I want you
boca a boca
on Hi-Tones’ sticky
dancefloor. Swaying
hips til we’re in sync
to one last Ramon Ayala song.
My body brown
as river. Silt all over
your fingers.
I want to see you
lick yourself clean.
Let the grit of dirt stick
to your teeth.
I want to taste myself
when I’m kissing you.
I want her
to taste me
when she’s kissing you.
Lick the sweat
from my forehead.
I need you
to swallow
my saliva
and remind me again,
what does her body have
that mine lacks?
Her people conquered
and only pretended this body
of water belonged to them.
I want you
to taste
the history
of my river.
How it belonged here

CLAUDIA DELFINA CARDONA is a Tejana poet proudly born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is a graduate of St. Mary’s University and a current MFA poetry candidate at Texas State University, where she is also the Editorial Fellow for the Center for the Study of the Southwest. Cardona is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Chifladazine, an online and print publication that is dedicated to showcasing the creative work of Latinas and Latinxs. Her work can be found in Yes, Poetry, Apogee, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal.