Instructions: use instrument to draw conclusions

1. children learn to play butchera. like this they practice fake cuts

2. until the pain comes transb. form carving tables apprentice

3. houses house blades butcherc. wears the white coat meat learns how

4. to bleed sometimesd. preparation is sweeter than procedure

5. our hurts are wrapped untile. we’re stiffly person-ed though

6. we know that cisf. lunar orbit can be reached beyond

7. gender children become cisg. enforcement if they don’t unravel

8. gender butchers will ask youh. where language came from consider

9. when they come to disassemble youi. violent re-collection your identity was created

10. to consider their craftj. butchers play builder as they learn

11. to take apart they ask whyk. won’t you let us name you your parts

KAIYA GORDON (tw: @ayobaio) is a poet and writer from the San Francisco Peninsula. Currently, they are working on a multimodal thesis project considering archival representations of trans people and movements; teaching an introductory poetry workshop at Ohio State; and learning how to develop networks of care and safety divested from state violence. Kaiya’s poems have been published by, Split Lip Magazine, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and others. Their favorite karaoke song is “Holiday” by Green Day.

  • If you had to brag about yourself:
    Last summer, while leading Columbus Community Pride’s grassroots safety team, I organized five public community safety trainings, meant to encourage communal care which doesn’t involve the state. They were all successes, and our people left more able to take care of each other!

  • Your sign:
    Aries Sun, Leo Rising, Scorpio Moon

  • Your rituals (writing or not):
    During the full moon, I light the candles I keep on my mantle, organize my stones into the crystal grid I place on a large mirror, and water my plants. This is one of my favorite things to do alone (usually in my underwear). If my plants don’t need to be watered, I leave a bottle outside under the moon, and use the water later.

  • Guilty literary pleasure:
    Scandinavian crime novels…in order to read them I have to suspend my belief in revolution and disgust for cops and detectives, but once I do, I find the mundanity so soothing. I love boring content.

  • Question you secretly want to be asked:
    Can I buy you dinner?

  • The answer: