I dump my kool-aid on the lichen


the galaxy looks like

a flushed toilet

I feel closest to people I love

when I imagine them dying

head juices

soaking into a heirloom quilt

there’s nothing in my life

gleaming at the edges

that doesn’t also double

as a shitty love song

the luminous ourboros sign

gesticulating our lives

at the occult shop

circles affix me with

a sorrow

tenderness slackening

around the pothole of night

with these dark spots

we all need to live around

the future

ache from the carousel

ache from the river

it’s not beauty

if you can take it with you




wtf is knowing oneself


popsicles sloshing on the sidewalk

I bluff love in a skeleton shirt

are these stars anymore

or just a further reveal

of approximated human bullshit

I’m afraid of not having another life

dried flowers around the purple bed

must beauty coexist

the day’s not meaningful

until it’s retweeted

dogs peeing on pinwheels

what kind of sorrow is more MP

than HP

people sweating in animal suits

ogling the reckless sunset

there’s no prize for my


I want to love something so powerful

it requires a symbol

teens drinking sunny d

at the ancient ruins

you only give up longing

to more longing

if you want roses all summer

you have to cut them back

Jon-Michael Frank is the author of Nostalgia Flower (Sad Spell Press) and a book of poetic comics How’s Everything Going? Not Good (Ohio Edit / Cuneiform Press) . He is an assistant editor for the small press Birds, LLC, and lives between Austin, TX and the Puget Sound.