for Damian Rogers’ dear leader

asks me long questions in 104 heat:

how is now and why is
are you new how many months have you forgotten to clean the fan
what picture takes precedence why flip over the duvet what do you call a duvet
in the summer how fast can you unwater english ivy

are you goth if you have black fingernails do you ask how to shoot coins into the drum soak to get off the prints and click click c/lick them clean can you burn a soy candle from both ends if the butt is snuggled in a mason jar take the picture of the x and you in the castle just before you ate breakfast at a cafe with chalkboard walls that made your liver breathe in ginger near reigate train station out of the frame filled with family at the zoo and american wildflowers you clipped from a wide bellied library book and stuff it in another book
rearrange your bookcase by love

how many years have your birkenstocks smelled like skunks on riverside when you bought them did anyone ask you out maybe the shop lady with her purple hair and long nipples why does it take your nailpolish so long to dry when you’re thinking about cyanide how many cats will you have once the dogs turn on you when you bought the calf’s head did you really think it was gold or maybe irony do you worship with incense or lay chia seeds on the altar

how you spill coffee onto chickpeas in your freezer
chat to your medium roast about identity crises

damian I bought four candles from bath and body works and a box of matches from the dollar tree
picked it off a branch plastic wrapped
and imaged you beneath the trunk
leaf wrapped
but what leaves are big enough for your waist
cupped enough for your breasts
I cried when I read misled how many times did you lick p 41

sim keeps asking me what is sears and
how to make a palindrome
I bring her sweaty feet
an LED edison bulb and three negative film canisters from last august
in my mouth