This is not dinner this is


a girl holding a blackbird this is a bird

who does not chirp

…………….this is how a young girl preys

neck bent……cage broken open……& tiny ribs slivering a piece from the

moon this is how she collects bird wings……& makes a crown of them

this is how a young girl makes herself full




Bound from church bells & funerals, Amelia & Delirium wear
their hair in a single, waist-length braid. They share a habit of mirroring:

when one’s tooth hurts, the other bleeds from the gums,
when one’s cunt blushes, the other tastes buttermilk all week.

Morning are spent pricking their lips with bee stingers
& tying black ribbons to each other’s underwear before going out

knocking coffin to coffin. They bend over to smell every mouth,
determining causes of death: black plague, weakened heart,

hook worm, polio & puss. They report their finding back to the reign. They retire,
wrists adorned with wreaths, woven with dearly departed hair, plucked & knotted

into a fanning orchid. Desiring velvet, they eat pickled beets in bed. Amelia pretends
she is in the woods devouring the heart of a lamb. Delirium adds a bit of sugar.



Inès holds a Poetry MFA from NYU and currently lives in NYC. Her poems have been published in: Day One, Gulfcoast, Cimarron Review, Hayden’s Ferry, Puerto del Sol, Bone Bouquet, The Adroit Journal, and Powder Keg. Her manuscript, “Against Porcelain” was a finalist for YESYES Book’s 2015 Open Reading Period. She is the cofounder, creative director, and poetry editor of Print Oriented Bastards, an online literary journal.