White Boyfriend: A Saga

a series of incidents[…] white like, Black like me
white like Birkenstocks (no, wait – Merrill hiking boots)
(no, wait – Doc Martens)
oh, wait, appropriation
white like Birkenstocks crunching on New England leaves
orange, scarlet –
blindingly white through snow
white like
90’s boy cuts, like
Saved by the Bell, like
Shawn Hunter
like, you’re so pretty for a black girl
like, ohgod your lipsare so big
… in both senses
like, “what do you want to do for dinner? I know a
great fried chicken place on the south side!”
like blank eyes and forced smiles in response to microaggressions
like blank eyes and forced smiles in response to Trayvon Martin
like blank eyes and forced smiles in response to
Sandra Bland
Freddie Gray
like, macroaggressions as an inconvenience
like white fragility
like, oh, wait, systemic racism
white like, my nigga
white like, boy please
like, “so,
are you really thinking of marrying her?”
like, well intentioned do gooder
like, self-congratulatory work in
inner cities urban areas disenfranchised populations
oh, wait, you mean the ghetto?
yes! gosh, oh someone hadtosayitright? guys, like me haveto be completely
politically correct around here.
white like,
you don’t say?
like, I liked your hair
the other way
like, don’t get too dark in the summer
like, I thought her performance was quite angry, didn’t you?
like. rage. is. a. praxis. for. revolution.
white like whispers
like, where are you really from?
darkness from the onus of the night sky – expansive, layered,
white like absent minded, like silence
like violence
like violence (enacted), like silence (purposed), like spoken (word)
spoken words are softly spoken / shouted
like, do you have to laugh
so loud?
so, she stays quiet
like, seen but unseen
white like indie-folk
like, who’s Nina Simone?
like, bodies swinging on trees in the summer breeze
white like, mediating difference
like, parsing through difficult questions
like, a series of incidents of difficult questions
systemic incidents
oh, wait,
that’s oppression.

Verb: To Systematize