made out of thin copper wires      originally from a moon planet

averse to gravity  aware of the pool of rainwater     wet stones

mud stains     without floating bubbles      without blood clots

what not to expect from the wild rush of a mob          my body

my black eyes       my queer fingers      my crushed rose lips

my rose blood tongue            in a single intact frame

in the junkyard little shine of bodies like bird feathers

a pale hat with frills   a white dress still sure of a home in the sky

in the junkyard  a boy trying the white dress   a boy donning the

pale hat with frills   a happy boy in the junkyard sure of the sky

on the wide side of a tin house    fire on the face of a shy moon

geranium dark and wild   god calling him home in the dreamy

voice of a swallowtail   saying enter this whirlwind   enter

CHIBŲÌHÈ OBI, is a queer poet, essayist and photographer from Nigeria. He is a 2018 Fellow of Ebedi International Writers Residency; winner of the Brittle Paper award, a finalist for the 2018 Gerald Kraak Award, and was recently longlisted for the 2018 Koffi Addo Prize. His works have been published or forthcoming in Guernica, HEArt Journal, Cosmonauts Avenue, Gerald Kraak Anthology, Gnarled Oak, Brittle Paper, Expound Magazine, 14: Queer Art, Mounting the Moon etc. His poetry chapbook, ” hallowed ” is forthcoming this fall in the U.S. from Damaged goods Press. He is the co-founder and Art editor of Kabaka Magazine.