who kept assorted screws in a white Home Depot

bucket, who owned grandpa’s house, the building

next door and the tienda on the corner, who spoke
very little English, who didn’t mention his wife

or where he came from, whose tattoos were fading,
whose sneakers were the color of Colgate toothpaste,

who ironed his cargo shorts, who wore tube socks
in the summer, who donned a wifebeater, his

grey chest hair was light as his skin, whose keys
jangled when he knocked on our door, wearing

a gold chain to match his wedding ring, who took
it off when he and grandpa did housework, who

labored over the roof, vinyl siding, and basement
with grandpa, whose silicon gun was always loaded,

who let me play in the backyard when they took
breaks, watching grandpa and I play catch from his

plastic chair on scabrous concrete, who preferred
bachata and the glass taste of Heineken instead of

tinny Bud Light, who used to disappear
with grandpa into the darkness of night.

DIMITRI REYES is a Puerto-Vegan poet, educator, organizer, and YouTuber from Newark, New Jersey. He is the recipient of the SLICE Magazine’s 2017 Bridging the Gap Award for Emerging Poets and a finalist for the 2017 Arcturus Poetry Prize by the Chicago Review of Books. Dimitri received his MFA from Rutgers University- Newark and his poetry is published or forthcoming in Vinyl, Entropy, Obsidian, Acentos, Anomaly, Kweli, and others. You can find him expanding the poetry community at, http://youtube.com/c/dimitrireyespoet