Charles Theonia | Predictive Texts


i just want to be in the morning and to
be in my room and more than one of
those before i get to the point where
you’re here with me on the couch and
it’s the best place to be in a while
even when the cat ruined the old
couch you were nice about it and the
ways we are kind to each other are so
important it would mean that just
being is so so good and really you are
the most beautiful girl in the morning
who has to wake up and do math so
coffee is the only way to get to see
you and i can do that


a dear friend

the best thing about the future is that
it is a good one if it’s us and the rest
of my friends in it and even if you
don’t all love each other and i am not
the only one everyone wants to go
home to really there are enough
homes for all of us if we share them
right and i love you so much for the
next two years of my life like the last
two do you want to go get bagels do
you want to get a roti and i love you
so much i am a good time waster
and so are you but you also make
beautiful things with your time i don’t
know how i feel so good just to be
able to see the other side of a good
day before i was a little bit more like
a little too much for a while to figure
out what to do and anyway now we
are up at the same time i get to the
gym and the next day you’re there


the fact that it takes so much of the
part of the day before my alarm goes
off and the rest of the day after i get up
to be in the world helping you to get it
together in the first place for the first
time since everything we say to each
other is a long story of you beginning
to understand and me still not being
understood i don’t know why i’m still
waiting on the other side of the day i
don’t know why i’m still going on

theoniaCharles Theonia is a poet and teacher from Brooklyn, where they are working to externalize their interior femme landscape. They are the author of Which One Is the Bridge and co-editor of Femmescapes. They keep a mostly-poetry blog at