They say you are woman / woman = door / knock three times bring flowers wear / thorns as necklace nothing wasted everything / fierce glistening smell pretty not like / violets like fresh graves / They’ll dig you / if you / dwell best between glows & shadows / lighting is important / when getting naked with a man / or performing sacrifice / it’s all the same / old hunger / if no one answers / break down the door just knock / it open They say & then saw / your legs down to stumps stay quiet / vomit / alphabet soup what were / you trying to say before / I cut you / off / ?

ERIN SLAUGHTER is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Elegy for the Body (Slash Pine Press, 2017), and GIRLFIRE (dancing girl press, 2018). She holds an MFA from Western Kentucky University, and is editor and co-founder of literary journal The Hunger. You can find her writing in Another Chicago Magazine, Cosmonauts Avenue, Sundog Lit, Tishman Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Nashville.