | Cameron Awkward-Rich2020-02-27T15:41:04-05:00

Tiny Spills | Allegra Hyde

TINY SPILLS ALLEGRA HYDE Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail. Chase Bill Pay (I sent my last rent check to the wrong

Tiny Spills | Allegra Hyde2020-02-27T15:41:05-05:00

Tiny Spills | Sarah Gerard

TINY SPILLS SARAH GERARD Tabs open on your screen right now:15, on a startling range of topics.If you had to brag about yourself:I'm getting

Tiny Spills | Sarah Gerard2020-02-27T15:41:05-05:00

Tiny Spills | Rickey Laurentiis

TINY SPILLS RICKEY LAURENTIIS Tabs open on your screen right now:"Philip Glass on controlling your output and getting paid for what you make;" mottandbow.com; Facebook;

Tiny Spills | Rickey Laurentiis2020-02-27T15:41:05-05:00

Tiny Spills | Safia Elhillo

TINY SPILLS SAFIA ELHILLO Tabs open on your screen right now:Pocket, Mint, these VERY CUTE SHOES I am considering on ASOS.com, Netflix (Episode 9

Tiny Spills | Safia Elhillo2020-02-27T15:41:05-05:00

Tiny Spills | Zoe Whittall

TINY SPILLS ZOE WHITTALL Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Cosmonauts, Jessica Lanyadoo's horoscopes, Cherry Velvet dresses, Aids Action

Tiny Spills | Zoe Whittall2020-02-27T15:41:06-05:00

Tiny Spills | Jericho Brown

TINY SPILLS JERICHO BROWN If you had to brag about yourself: I’m Black and alive and living. Your writer crush: Nick Laird Favorite lyric:

Tiny Spills | Jericho Brown2020-02-27T15:41:06-05:00

Tiny Spills | Annabel Graham

TINY SPILLS ANNABEL GRAHAM Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmail, Submittable (where I'm reading fiction submissions for the next issue of No

Tiny Spills | Annabel Graham2020-02-27T15:41:06-05:00

Tiny Spills | Richie Hofmann

TINY SPILLS RICHIE HOFMANN Tabs open on your screen right now: facebook.com, nytimes.com, grandpa.se, lightboxpoetry.com If you had to brag about yourself: I

Tiny Spills | Richie Hofmann2020-02-27T15:41:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Ashley Opheim

TINY SPILLS ASHLEY OPHEIM Tabs open on your screen right now: Just this. Astrologically, my sun and moon are in Capricorn, which makes me

Tiny Spills | Ashley Opheim2020-02-27T15:41:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Wendy C. Ortiz

TINY SPILLS WENDY C. ORTIZ Tabs open on your screen right now: "Aubade with Burning City" by Ocean Vuong at Poetry Magazine (audio); "100

Tiny Spills | Wendy C. Ortiz2020-02-27T15:41:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Chloe Caldwell

TINY SPILLS CHLOE CALDWELL Tabs open on your screen right now:Netflix, Power House Arena, Twitter, Interview w/ Mary Miller on Electric Literature, Litreacor (my

Tiny Spills | Chloe Caldwell2020-02-27T15:41:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Candace Williams

TINY SPILLS CANDACE WILLIAMS Your writer crush:J.B. Fletcher Any place in the world:Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Best breakfast:Coffee from a French Press and my

Tiny Spills | Candace Williams2020-02-27T15:41:07-05:00

Tiny Spills | Chelsea Hodson

TINY SPILLS CHELSEA HODSON Tabs open on your screen right now:Personal Gmail, Bennington Review Gmail, YouTube: Eric Andre Show — “Falcon,” Dream Dictionary —

Tiny Spills | Chelsea Hodson2020-02-27T15:41:08-05:00

Tiny Spills | CA Conrad

TINY SPILLS CACONRAD Tabs open on your screen right now: DEMOCRACY NOW! COWSPIRACY  (one of the most important documentaries of our time, AND the

Tiny Spills | CA Conrad2020-02-27T15:41:08-05:00

Tiny Spills | Stephon Lawrence

TINY SPILLS STEPHON LAWRENCE Tabs open on your screen right now: i honestly have so many open in two different browsers, these are just

Tiny Spills | Stephon Lawrence2020-02-27T15:41:08-05:00

Tiny Spills | Alex Dimitrov

TINY SPILLS ALEX DIMITROV Tabs open on your screen right now:The New York Times, Twitter, Bernadette Mayer’s poem “Failures in Infinitives,” Danez Smith’s answers

Tiny Spills | Alex Dimitrov2020-02-27T15:41:08-05:00

Tiny Spills | Jaquira Díaz

TINY SPILLS JAQUIRA DÍAZ Tabs open on your screen right now: Gmailwork emailKROnline interview with Safiya SinclairRollingStone piece on South America’s 8 scariest serial

Tiny Spills | Jaquira Díaz2020-02-27T15:41:09-05:00

Tiny Spills | Eve Ewing

TINY SPILLS EVE EWING Tabs open on your screen right now:PsychologyToday's therapist directory (I'm searching for a new person after moving back home to

Tiny Spills | Eve Ewing2020-02-27T13:18:21-05:00

Tiny Spills | Tommy Pico

TINY SPILLS TOMMY PICO Tabs open on your screen right now:Renew passport by mail, YouTube Living Single theme song, Google image search: vertical messenger

Tiny Spills | Tommy Pico2020-02-27T13:17:27-05:00

Tiny Spills | Danez Smith

TINY SPILLS DANEZ SMITH Tabs open on your screen right now: a poem, an essay prompt for my students, a Khadijah Queen poem, facebook,

Tiny Spills | Danez Smith2020-02-27T13:16:48-05:00

Tiny Spills | Cornelius Eady

TINY SPILLS CORNELIUS EADY Tabs open on your screen right now:Work: University of Missouri (was away from my laptop all afternoon.)If you had to

Tiny Spills | Cornelius Eady2020-02-27T13:16:11-05:00

Tiny Spills | Frankie Barnet

TINY SPILLS FRANKIE BARNET Tabs open on your screen right now:Deadspin: the story behind the perfect photo of olympic painDeadspin: How a career ends:

Tiny Spills | Frankie Barnet2020-02-27T13:15:30-05:00

Tiny Spills | Derrick Austin

TINY SPILLS DERRICK AUSTIN Tabs open on your screen right now:Facebook / An interview with Alexander Chee / Moira Egan's beautiful "Ghazanelle" / Episode

Tiny Spills | Derrick Austin2020-02-27T13:11:51-05:00

Tiny Spills | Raena Shirali

TINY SPILLS RAENA SHIRALI Tabs open on your screen right now: To-Do Lists, A running document where I type up student poem feedback, Blind

Tiny Spills | Raena Shirali2020-02-27T13:10:54-05:00

Tiny Spills | Robin Richardson

TINY SPILLS ROBIN RICHARDSON Tabs open on your screen right now:* LibriVox* Emanuel Swedenbor’s Journal of Dreams* Vistaprint* Facebook* Center for Fiction – In

Tiny Spills | Robin Richardson2020-02-27T13:09:25-05:00

Tiny Spills | Mira Gonzalez

TINY SPILLS MIRA GONZALEZ Tabs open on your screen right now:my therapist's website, my psychiatrist's website, a video of a space-x rocket exploding, a

Tiny Spills | Mira Gonzalez2020-02-27T13:07:33-05:00

Tiny Spills | Diana Khoi Nguyen

TINY SPILLS DIANA KHOI NGUYEN Your writer crush: How can I have just one? I’ll name some seasonal suspects: John D’Agata, Eliot Weinberger, Harold

Tiny Spills | Diana Khoi Nguyen2020-02-27T13:05:20-05:00

Tiny Spills | Brynne Rebele-Henry

TINY SPILLS BRYNNE REBELE-HENRY Tabs open on your screen right now: Catherine of Siena’s Wikipedia page (novel research), my work email, and a Flemish

Tiny Spills | Brynne Rebele-Henry2020-02-27T13:04:41-05:00