i’m a parrot with a toothbrush
it’s a wise decision and makes a lot of sense

outside everyone’s
losing their body heat
following chicken bones on the sidewalk
collecting mirrors

but in my cage
with my toothbrush

i am safe and prepared
for just about anything

as i was yesterday
and the day before

when the very idea of this life
felt ridiculous


Max Cohen is a trans woman poet born in Texas and currently living in Chicago. Somewhere in-between she got her MFA from UMass Amherst. Her work has been featured in Ninth Letter, Sixth Finch, and alice blue, and left a range of conflicting bios in her wake. You can find her on twitter as @warsaw350125. She also co-hosts a podcast on musical discographies called Desert Island Discourse. She continues to subsist primarily on iced tea and seltzer.