i need to go to that little spot
no, not that spot but the other little spot
in the corner that you often forget about or
maybe it’s unreachable but once you go there you’re
there for a while and it’s kind of nice because everything
is frozen and you’re kissing a person in the snow but you
can’t really feel it you only know you’re doing it, your lips
are so frozen
i need to go to that little spot so i can feel things with only
the knowledge that i’m feeling them i need to dig deep into
the lake, pull up the seaweed the seaweed that i’d throw on
my head as a child and tell my sister that i’m wearing
“grandma’s hair” let me pull up my grandmother’s hair
let me dig so deep i grab her hand in the lake full of snakes
before my grandfather grabs his gun and before i cry because
snakes don’t deserve to get shot for just being snakes
i can swim with them, it’s okay, just put me in that spot


JESSIE KNOLES grew up in a tiny town in Illinois. She now lives in Seattle and works at a garden store. She enjoys hiking and thinking about museums. Her work can be found on Hobart, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, and Green Mountains Review.