on trans street
everyone knows
your chosen name

on trans street
there are bungalows
courtyard buildings
& rent control

on trans street
there are bike lanes
abundant wheelchair ramps
& prompt snow removal

on trans street
there is free STI & HIV testing
doctors prescribe hormones
& perform abortions
without a fight

on trans street
there is a school where
trans history is taught
by trans teachers

on trans street
there is a mural
of Miss Major
at Stonewall

on trans street
Juliana Huxtable
is the resident dj

on trans street
no catcalling
is allowed

on trans street
no TERFs
are allowed

on trans street
there are
no prisons
no checkpoints
no police stations
no military bases
no detention centers

on trans street
the cemetery
is always full
of visitors

on trans street
we are never

H. MELT is a poet, artist, and educator whose work proudly celebrates Chicago’s queer and trans communities. They are the author of The Plural, The Blurring and On My Way to Liberation. They edited the anthology Subject to Change: Trans Poetry & Conversation. Lambda Literary awarded them the Judith A. Markowitz Award for Emerging LGBTQ Writers. H. Melt works at Women & Children First, Chicago’s feminist bookstore.