sakit (adj.)

  1. ill, sick, sickness
  2. painful, sore                      

the old adage: it is only the seeds
that are spicy. i can’t pick them
all out so i end up spitting

instead, spluttering
sakit, sakit, while you shake
your head at me in bemused

disappointment. later i will press
mouth to ear and confess
i am sakit, drawing your escape

route down the folds
of the divan. but you shake
your head, and soothing balm

trickles from your mouth and
into the burning. even later,
when i wake from a nightmare,

crying sakit, you are still
by my side, licking
the wound.

FAITH CHRISTINE is a poet, philosopher, and public servant. Currently based in London, she was born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore. Her poems have been published by FIVE:2:ONE, Pulp Poets Press, QLRS, The Kindling, and Rambutan Literary. She tweets at @philosopherslug.