Eloise Grills

The opening chords of Jessie’s Girl are the world cumming into the world’s mouth The opening chords of Jessie’s Girl are watching me with those eyes

Interview | Doretta Lau

Doretta Lau’s short story collection How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? provides a feeling of homecoming. The stories take place between Vancouver, New York, and Hong

Interview | Bettina Judd

Aba Micah Collins-Sibley: I became familiar with you and your work when you read at Smith College in Spring 2015, but if you were to attempt the, perhaps impossible, task

Interview | Cara Benedetto

Cara Benedetto is an artist who uses writing to get it going. She lives in Virginia because that's where the bumper lovers stick. She currently lives for learning environments. LA

Interview | T Kira Madden

Ann Ward: First of all, hey! I'm so happy to be doing this with you guys--you are two women I have so much love and respect for; two truly badass,

Interview | Stefan Kiesbye

I was first introduced to Stefan Kiesbye’s work in a seminar on the novella at UMass Amherst’s MFA program. While we were reading Next Door Lived a Girl, my house

Sofia Banzhaf & Lucy K Shaw In Conversation

‘VIEWS’: On writing Toronto "Places are fragmentary and inward-turning histories, pasts that others are not allowed to read, accumulated times that can be unfolded but like stories held in reserve,

Interview | Tracy K. Smith

For over a decade, Tracy K. Smith has enamored readers and writers with her language and narrative and the ease of which she displays her mastery of both, manipulating them

Interview | Derrick Austin

In early April, Derrick Austin and I discussed his debut book of poems, Trouble the Water. From queerness, to blackness, to Caravaggio, to R&B singers, Austin’s sorcery extends from his

Interview | Sigitas Parulskis

The latest novel by Lithuania’s Sigitas Parulskis breaks new ground both for the author and for his readers. Tamsa ir partneriai (Darkness & Co., Alma Littera, 2012) is considered to