Editor-in-Chief, Bükem Reitmayer is a Turkish-Canadian writer. Her work has appeared in No Tokens, PANK, Minola Review, and Carousel, among others.

Non Fiction Editor, Aliza Ali Khan is a Pakistani-American writer.

Poetry Editor, Jay Pabaroo is a mixed-race poet from Philadelphia. His poems have appeared in Diagram, The Vassar Review, Gargoyle, Redactions: Poetry and Poetics, and others.

Founding Editor, Madeleine Maillet is a writer, translator and editor. Her work has appeared in Prism International, THIS Magazine, Joyland, The Journey Prize Stories Anthology (McLelland and Stewart) and other places. She is a PhD Candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Houston.

Illustrator, Max Winter lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a frequent illustrator, editor, and writer.

Contributing Editors: Frankie Barnet, Paige Cooper, Miles A.M. Collins-Sibley, Emily Hunerwadel