what can I do

without disturbing anyone?

can I pray?

if a truck comes to a stop

sign can I pick up the fallen

oranges and arrange them

into perfect pyramids? the grocery

stores with the shiny floors—is

there a dance I don’t know about?

I have a toonie.


it’s thursday it’s an anniversary.

last week today was thursday

and so is this week.


are there less impactful ways to disappear

than I from you and you from me?

a nothing from a nothing.

so is this week and so the next. thursday

friday saturday sunday I hope I haven’t disturbed you.


I wish more things were like putting

your face into the neck of a dog.

I am crying into it. I don’t like the smell.

I can’t tell if it’s worse to walk through

a forest with a path or without (a path).

damage done and damage made.

can I be gentle?


I mean


can I be gentle



LILY WANG is the author of the chapbook Everyone In Your Dream Is You (Anstruther Press, 2018). She is the editor-in-chief at Half a Grapefruit Magazine. (social media: @liliecup)