the undoing of heart-brains
happens quick with avalanches
of words that split us open
through wet exhales of anxiety
and secrets we spit on each other’s
faces. we sink all into an earth
that feels everything but solid
where conflict sprouts in fountain
form and cuts like dashing
light through holy tea rooms.

we are bathed like babies
with our speedy heart beats
and Salix reminds me and I
remind Salix that the sound
and essence of each other’s
speedy heart beats are
the only thing that we have
space for in our ears
and the spit from each other’s
troubled lips is the water we
must remember to praise.


ELIAS LOWE is a queer non-fiction writer and poet based in Pittsburgh, PA. They are currently working as a substitute teacher and trying to make meaning out of daily joys and tiny rebellions. When they aren’t working, Elias spends their time exploring what it means to be surviving in this world through intentional community building and creative writing.