Does it mean something that 34 of your friends like this picture of you with a paper bag over your head?

Even when he doesn’t look as good, he still can’t quite look bad.

Right after he broke up with you, he bought you a drink.

And it’s true that the first time he took your hand, you kept expecting him to let go.

Now when you’re with him, it feels like you’re walking in the dark towards a wall that you hope is not actually there.

Your doctor tells you that the things to worry about are the things that get worse or don’t go away.

You once missed your bus home because you paused to kiss him goodbye.

Anyway, sometimes all of your ideas just feel like plots.

What you know is that rings don’t easily fit on your ring finger.

Sometimes you think that your skirt is trying to tell you to keep your legs together.

You used to live in a place where you had to stick your head out the window and look directly up in order to see the sky.

Though it’s true that you fell, it was also because you had jumped.

At the coffee shop you saw a fly hit the window in front of you and then fall, stunned, onto a table.

These days you tend only to read your horoscope when the day is almost through.

DELPHINE BEDIENT is a writer and maker currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been published by Blunderbuss Magazine, Fog Machine, and Spy Kids Review, and a collection of her short fiction, entitled “Down and Out on a Yacht,” is available from Two Plum Press. She spends most of her time touching books. Read more at